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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Round of Hell

   A new round of hell began the night before last. Among other things I am experiencing what feels like laser shots into the top, front, right quarter of my brain. The whole top of my head hurts and I am again having a hard time doing visualizations. (Doing visualizations with my prayers is my primary lifeline.)
   I am in desperate need of protection from further targeting. I need a group of brave hearts, who have radio wave blockers and detectors, to stand with me. I know how impossible this seems. But its what I need.

A phrase that recently rose to sooth my doubt;

I understand that most will disagree with this philosophy.
But its what I feel and what I see.

   I was not allowed to take a warm shower in a gym this morning. A smiling puppet opened the door for me and then the hot water turned to freezing cold as I stepped into the shower.  (This appeared to be a pun on things I had said yesterday.) As I drove away a plumbing truck pulled in front of me just to let me know that those who target me had done it. Then the heater in my car malfunctioned as I drove to another gym.  It was a very cold morning after climbing from under my blankets and waiting for my car to heat up.
   The electrical part of my vehicle, which enables me to use my laptops in my car, have suddenly stopped working. . .preventing me from doing my writings in peace. And I have been getting threats that they may again start remotely disabling my car through draining the battery.

   I am in desperate need of financial help. Please let your Heart help me as much as you can. It will be deeply appreciated.

Sharon R.Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

1-8-2015 (The next day); I was also hit with heavy laser shots/microwaves, several times through yesterday. Intrusions into the top front part of my brain shifted from the right side to the left throughout the day. (I believe that honest medical tests could prove the damage that is being done to our brains.) I am still getting residual sharp pains in the top of my brain along with the usual microwave ring in my ears. I feel scared. This is just one of many recent rounds of difficulties. Please help pray for genuine help to stand up for us before its too late for me and God knows how many others.