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Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Unusual Technological Attack

   Late yesterday, I had been praying, searching for answers and talking to God. . .and had verbalized the following experience and questions.

    In 2010, when my desperation had reached out for help from a man who was in a position to be able to do so, he had set up an appointment with me. I cancelled the appointment after I had a dream, which showed that I'd be pulled out of my life, completely disconnected from people whom I love and know. . .and was working for, and renting a living space from, a woman who is a perpetrator and was not allowing me to earn enough money to move or get back onto my own feet. I was basically enslaved and very unhappy.  (I believed that this dream showed what would happen to me if I moved forward with them helping me.)
   As I remembered this I found myself wondering if this guy was the bad guy or if things were being set up for him to rescue me and then unwittingly hand me over to those who target us. And I questioned out loud what other places could be set up the same way - with honestly decent people in the foreground of the criminal operation that is either controlling or targeting ALL of us. (I believe that this is how the covert operation is set up.)  
   Directly after I openly verbalized these questions in my car, puppets began angrily revving engines around me in a display of anger. Directly after I climbed into the back of my vehicle to sleep, I suddenly experienced three small rounds of different attacks. The first was painful laser shots to the back of my head, which shifted from one side to the other. When this stopped my lungs were suddenly heaving from a microwave blast. When that suddenly stopped my heart was being lasered into skipping beats...etc. Each phase of this attack lasted only about a minute or two and appeared to be a threat to show me the things they can do to me if I do not stop figuring things out.

 Update; (1/15/2015) I have erased the name of the place this man was in, but I trust that the proper officials already have it. . .and I hope it inspires honest investigations.
   My primary reason for erasing parts of this post were in order to prevent possible targeting of that organization, because there seems to be rouge groups who have been targeting those whom they THINK target us. This is dangerous because the primary perpetrators set up manipulations that make us place blame on the wrong people. Prior to realizing some of the perpetration manipulations, I had felt sure that this man was the perpetrator. Now I realize that he may not have been - that he may have been being used by them.  It appears that decent people are used by the criminals in the lower levels of the covert organization that is pushing or forcing people into the covert program. Sadly, it seems like the innocent are the ones who are being blamed and hurt the most. And I hope this changes.  I believe that there is good and bad almost every where right now and it will get better when we acknowledge the good and expose the bad. (I also erased some of the info on this post due to the life threatening situation that sharing it cast me into. I am in need of honest non-covert protection from further targeting.)  

P.S. As I write this post the song they are playing for me is "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" - a message they have often sent through puppets or this song directly after rounds of remote technological torture. I completely disagree with this foolish phrase, especially in this torturous criminal game that is hurting us in ways that cause damage rather than strength. Pains of criminal technological torture and the surveillance enslavement, which enables it, inflicts harm. The only good out come will be its discontinuation and a chance for recovery.