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Friday, January 30, 2015

Behind the Theories

I started writing the following articles two days ago and got heavily microwaved the next morning and am being swarmed today. The articles are not finished, but I thought I'd share them since, as usual, I do not know if I will be able to tomorrow. I am experiencing torture levels of microwaves being shot into my brain today. I'm also getting weird arrows showing up on my screen as if something is downloading every time I go on the web. My computer is still infiltrated.

Behind the Theories

   I've stopped researching the technological targeting due to the disinformation that is being fed to us around efforts to hide the Truths on the web. (I've even noticed some honest articles erased from the web.) But, judging by my past research and experiences I've come to the conclusion that there is some truth in most theories and that others appear to be made up by those who target us. I believe that the alien scheme has been made up, in order to justify a "rescue," which slyly shoves people into a covert enslavement program. (This angle was tried on me.) And I believe that decent people are being used in the foreground of this operation.
   Jim Keith (before his mysterious death) had researched some of the "alien abduction" claims and had come to the conclusion that  victims of certain types of technological experimentation had been brainwashed into thinking it was done by aliens, in order to hide the crimes. This felt true to me. And I believe that similar manipulations are being done around other forms of technological targeting.
   Another example of this is how perpetration is setting things up for victims of remote technological crimes to be labeled as "mentally ill" or convinced that it is being done through more localized sources. As covert "help" zoomed in on me (since June of 2013) I have been, on several occasions, told to "write down everything," just before the technological part of the targeting completely shifted into appearing like it was coming through my cell phone or a vehicle that pulled near me...etc. The manipulations to hide how remotely this is being done are baffling to me, because if the Truth is not revealed  how can the crimes be stopped? Genuine help would aim for the Truth and the ending of these crimes.
   There are also people expressing their perceptions of intuitions about what is happening. Some talk about "Lizard People" and other strange things that sound WAY too unbelievable. I don't believe it, BUT they may not be completely wrong. In dreams and visions we are often given pictures of things that symbolize what is happening or what someone is behaving like. Lizards are a symbol of mechanical heartlessness and we ARE being targeted by people who are heartless enough to have no regard for our lives and our basic human rights.
   Sadly, those who have been inflicted with brain damage, and are completely controlled by those who target us, may be intuitively perceived as reptilian types of personalities. Veteran Author Gordon Duff wrote an article about technologically detecting microwaves that are being used to inflict brain damage on masses of people. So, I feel that it is not that we are being invaded by aliens or lizard people. . .but that we are faced with a crisis where groups of criminals are damaging people - destroying people's lives. These are serious holocaustal crimes that are in desperate need of the proper exposure in order to prevent their continuation!
    Perhaps some of those who come up with the most unbelievable theories are merely skipping the step of translating the symbolism they are intuitively seeing. One example of this is in Mary Summer Rain's books, which share visions of a blind Native America woman called, No Eyes. No Eyes, saw New York City falling into the ground, massive floods and all sorts of bazaar "accidents" happening to people...etc. She CLEARLY foresaw what has been happening. But this does not mean that New York City is going to actually fall into the ground. She probably intuitively saw the twin towers fall and assumed that it was the city falling into the ground.
   Our perceptions and interpretations of visions and prophetic dreams can muck things up a bit, but they offer us a tremendous amount of help. One way that they can help is with the process of prevention. I have also had dreams about the floods. But I believe that it will be done with weather modification technologies and lser weapons...etc., and that it can be prevented through the prevention of criminal use of these technologies. And the same goes for the technological targeting and destruction of human beings. ALL of these disasters can be prevented through preventing criminal use of microwave weapons, laser weapons, surveillance systems, weather modification technologies...etc.

More may be added later

Why are the technological crimes against humanity not being exposed by our media?

   There is the theory that there is no point in exposing the technological crimes, because they'd only stop for a while and then start up again.
   One of the things that Myron Fagan exposed was the pattern of how the infiltration would run and hide when they were publicly exposed, but then slowly sneak back in as soon as the publicity started letting up. In explaining this he gave us the key to fighting it, which is full public exposure that NEVER EVER stops - that continuously pulls the covert crimes out of their dark closets and into a Light that they can not function in.

   There is the theory that publicly exposing the technological targeting would cause panic in the general public. I can understand this sort of thinking. . .BUT, I feel that most people can feel that something horrible is happening in our world and that not knowing what it is is more disconcerting than knowing, especially for those of us who are being heavily targeted. I believe that if our governments explained it, and offered websites with information on how to deal with it, it would be a comfort to most people. I also believe that exposure of the covert program, which is enslaving people, would stop growing if it were fully exposed, because most people would refrain from joining and many would leave it if they knew it was not a good thing. I believe that exposure would do a LOT more good than bad.

   There is the theory that the media is already completely controlled by those who target us. I do not know if this is true. But I think fear of being targeted may be part of the problem. Anyone exposing this is far safer when they have an aware support group standing with them.  I wish I had one.

There is the theory that our USA government is already completely taken over. I believe that the infiltration is heavy, but NOT complete. I believe that there are good people in our government and in the UN and other countries. . . who are working on resolving this crisis. And I believe that the good will win the battle.

More may be added later

  As for the big question, "Who is doing the targeting?" I remain at the conclusion that there are different groups targeting different people, organizations or countries for different reasons. I am a long term Targeted Individual and it appears that the core of the targeting around me is being done by some sort of satanic occult that is utilizing satellite surveillance and weapon systems as well as other covert operations in their aim to inflict harm. Some feel that they are doing things like plugging our names into hit lists for suspected terrorists, drug dealers, prostitutes, pedophiles...etc., in order to get our own fellow citizens to help target us.  I think that this may be the case with most long term Targeted Individuals, but am not sure and wish we had the full Truth. 

   The dark/satanic occult that appears to be at the core of the targeting, wears masks of kindness and helpfullness. . .sometimes even wearing the mask of Christianity. In 2007, I was writing an article about the dark infiltration I've noticed in some churches and wrote an article entitled "Wounded Churches" just before experiencing a heavy round of targeting. This tells me that I was hitting a nail right on the head.
   Due to some of my other experiences and insights, I still believe that parts of Russia may be involved with aiming for a covert take over of the USA through the utilization of mind control technologies, among other things. In early 2012, when I had first shared my concerns about this, I was experiencing unusually high amounts of hits on my blog through Russian porn and pharmaceutical sites. This was directly after I'd started to write more about the mind control part of the targeting.
   Myron Fagan exposed parts of this Russian covert takeover (and its tactics) in his famous speech, "Red Stars Over Hollywood." If you can look past his prejudice and "old order" way of thinking, you will find interesting information. . .some of which I recognized as the same tactics used by those who target me and other people whom I know. Many doubt this and I have tried to be objective. But perhaps the Russian part is now being done by rouge parts of the KGB if nothing else?
And perhaps the same sort of problem exists in other places with rouge parts of the  MKULTRA program and Hitler's scientists who are reported to have escaped to Russia and the USA...etc. But irregardless of who is doing what part of it. . .the crimes need to stop and ALL of humanity needs to be saved from further technological destruction and control.

    I think there are probably various groups, that are criminally using microwave weapons, laser weapons and satellite surveillance systems, scattered throughout the world. And there is a desperate need for our governments and media to stand up and honestly explain to the public what is happening and advise us on how to deal with it until it is stopped. . .so that we can regain some sense of security from (and trust in,) those whom we look to for protection and direction.