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Friday, January 30, 2015

Behind the Theories

I started writing the following articles two days ago and got heavily microwaved the next morning and am being swarmed today. The articles are not finished, but I thought I'd share them since, as usual, I do not know if I will be able to tomorrow. I am experiencing torture levels of microwaves being shot into my brain today. I'm also getting weird arrows showing up on my screen as if something is downloading every time I go on the web. My computer is still infiltrated.

Behind the Theories

   I've stopped researching the technological targeting due to the disinformation that is being fed to us around efforts to hide the Truths on the web. (I've even noticed some honest articles erased from the web.) But, judging by my past research and experiences I've come to the conclusion that there is some truth in most theories and that others appear to be made up by those who target us. I believe that the alien scheme has been made up, in order to justify a "rescue," which slyly shoves people into a covert enslavement program. (This angle was tried on me.) And I believe that decent people are being used in the foreground of this operation.
   Jim Keith (before his mysterious death) had researched some of the "alien abduction" claims and had come to the conclusion that  victims of certain types of technological experimentation had been brainwashed into thinking it was done by aliens, in order to hide the crimes. This felt true to me. And I believe that similar manipulations are being done around other forms of technological targeting.
   Another example of this is how perpetration is setting things up for victims of remote technological crimes to be labeled as "mentally ill" or convinced that it is being done through more localized sources. As covert "help" zoomed in on me (since June of 2013) I have been, on several occasions, told to "write down everything," just before the technological part of the targeting completely shifted into appearing like it was coming through my cell phone or a vehicle that pulled near me...etc. The manipulations to hide how remotely this is being done are baffling to me, because if the Truth is not revealed  how can the crimes be stopped? Genuine help would aim for the Truth and the ending of these crimes.
   There are also people expressing their perceptions of intuitions about what is happening. Some talk about "Lizard People" and other strange things that sound WAY too unbelievable. I don't believe it, BUT they may not be completely wrong. In dreams and visions we are often given pictures of things that symbolize what is happening or what someone is behaving like. Lizards are a symbol of mechanical heartlessness and we ARE being targeted by people who are heartless enough to have no regard for our lives and our basic human rights.
   Sadly, those who have been inflicted with brain damage, and are completely controlled by those who target us, may be intuitively perceived as reptilian types of personalities. Veteran Author Gordon Duff wrote an article about technologically detecting microwaves that are being used to inflict brain damage on masses of people. So, I feel that it is not that we are being invaded by aliens or lizard people. . .but that we are faced with a crisis where groups of criminals are damaging people - destroying people's lives. These are serious holocaustal crimes that are in desperate need of the proper exposure in order to prevent their continuation!
    Perhaps some of those who come up with the most unbelievable theories are merely skipping the step of translating the symbolism they are intuitively seeing. One example of this is in Mary Summer Rain's books, which share visions of a blind Native America woman called, No Eyes. No Eyes, saw New York City falling into the ground, massive floods and all sorts of bazaar "accidents" happening to people...etc. She CLEARLY foresaw what has been happening. But this does not mean that New York City is going to actually fall into the ground. She probably intuitively saw the twin towers fall and assumed that it was the city falling into the ground.
   Our perceptions and interpretations of visions and prophetic dreams can muck things up a bit, but they offer us a tremendous amount of help. One way that they can help is with the process of prevention. I have also had dreams about the floods. But I believe that it will be done with weather modification technologies and lser weapons...etc., and that it can be prevented through the prevention of criminal use of these technologies. And the same goes for the technological targeting and destruction of human beings. ALL of these disasters can be prevented through preventing criminal use of microwave weapons, laser weapons, satellite systems, weather modification technologies...etc.

More may be added later

Why are the technological crimes against humanity not being exposed by our media?

   There is the theory that there is no point in exposing the technological crimes, because they'd only stop for a while and then start up again.
   One of the things that Myron Fagan exposed was the pattern of how the infiltration would run and hide when they were publicly exposed, but then slowly sneak back in as soon as the publicity started letting up. In explaining this he gave us the key to fighting it, which is full public exposure that NEVER EVER stops - that continuously pulls the covert crimes out of their dark closets and into a Light that they can not function in.

   There is the theory that publicly exposing the technological targeting would cause panic in the general public. I can understand this sort of thinking. . .BUT, I feel that most people can feel that something horrible is happening in our world and that not knowing what it is is more disconcerting than knowing, especially for those of us who are being heavily targeted. I believe that if our governments explained it, and offered websites with information on how to deal with it, it would be a comfort to most people. I also believe that exposure of the covert program, which is enslaving people, would stop growing if it were fully exposed, because most people would refrain from joining and many would leave it if they knew it was not a good thing. I believe that exposure would do a LOT more good than bad.

   There is the theory that the media is already completely controlled by those who target us. I do not know if this is true. But I think fear of being targeted may be part of the problem. Anyone exposing this is far safer when they have an aware support group standing with them.  I wish I had one.

There is the theory that our USA government is already completely taken over. I believe that the infiltration is heavy, but NOT complete. I believe that there are good people in our government and in the UN and other countries. . . who are working on resolving this crisis. And I believe that the good will win the battle.

More may be added later

  As for the big question, "Who is doing the targeting?" I remain at the conclusion that there are different groups targeting different people, organizations or countries for different reasons. I am a long term Targeted Individual and it appears that the core of the targeting around me is being done by some sort of satanic occult that is utilizing satellite viewing and weapon systems as well as other covert operations in their aim to inflict harm. Some feel that they are doing things like plugging our names into hit lists for suspected terrorists, drug dealers, prostitutes, pedophiles...etc., in order to get our own fellow citizens to help target us.  I think that this may be the case with most long term Targeted Individuals, but am not sure and wish we had the full Truth. 

   The dark/satanic occult that appears to be at the core of the targeting, wears masks of kindness and helpfullness. . .sometimes even wearing the mask of Christianity. In 2007, I was writing an article about the dark infiltration I've noticed in some churches and wrote an article entitled "Wounded Churches" just before experiencing a heavy round of targeting. This tells me that I was hitting a nail right on the head.
   Due to some of my other experiences and insights, I still believe that parts of Russia may be involved with aiming for a covert take over of the USA through the utilization of mind control technologies, among other things. In early 2012, when I had first shared my concerns about this, I was experiencing unusually high amounts of hits on my blog through Russian porn and pharmaceutical sites. This was directly after I'd started to write more about the mind control part of the targeting.
   Myron Fagan exposed parts of this Russian covert takeover (and its tactics) in his famous speech, "Red Stars Over Hollywood." If you can look past his prejudice and "old order" way of thinking, you will find interesting information. . .some of which I recognized as the same tactics used by those who target me and other people whom I know. Many doubt this and I have tried to be objective. But perhaps the Russian part is now being done by rouge parts of the KGB if nothing else?
And perhaps the same sort of problem exists in other places with rouge parts of the  MKULTRA program and Hitler's scientists who are reported to have escaped to Russia and the USA...etc. But irregardless of who is doing what part of it. . .the crimes need to stop and ALL of humanity needs to be saved from further technological destruction and control.

    I think there are probably various groups, that are criminally using microwave weapons, laser weapons and satellite systems, scattered throughout the world. And there is a desperate need for our governments and media to stand up and honestly explain to the public what is happening and advise us on how to deal with it until it is stopped. . .so that we can regain some sense of security from (and trust in,) those whom we look to for protection and direction. 


Thursday, January 29, 2015

The "Mental Illness" Scam

   I am still experiencing a heavy push to discredit me under the guise of "help." Today a woman said, "We have to have you listed as disabled so you can get a place to live." And this is not the first time this has been said to me. Another puppet recently boasted about being listed as disabled as if it is a good thing that enables him to do other things with his life. And this is not nearly the first time this has happened as a way to try to coax me into that direction.
   A few years ago I read a report from a REAL Targeted Individual who had wisely expressed a concern about the USA budget for disability if Targeted Individuals keep being falsely labeled and forced to live off of the government. Is it possible that discrediting and force medicating us are not the only objectives in the process of pushing us to be labeled as "mentally ill?"
  It is just too horribly wrong for people who KNOW that we are being targeted to help destroy our lives through a false"mental illness" label and forced medication or possibly even institutionalization. Not to mention the fact that it is mentally abusive. It hurts us even more, at a time when we desperately need the opposite. I pray that this part of the targeting gets exposed and stopped before too many more lives are destroyed with it. Mine included.

  I am a human being who is VERY capable of working and making decisions for myself. I am being targeted and I need that targeting to be stopped so that I can carry on with my life. With "help" stepping in to aid the perpetration push to stop me from living my life and doing my work, instead of stopping the targeting has felt like just another horrible part of the injustices that have been happening to me and many others. Please find your Hearts.

   Is it a coincidence that the field of psychiatry is suspected, in Bernard  Schreiber's research, to be involved in a continuation of holocaustal crimes against humanity since Hitler's holocaust. . .that, according to General Barrie Trower, microwave weapons began perfecting their ability to remotely inflict symptoms that mimic "Mental Illness" in targeted individuals in the 1950s. . .that the field of psychiatry was making shifts from Freudian methods to medicatable "mental illness" diagnosis in the 1950s. . .and then (thank God) along came people like Jewish Dr Thomas Stephen Szasz to stand up for humanity against what he classified as false "mental illness" labels?
   An interesting paper, which was in his site and should interest Targeted Individuals who are being inflicted with V2k. Ironically the paper is entitled, "Being Sane in an Insane Place..."

Download a PDF of larger Article

P.S I started writing the following articles yesterday and got heavily microwaved this morning. They are still not finished, but I thought I'd share them since, as usual, I do not know if I will be able to tomorrow.

Behind the Theories

These articles have been moved to the next post;


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Intentions Matter More than Words

   I have said this to those who appear to be trying to covertly help me, many times through the past year and a half. And I fully believe it. Good intentions do good and bad intentions do bad. . .and when they are mixed together it all looks bad. . .until the good steps out and stands up for what's right. 
   My intentions have been to expose and stop these crimes and bring genuine, caring help to victims of remote technological targeting and experimentation...etc., (myself included)  and do the best I can to protect myself as I experience an insanely confusing array of various levels of targeting and other types of covert chaos. I have no doubt that I've made a lot of mistakes, especially during the times when I've been being more heavily microwaved. But I feel, in my heart, that anyone who can listen to their Hearts (above all else) can easily forgive and excuse my bloops due to the inhumane conditions, which I've been forced to survive and function in, through the past few decades. 
    I am hoping and praying for the good in humanity to stand up and do what is right - to stand up and save itself from further technological  abuse...etc.,. . .and, in that process, provide honest protection for those of us who are being literally tortured. We need this in ways that are not covert - are not slyly orchestrated or overseen by those who target us.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Literary Concern

       Since 1999 my writings have been tampered with in various ways. . .perhaps more so than I even realize at this point. But what I have noticed is the erasing or altering of my original files in my computers as well as on the web since 2005. Over-all there seems to be repeated rounds of wiping out my old writings in ways that make them appear new. One example of this is with my "Embracing Feelings" book. The original manuscript was destroyed in a suspicious fire in 2001. As I aimed to reconstruct it the floppy discs kept malfunctioning more than what can be a coincidence. I finally did self publish it and then targeting vamped up around it. I again reconstructed it and named it "Embracing Sadness" and published with a company used by a popular web site for authors. This book was blocked from public view and then wiped out. . .with the company saying that they no longer use that publisher. I re-published it with my current publishing company. . . and when the option to list it, as being published prior to the present date, was disabled ONLY for this and two other previously written books. Why? I don't know. And similar things appear to be happening to other writings. Sometimes the publishing date of the books are not even listed like they are on other people's books. Is this a browser malfunction or something else?

  I have often experienced delays, like blocked web access and microwave attacks, as I aimed to post new writings on the web. This has even happened with blog posts and simple little articles. I also experience periodic interference with my writings AS I WRITE. . .through infiltrations in my computers. One example of this is  how link addresses have been altered more consistently than can be just normal mistakes. ( a "blank page" thing has been being plugged into many of them.)
    In the book, "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual,  there were periods of glitches in my Quark program. On one of these occasions, four pages of information appeared to be suddenly gone. . .as if someone else were also editing it while I did. (My computers are obviously infiltrated and I do not know what they were erasing. . .and I can not afford to do anything about it at this point!)
   Another concern is that the site, where I publish my books, has suddenly changed its programming in a way that now allows the content of my books to be altered AFTER they have been published.  This is great for me to be able to fix my own little bloops instead of doing a new edition. But it also leaves a door open for possible perpetration alterations.

   When I first mentioned, in the book description, that alterations were being made to my writings, I was microwaved.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hope in a Dismal Place

    Things around me seem to have shifted into something more negative. Microwaves aimed at my brain vamped into torture levels again last night and are still intense this morning. But I see a Light shining for humanity and I feel that the sadistic targeting will end as citizens and governments, around the globe, unite in an open stand for humanity's Freedom.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Please do not look for faults in Targeted Individuals

   Please do not look for faults instead of helping us in the ways that are needed. We are surrounded by manipulations that are intentionally set up to make us look bad. The people who target us, and those whom they control, use those set ups to discredit us and make people look down on us. If you look hard enough you are sure to find a new rock to throw at us. Perhaps there is a part of our lives that has not yet been bruised. But I hope you chose to let your Heart refrain from judgment, because we have already been hurt too much.

Read the rest of this post on the bottom of the Targeted Individuals page.

I am still in desperate need of honest, safe, NON-covert protection from technological and covert targeting. After I get this I will be able to take better care of myself without being tortured for doing so. Due to the state of destitution I am being held in, I am also still in need of unconditional financial help. Please let your heart send what You can.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
P.S. Remote electronic attacks have vamped back up this evening. Oddly they suddenly backed off directly after I sent a letter to the UN human rights organization. But the psychological harassment raged on.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Call for "Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love"

This felt like it needed another posting due to the unconditional love and help that us Targeted Individuals need, in order to end our suffering. I believe that if citizens were aware of the covert program being infiltrated by, if not slyly lead by, those who target us, most of them would not participate.


P.S. I am doing the best I can to expose what is happening, while remaining objective and non-offensive. . .which is extremely difficult to do while being targeted. I'm probably not doing a very good job of it. I hope  the toes, I may have stepped on, can forgive me. And I hope what I share helps all of humanity.
   I wish there were an expert who could publicly and honestly fill in the details of what is happening. . .and kindly correct me (with proof) if there are things I am wrong about. But if we had that I would not have to be fighting to expose it and would gladly step back.
   I pray that this crisis is quickly exposed and stopped, because many are suffering in ways that no human being should ever have to continue suffering. Lives are being destroyed and there is a desperate need for the covert tortures to stop and for victims (myself included) to get the validation, protection and help we need. Please do all that you can to expose and stop all sorts of covert and technological crimes

 God help Humanity

Thursday, January 15, 2015

From the Heart of Hope

* All the technological, covert, pharmaceutical and chemical targeting of humanity has stopped.

* Governments and citizens, around the globe, are uniting in recovery efforts for victims and their families, who are all now safe and protected from further targeting.

* Humanity is opening its heart to greater levels than ever before. Greed and selfishness are being  replaced by kindness and consideration for fellow human beings.

P.S. As for my present situation; I have been being hit hard and am still in deep need of honest, non-covert help with protection from further targeting as well as financial help. Since June of 2013 I have been surrounded by debilitating levels of confusion and chaos with covert messaging that appears to come from multiple groups aside from the primary perpetration. (Actually, this is also just when I started noticing more.) Over and over again I have had it validated that the core of the targeting is indeed a satanic occult and other parts of it appear to be puppets whom they use.
  I wish genuine help would just please stand up for us. And, of course, I want all else to go away and leave me alone.
   Efforts to drug or contaminate the food I buy appears to have vamped up again. My writings have been being interfered with. My computers and email accounts have been infiltrated. I am experiencing periodic severe episodes of the lasering of my brain and other parts of my body.
   There appears to be recent threats against a couple of my family members and I am praying for NON-covert safety and protection for them as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Our only enemy is that which pushes us to
 fight each other, instead of Loving each other.

There is something horribly wrong happening in our world and there is a desperate need for it to be peacefully exposed and stopped as quickly as possible. Please stand peacefully.


Another Attempt on my Life

   Oddly, attacks have suddenly shifted from the usual remote electronic attacks to more heavy localized attacks in the past few days. 
   It appears that I was inflicted with a substance to induce a heart attack, yesterday afternoon. I had mild heart attack symptoms, which gradually subsided through a couple hours. Among other things, within 30 minutes, around this attack, THREE hospital trucks had either gone by me, pulled out in front of me or waited at an intersection for me to see them. (This is the usual types of covert threat games.) The day before this attack a waitress had rushed to sweep under my feet as soon as I sat a booth, and then loudly said, "I need to get this dirt out of here." It was also directly after I had refused to follow puppets who appeared to be again trying to force me into heading across the country.
   It also appears that my vehicle may have been accessed last night. This morning my belongings, in my coat pocket, appear to have been rearranged in a way that I do not usually put them.

I am in desperate need of honest protection and help. But hope for this to come for me is diminishing. I pray for the good in our government to quickly get a handle on this so that we can regain our Freedom.

I'm trying to keep my hope up by reading my own inspirational quotes.

Monday, January 12, 2015

As the Loon Cries

   It appears that I am being surrounded by all sorts of manipulations to prevent help from being here for me and others who are also suffering beneath continued lethal technological and psychological targeting. This morning I parked by a bay and a loon called to my aching heart and inspired this poem.

As the Loon Cries

A lonely loon cries in a salty bay
While my aching tears swell to pray.
God, help them find the Heart
To stand in Your Light
Instead of behind the dark;
Let Freedom ring
For the world to see
Around all of them and me,
Until the crimes are fully exposed
And all that hide are the crows;
Until those of us who suffer
Get the help we still need -
No longer left alone to bleed.
God, shine Your soothing Light
Into this darkest night.

Our only enemy is that which pushes us to
 fight each other, instead of Loving each other.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

When a Nation is Great

 A Nation is truly great when its citizens and government
 can stand up for its virtues while admitting its faults.

I believe that America's virtues rest in its constitutional rights
 for its citizens - in its aim for Freedom, Liberty and justice for all. 

   An eagle flew to sit in the top of a tree in front of me while I wrote this. Three dark crows circled it while loudly squawking, (as if trying to influence it) but the eagle stood strong and the crows flew to a nearby tree. I cried when the eagle swooped down toward me as I finished making this picture and my desperate need for hope cried, 'There is hope for America to rise above this crisis and stand strong.'

   Ok! So I'm either totally nuts or this really happened. ;-) I have a thing about birds. And this experience was incredibly symbolic of our situation. Two crows followed the eagle, at an inconspicuous distance, as it flew off, but my first thought was that it is strong enough to shake them off.


God help America

An Unusual Technological Attack

   Late yesterday, I had been praying, searching for answers and talking to God. . .and had verbalized the following experience and questions.

   In 2010, when my desperation had reached out for help from a man who was in a position to be able to do so, he had set up an appointment with me. I cancelled the appointment after I had a dream, which showed that I'd be pulled out of my life, completely disconnected from people whom I love and know. . .and was working for, and renting a living space from, a woman who is a perpetrator and was not allowing me to earn enough money to move or get back onto my own feet. I was basically enslaved and very unhappy. (I believed that this dream showed what would happen to me if I moved forward with them helping me.)
   As I remembered this I found myself wondering if this guy was the bad guy or if things were being set up for him to rescue me and then unwittingly hand me over to those who target us. And I questioned out loud what other places could be set up the same way - with honestly decent people in the foreground of the criminal operation that is either controlling or targeting ALL of us. (I believe that this is how the covert operation is set up.)
   Directly after I openly verbalized these questions in my car, puppets began angrily revving engines around me in a display of anger. Directly after I climbed into the back of my vehicle to sleep, I suddenly experienced three small rounds of different attacks. The first was painful laser shots to the back of my head, which shifted from one side to the other. When this stopped my lungs were suddenly heaving from a microwave blast. When that suddenly stopped my heart was being lasered into skipping beats...etc. Each phase of this attack lasted only about a minute or two and appeared to be a threat to show me the things they can do to me if I do not stop figuring things out.

[Update; (1/15/2015) I have erased the name of the place this man was in, but I trust that the proper officials already have it. . .and I hope it inspires honest investigations.

My primary reason for erasing parts of this post were in order to prevent possible targeting of that organization, because there seems to be rouge groups who have been targeting those whom they THINK target us. This is dangerous because the primary perpetrators set up manipulations that make us place blame on the wrong people. Prior to realizing some of the perpetration manipulations, I had felt sure that this man was the perpetrator. Now I realize that he may not have been - that he may have been being used by them. It appears that decent people are used by the criminals in the lower levels of the covert organization that is pushing or forcing people into the covert program. Sadly, it seems like the innocent are the ones who are being blamed and hurt the most. And I hope this changes. I believe that there is good and bad almost every where right now and it will get better when we acknowledge the good and expose the bad. (I also erased some of the info on this post due to the life threatening situation that sharing it cast me into. I am in need of honest non-covert protection from further targeting.]

P.S. As I write this post the song they are playing for me is "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" - a message they have often sent through puppets or this song directly after rounds of remote technological torture. I completely disagree with this foolish phrase, especially in this torturous criminal game that is hurting us in ways that cause damage rather than strength. Pains of criminal technological torture and the remote viewing prison, which enables it, inflicts harm. The only good

Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Only Enemy

Our only enemy is that which pushes us to
 fight each other, instead of Loving each other.
   I am faced with a very difficult situation where I am struggling to survive, psychologically, while radio wave weapons intrude upon my brain...etc. I am in desperate need of protection and I wish for all who engage in the covert war to find the Heart to stop the targeting of fellow citizens and stand up for what is right. . .for your own sakes as well as that of all of humanity.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

From my Frustration

Please see the humor.

I Wish we Could Have Radio Wave Blockers

Please legalize radio wave blockers for Targeted citizens.

 Our psychological, spiritual and physical health depend on being allowed to protect ourselves from  technological targeting. I do understand that they can not be freely used by just anyone, but please understand that those of us who are being targeted with radio waves are in desperate need of a way to protect ourselves.

P.S. Radio wave blockers appear to exist and work well. I once drove under a hospital parking garage and all the technological targeting suddenly completely stopped. Within a few minutes a security guard rushed into a nearby maintenance room. . .and the targeting suddenly started back up as if at the flick of a switch. Coincidence? I don't think so. We need that too. We do.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Round of Hell

   A new round of hell began the night before last. Among other things I am experiencing what feels like laser shots into the top, front, right quarter of my brain. The whole top of my head hurts and I am again having a hard time doing visualizations. (Doing visualizations with my prayers is my primary lifeline.)
   I am in desperate need of protection from further targeting. I need a group of brave hearts, who have radio wave blockers and detectors, to stand with me. I know how impossible this seems. But its what I need.

A phrase that recently rose to sooth my doubt;

I understand that most will disagree with this philosophy.
But its what I feel and what I see.

   I am in desperate need of financial help. Please let your Heart help me as much as you can. It will be deeply appreciated.

Sharon R.Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057