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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The "Mental Illness" Scam

   I am still experiencing a heavy push to discredit me under the guise of "help." Today a woman said, "We have to have you listed as disabled so you can get a place to live." And this is not the first time this has been said to me. Another puppet recently boasted about being listed as disabled as if it is a good thing that enables him to do other things with his life. And this is not nearly the first time this has happened as a way to try to coax me into that direction.
   A few years ago I read a report from a REAL Targeted Individual who had wisely expressed a concern about the USA budget for disability if Targeted Individuals keep being falsely labeled and forced to live off of the government. Is it possible that discrediting and force medicating us are not the only objectives in the process of pushing us to be labeled as "mentally ill?"
  It is just too horribly wrong for people who KNOW that we are being targeted to help destroy our lives through a false"mental illness" label and forced medication or possibly even institutionalization. Not to mention the fact that it is mentally abusive. It hurts us even more, at a time when we desperately need the opposite. I pray that this part of the targeting gets exposed and stopped before too many more lives are destroyed with it. Mine included.

  I am a human being who is VERY capable of working and making decisions for myself. I am being targeted and I need that targeting to be stopped so that I can carry on with my life. With "help" stepping in to aid the perpetration push to stop me from living my life and doing my work, instead of stopping the targeting has felt like just another horrible part of the injustices that have been happening to me and many others. Please find your Hearts.

   Is it a coincidence that the field of psychiatry is suspected, in Bernard  Schreiber's research, to be involved in a continuation of holocaustal crimes against humanity since Hitler's holocaust. . .that, according to General Barrie Trower, microwave weapons began perfecting their ability to remotely inflict symptoms that mimic "Mental Illness" in targeted individuals in the 1950s. . .that the field of psychiatry was making shifts from Freudian methods to medicatable "mental illness" diagnosis in the 1950s. . .and then (thank God) along came people like Jewish Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz to stand up for humanity against what he classified as false "mental illness" labels?
   An interesting paper, which was in his site and should interest Targeted Individuals who are being inflicted with V2k. Ironically the paper is entitled, "Being Sane in an Insane Place..."

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