My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Attempt on my Life

   Oddly, attacks have suddenly shifted from the usual remote electronic attacks to more heavy localized attacks in the past few days. 
   It appears that I was inflicted with a substance to induce a heart attack, yesterday afternoon. I had mild heart attack symptoms, which gradually subsided through a couple hours. Among other things, within 30 minutes, around this attack, THREE hospital trucks had either gone by me, pulled out in front of me or waited at an intersection for me to see them. (This is the usual types of covert threat games.) The day before this attack a waitress had rushed to sweep under my feet as soon as I sat a booth, and then loudly said, "I need to get this dirt out of here." It was also directly after I had refused to follow puppets who appeared to be again trying to force me into heading across the country.
   It also appears that my vehicle may have been accessed last night. This morning my belongings, in my coat pocket, appear to have been rearranged in a way that I do not usually put them.

I am in desperate need of honest protection and help. But hope for this to come for me is diminishing. I pray for the good in our government to quickly get a handle on this so that we can regain our Freedom.

I'm trying to keep my hope up by reading my own inspirational quotes.