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Monday, December 28, 2015

Cry for Help

    Since the "death" of Daniel Nadeau, and attempts to erase my post about his store being broken into before he died, I began to realize that things appear to be getting worse instead of better in my situation. Since this last round of death threats, I am worried that things may continue to get worse for other past advertisers of my papers, witnesses to the targeting, and possibly even people whom I had written about in the original posts on this blog, which are now in it's book. . .or should be. There may still be things that have been altered or erased by those who infiltrate my computers and/or sites. (I have been getting what appears to be covert threats against me and others connected to the writings in this book.) I feel bad that I must share it in its raw form. I know that I had written things that may have been my misunderstandings of certain situations and I certainly do not want blame to aim in the wrong directions. But I do not want the crimes to be hidden either. And there is too much that I am not clear about in this confusing mess. Hopefully things will someday be more clear and I can set the records straight. Whoever gets this, please forward it to the proper authorities ASAP. More complete earlier editions can be made available to the proper authorities upon request. www.targetedinamerica.com/areport11.pdf

Ramblings of a Targeted Individual Book

Free Heart Bud Publications

Whoever gets this, please forward it to the proper authorities ASAP. More complete earlier editions can be made available to the proper authorities upon request.

    Recent Alterations to my Writings; My computers are still infiltrated and I even experience interference on library computers. I have recently found three alterations in my writings; The word "not" was erased from this statement in this report, "that they can NOT be viewed as coincidence" in this report; www.targetedinamerica.com/areport11.pdf
    In my plea for government help, in one of my books, I had written, "Please expose the covert program, and its recruiting process, so that enslaved mind control victims can be set free. Please acknowledge what is happening to Targeted Individuals so that victims and their loved ones can understand what is happening to them," and the first line was altered to, "Please expose the covert program so that we can be set free," which suggests that I am in the program. And the date on the year that Daniel Nadeau died had been changed from 2015 to 2014 in my blog post. The www.heartbud.com address had been changed. The first posting of the report above was deleted from www.poeticpublications.com.
    This whole situation is more difficult than words can say, literally. And I do not know what other alterations are made. It is impossible for me to keep combing through my writings and sometimes things can be erased that I do not even pick up on...etc. This all feels just too horrible and wrong. Not only am I being heavily targeted, and prevented from doing good and accurate reports to beg for help, but those who target me also appear to be trying to make it look like I am one of them. I am concerned that these, along with other manipulations, have been preventing help from reaching not only me but also many others who are being targeted in similar ways. I pray for the Truths to break through the manipulations and for this hell to end for all of us.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The "Merry Christmas" Threat

   Holiday and birthday wishes take on a whole new meaning in covert language. "Happy birthday" appears to be a death threat. Aside from almost steady weapon attacks to my brain, periods of being shot with microwaves and dead animals left in the roads. . .this years "Merry Christmas" gift appears to have been the inner destruction of an estranged loved one. I was so stricken with worry and grief that I was up half the night on Christmas eve. What is being done to people's brains is worse than a physical death. I pray that this has not really happened, but know that it already has, to some degree, to nearly everyone whom I have been closest to. It appears that many are suffering brain washings or brain damage and are forced into being controlled by those who target us. The mind control part of the targeting is by far the worst and the silence around this horrible crimes is excruciating.

   But my tears still lit my traditional Christmas prayer candles today.

More Dead Animals Left in Roads I Travel?

   I am experiencing another round of an unusual amount of dead animals in the roads I frequent. This appears to be another round of death threats. One appeared to be a huge deer, which I hit part of on Wednesday afternoon. A recent puppet plate read the equivalent of "NH Die." And there have been other covert threats. I am worried about a estranged loved ones, since one of their tactics is to aim for them...etc. This new round appears to have been triggered primarily by the fact that it is Christmas time - a time when I have often been more heavily targeted. . .and because of my saying that I am needing to shift more focus onto taking better care of myself on psychological and spiritual levels My trying to focus on inner healing seems to disturb them even more than my exposing the crimes. It has been a regular pattern in the targeting for things to vamp up in ways that increase my distress when I am at my wits end and need to take time to regain my balance. Obviously this can not happen while being targeted but the need for it never goes away. It merely intensifies.

P.S. 12-25-15; A red car in front of me appeared to have thrown a dead squirrel, which was cut in two, out their window. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A More Personal Blog

   I am starting another blog for the purpose of sharing more personal feelings around my experiences with the targeting. On it I have written a little Christmas post. Here is the address;

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Another Microwaved Prayer :-(

7:30 am; I silently sat before an ocean sunrise praying. I prayed for Light to reach the Hearts of (and protect) the leaders of our nations as well as military leaders... so that the covert war can end and the targeting can be exposed and stopped...etc., and I was hit with a blast of microwaves, which inflicted sudden pain to my head, increased heart rate and shortness of breath - the usual. In the past few days I am also experiencing another round of threats to disable my vehicle or have me put in jail.

 New page - The Bigger Picture

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I'm Sorry

   I am deeply sorry if things that I have posted, especially in my early stages of figuring this out, have hurt anyone - I'm sorry about the things I may have been wrong about. Too much is not clear in all of this covert stuff, and deceitful manipulations in the targeting. I pray that the Truths will be clear, someday. Until then its all just too confusing. I am hurting beyond description.
  I am also sorry that I have to keep combing through my posts to add things I forgot to put in...etc. My brain is often being effected by radio waves, especially when they know I am aiming to write something important. (I am also still working on infiltrated computers, which sometimes posses its own problems.) Please re-read the past few posts. Most of what I write lately, seems to be repeats of my past writings. . .reminders of what lingers in my heart and yearns to reach you. Please let it.

I pray for humanity to break free from enslavement, peacefully
 stand up, banish the silence. . .and regain its Freedom. 


I experienced torture levels of microwaves shot into my head as I drove into New Hampshire this morning. Then they also vamped up, at around 8:55 pm, as I thought of posting this on my blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Solution

  I feel that, until criminal use of the technologies can be stopped, the solution for the crisis we face is in informing and genuinely protecting instead of blaming and fighting. And I pray that this starts happening between countries within governments.
   I still feel that the technological mind control is at the core of most of the problems we face in our world through the past several decades. I pray that citizens will soon be informed of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting so they can at least have the opportunity to listen to their Hearts above what is projected into their minds. I pray for  modes of protection THAT ARE NOT SLY ENSLAVEMENT like the covert "rescue," - I pray for modes of Un-filtered and un-manipulated detection and protection to become available to ALL who need it. If these things can not quickly happen disabling the technologies may be the only way to set humanity free. God help us all.

I pray for humanity to break free from enslavement, peacefully
 stand up, banish the silence. . .and regain its Freedom. 


 I just updated my webpage on Agenda 21;

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Information War?

 The Information War

What in earth is this "information war"?
I wish people would stop it and
Realize what matters more.
In my writings dates change,
Files are blocked or erased,
And paragraphs rearranged.
Through it all I wonder. . .
Who plays this foolish game,
While lives are being lost,
Too many continue to suffer
And humanity pays the cost?

I have been dealing with various types of interference with my writings since around 2005. Severely since I began blogging about the targeting in 2011. I need it to stop.

P.S. Looks like my blog is working again, but the side bar is now on the bottom. Its hard - being forced to work on infiltrated computers. I feel completely at the mercy of whoever decides to take control. Things seem to be getting really threatening - another round of threats to disable my vehicle and put me into a hospital or to be labeled as a criminal. I just don't know what to think or do anymore about much of anything. I pray for this hell to end for all of us before too many more get hurt or destroyed.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Frozen Beneath Concerns

I feel frozen beneath concerns that I am surrounded by manipulations, which seem too huge for me to fully decipher and report at this point in time.

The dangers now seem far too great.
I pray for Light to seal our fate,
While darkness hides in sorted turns
Demanding what I dare not learn.
Schools of dark, cryptic illusions
That merely add to the confusion.
Oh let it all be washed away -
Give the crows nothing to say,
So the sun can shine today.


I am not able to view the home page of this blog. It is blocked on all browsers I check it
on. Yet, the stats make it appear that others are still able to see it. I am concerned, since
I have not been allowed to have backups of my videos on youtube, that my words could
be altered. I am also getting new threats ot disable my car, which I stil live in, due to my
exposing the targeting...etc.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The "home" where we do not belong.

"Time to come home" a puppet says as I am stranded without a vehicle. Are they again leaving me stranded just to try to terrorize/force me into leaping into their hands - into that covert place that they call, "home"? It appears so. I still believe that the "home" people are being forced into is not a genuine "rescue" or "protection" but is enslavement.
   I'm scared and don't know what I'm going to do. Without a vehicle I have no sense of safety from those who are targeting me. Please help pray for me.


P.S. I still can not view this blog on my browsers. It appears to be disabled. I hope other people can view it. 

Update: My car was fixed on the 24th. Was stranded for 9 days.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stranded with a Broken Down Vehicle and Being Technologically Tortured!

    Since early this morning I have been heavily tortured, with what feels like a laser beam drilling into my head above my right eye, as I aim to have my car towed...etc. Excruciating pain in my whole head still at 12:47pm as I post this. 

  After a chain of confusing covert messages, interference with statements I was trying to send to authorities in the USA and the UN, my blog suddenly appeared to have been disabled, my brain was lasered into an angry outburst against those who target me. . .then my car suddenly stopped working on the evening of the 15th. (I feel that my car was intentionally disabled.)
   Since I live in my car, and it contains what little is left of my belongings and writings, this is VERY serious.  I'm praying for strength, but am not feeling strong enough to deal with this, if my car can not be fixed.

   Is it a coincidence that all of this is happening as I aim to write out better statements about the targeting. . .and that I was planning on hand delivering them to the FBI just before my car suddenly broke and left me stranded? I have been trying to cover all the bases and was sending new statements to the United Nations as well, because of my experiences in Peru and Canada, but someone seems to have an issue with this. Last Friday I was lasered as I tried to address an envelope to the UN and my computer was recently shut down as I tried to post my Peru statements. Due to the nature of the targeting this may be manipulations to make me blame America for the targeting. No matter who it is it hurts and its wrong and I desperately need protection from further harm, even though I am homeless.

  Could you please help through passing this
 report to government officials around the world?

I was also in the middle of doing updates on statements in this book when my blog was blocked and car disabled. (I am not able to see this blog on my browsers. I hope you can.)

 P.S. I still can not view this blog on my browsers. It appears to have been disabled right before my car was. I hope other people can view it. So much is happening right now that I erased some of my posts. I'm too distressed to fully figure it all out. And I'm tired of speculating. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Direct Threat of Brain Damage?

[UPDATE: I may have misunderstood the messages - they may have been an ultimatum (about a test that I failed) because I have been blocked from viewing this blog, and  my car has been disabled, after a chain of confusing messages. And I of course am not able to sort it all out because I am now dealing with being stranded and desperate for the miracle that will stop them from making me lose my writings, belongings that in my car...etc.]

1:31pm A white van pulled out next to me with a license plate that abbreviated "Face will ache." This was shortly after covert messages which basically said, "You are going to become one of us..." (Messaging on license plates is VERY common in the covert harassment part of the targeting. A few years ago I caught a puppet with a huge stack of license plates behind the seat of his truck. Apparently he had stopped to swap plates and did not see me walking up behind him.)

1:49pm My facial muscles are tightening in an odd, unnatural way. Heat is building in my head. And I am feeling small sharp pains shooting into the top left part of my head as well as a dull ache in that part of my head. (This is not any worse than the norm, but has me more concerned because of the messages.)

Are they really going to damage my brain or are they just terrorizing me again? And can you imagine what it would feel like to wait and see? I pray that they do not succeed.

UPDATE: I may have misunderstood the messages - they may have been an ultimatum (about a test that I failed) because I have been blocked from viewing this blog, and  my car has been disabled, after a chain of confusing messages. And I of course am not able to sort it all out because I am now dealing with being stranded and desperate for the miracle that will stop them from making me lose my writings, belongings that in my car...etc.

  More is at the bottom of my new statements page;

  Could you please help all of us through passing this
 report to government officials around the world?

  More is at the bottom of my new statements page;

  Could you please help all of us through passing this
 report to government officials around the world?

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Legitimate Concern Reiterated

    With the field of psychiatry being used to help perform the part of the targeting that forces people to take mind altering pharmaceuticals after inflicting false “mental illness” labels, which can also lead to the loss of rights through being declared “incompetent,” there is a grave danger for Targeted Individuals – a danger that could have worse results than a physical death. This makes it scary to even report the crimes to places that are trained to direct us toward a psychiatrist, in order to prove our sanity - prove that the targeting is really happening. Heavy long term technological targeting can be scientifically provable. Clearly, the most effective method of proving the technological part of these crimes is through honest medical tests for radiation, cell structure damage, brain damage…etc. And I pray that more people start realizing this.

Dr. Caplan on Dangers of False "Mental Illness" Labels


This is not my video. I'm sorry for the poor quality of it. I had to record it from a recording, because it keeps being removed from its current addresses on my websites. In this video Dr. Caplan exposes some critically important issues with the DSM and false "mental illness" labels, which can also lead to "incompetence" claims that can tear away people's rights and freedom. I feel that this is a critically important part of the targeting of humanity. The false "mental illness" labels also enables forced psychiatric pharmaceuticals, which aid technological mind control. This is critical problem that is in desperate need of attention. This is all part of a Technological Holocaust. Please help spread the word. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sample of my Days

 A new page with dates and times of technological targeting

I am being heavily microwaved and threatened as I post this and the 2 posts below.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disturbing Headlines in a Popular Magazine

   I was shocked to find these headlines, which read, "I think my child is Mentally ill" on top of a picture of a sad little girl who has the words "I feel sad," printed above her head. This was on page 10 of the the November, 2015 issue of the New Hampshire "Parenting" magazine. And, to me, it is a blatant reminder of the unhealthy push for false mental illness diagnosis and it's treatment, which often includes psychiatric drugs and other methods of suppressing feelings, instead of healing.
   These sorts of ads come across as brainwashings aimed to make people think that sadness is wrong or worse - that it should raise concerns about "mental illness." These sorts of ads should raise red flags in those who care about children and the future health and safety of humanity.
    Sadness is one of the natural emotions we were born with and we were born with the capability of feeling it for a good reason. When encouraged, sadness is part of a healthy grieving process, which helps us to release our pain. When we do not allow this process of feeling and releasing our pain our hearts become blocked and this is not good for us. Actually, its harmful for natural feelings of sadness to be suppressed and blocked, instead of felt and healed, especially in children.
   I have strong feelings about this because it is directly connected to a large part of my work. Here are a few phrases from my old writings - the ones that have been being sabotaged by those who target me and my work. . .


Its not sadness that depresses people
Its the suppression of it that depresses people


We feel Love only as deeply as we
allow ourselves to feel our sadness.


Dr. Paula Caplan on the dangers of false "mental illness" labels

The links to this video have been repeatedly broken on my website. So I finally did my own recording
 of her recording. I'm sorry for its poor quality. But the information she gives us is critically important.

Is it a coincidence that many psychiatric drugs aid technological mind control. . .and that these types of drugs (like antidepressants) are being found in public drinking water as well as being pushed onto healthy people (even children!) who are being falsely labeled as "mentally ill"?

Please also watch this video I made for targeted children


P.S. I understand that there truly are people who have genuine mental problems and can function better with drugs. But I can not help but wonder how many of those, who are even suicidal, are being technologically targeted. . .and even if they aren't, how many would fully recover if they were not medicated and felt truly loved by another human being or if they had someone to care to listen and understand and offer a shoulder to cry on? How many are labeled and suppressed instead of being loved and healed? How many?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Crop Circles - Microwaves - Mathematical Messages

   Today, while doing my laundry, I watched a documentary on the History channel about crop circles. I was surprised to hear scientists say that they have now found evidence of the authentic ones being created, from the sky, with microwaves - electromagnetic technologies. This was proven through tests on the stalks of the plants and radiation found in the soil...etc. These are the same sorts of weapons that are used to perform the technological part of the targeting of people.
   It has also been reported that mathematicians are now finding binary code messages within the authentic crop cricle designs. One of those messages is reported to say, "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception." I believe that this may also be related to the targeting. Is it possible that the "gift," which this message referred to, was some sort of protection from the technological targeting and the "deception" was that it was really an enslavement? I know this is a long shot, but I can't help but wonder, because I feel that this has really happened - that the protection and rescue are the enslavement.
   Like most things connected to the targeting, it can be difficult to find good, solid scientific proof on the web. . .and it often seems to be surrounded by things that can discredit it. . .like making it all look like a "hoax" and surrounding it with things that most people would find unbelievable, like alien and UFO theories. I believe that the electromagnetic/microwave targeting is being done by human beings.


P.S. I am experiencing sharp pains in my chest since directly after I posted this. It feels like the usual threatening, lasering that mimics heart attack symptoms. The pains lasted for an hour or more and then stopped. They seemed to be threat to not post this.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A phrase from some of my earlier writings

Lets face this
With determination to preserve humanity,
With gentle hands reaching out to those in need,
With peaceful non-acceptance of the evil seed

Plea From my Heart

I was on the verge of tears through this video. It is a plea, which
 rose from the aching depths of my heart. I hope it is heard.


I believe that victims of technological and pharmaceutical mind control include BOTH common citizens and Government officials. . .and that those who perform the targeting have enslaved victims into the covert program (often under the guise of a "rescue") that is used to help target the rest of us. I  pray for this to be exposed and stopped. I pray for humanity to be set free.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More of the Latest Vamp up in Targeting

   I repeatedly woke to the pain of various parts of my body being lasered last night. And this morning I experienced a painful attack to my head, (torture levels) which also included a lot of heat in my whole head. . .and has continued through most of the day on slightly milder scales.

   In the past few days I am also experiencing another round of disruptions when I use public bathrooms. This vamp up started after I'd stated that I needed a period of time of just at least being able to go to the bathroom without being harassed. With this aim, as well as my need for a bit of a break from living in my car and having no level of privacy...etc., I was aiming to get a motel room for a month and even had help with the payment of it. The financial help was taken away and then the puppets started an obvious round of rudely trying to access public bathrooms directly after I go into them. This is not done with the normal gently trying the handle, to see if it is locked, or knocking to see if someone is in there - they literally keep reefing on the door handle, as if trying to break in, or loudly banging on the door as if it is an emergency.   
   This is just one small example of the usual targeting pattern of vamping up something that they know is bothering me. I have experienced many rounds of this sort of thing in many different parts of the targeting. And a lot more than this is happening. I actually do not write most of it. Just surviving it is often about all I can do.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Attempted Instigation of Vehicle "Accidents"?

   In the past few days I have experienced THREE incidences where vehicles quickly pulled out in front of me from a stop sign where I had the right of way. Two of them happened today. The worst one was today when a car pulled out in front of me so quickly that there wasn't even time to brake before hitting it. I quickly swerved into the other lane, ending up beside the car that leaped out in front of me. . .and was very lucky that there was no oncoming traffic. Oddly, I did not even think of taking down plate numbers. But then. . .it probably wouldn't have mattered since no collision happened. None of these felt like "coincidences." They felt intentional. And this is not the first round of this sort of thing.

   I seem to sometimes experience what appears to be vengeance targeting - if I tell on them they seem to re-inflict the same sort of targeting. "Okay," they sometimes say after I expose part of the targeting and they start doing it again or vamping it up. And this may be what is happening with the "accident" stuff, since I recently mentioned, in my videos, that I had experienced odd chains of  vehicle "accidents" in the 1970s.


P.S. My brain was being heavily microwaved as I aimed to meet the minister who wanted to talk to me about the gathering with my family. And the near "accident" experience happened shortly before I was due to go. It appears that these manipulations were aiming to add to my feelings of discomfort. Please read the post below.

The Painful Deprivation of the Things We Love Most

  One of the patterns in the long term heavy targeting of an individual is to rip away what the victim likes or values most in life.

   I first noticed this pattern in the sudden lack of availability of SO MANY of my favorite products. . .that it simply cannot be viewed as a "coincidence" by anybody. This has happened with my favorite drinks, my favorite shampoo, mud mask, my favorite flavored coffee, my favorite desert...etc. Some of these  products were completely taken off the market shortly after I developed a liking for them. And others had often been missing from store shelves at the time when I'd aim to purchase them.
    As I looked back over the deeper past I now realize that, around the late 1980s and early 1990s, they were working at ripping away the two most important things in my life - my family and my peaceful country home, which I viewed as my sacred sanctuary. They succeeded with both of these aims, because none of us were aware of being targeted.
   My first home was taken by the state of NH DOT, who had suddenly planned to put a road through my property. My next home was destroyed in a fire after severe harassment and illegal entries forced me to put it up for sale. On the next property I was severely harassed until I sold it and left the area. And the next neighborhood I moved to was (within about one month) mostly wiped out in a suspicious flash flood, where a culvert was plugged and a storm was mysteriously stalled over the area. I have been mostly homeless since then - since 2005.
   As for my family; this is the saddest and most painful part of the targeting. Physical homes can be replaced, prior to being targeted into destitution. But family bonds, and their needed trust...etc., cannot be restored under the sadistic constraints of ongoing mind control. . .and I just experienced a small painful reminder of this.
   A minister had tried to get my family together, because he could see that I need support and financial help. This is a normal response under normal conditions. But my family situation is not normal. We are all long term victims of technological targeting, and some of my family members have also been inflicted with the pharmaceutical part, which has enabled complete mind control.
   My instincts told me that a family gathering could not have a good outcome while we are all still being targeted and with the severest mind control victims still being completely unaware of being used to help harass me and/or have me labeled as “mentally ill”...etc. I had initially agreed to it, but then regretted it and called to close that door, before I realized that the process had already started and the same old sets ups for creating discord were already starting (in the usual way) through one of my siblings.(Its amazing how this can happen in ways that only the primary victim is aware of and others see nothing wrong!)
   Even just the thought of getting together with my family had raised a lot of mixed feelings in me. (I felt that I could not handle this under the present conditions, while the targeting freely continues.) In my heart I have deeply yearned for a normal, UNTARGETED, relationship with my family. This not being allowed still hurts indescribably. And it hurts to again be forced to face the fact that I cannot even begin to effectively restore my relationship with my family, while it is still under the control of those who target all of us. And the targeting would have to be genuinely and COMPLETELY stopped, in order for us to even start recovering and rebuilding trust...etc.
   The pain of this lingers, because it is a reminder of past pains. . .and because I have deeply yearned for a normal family life with my children and my family of origin. Family bonds have always been one of the most of important things to me. And being torn from my family of origin, especially with all of them blaming me for it, has inflicted the deepest pain I have ever been forced to endure. This was compounded as some of my family members aimed to destroy my bonds with my children. They did not succeed, but it planted seeds, which helped others to succeed later.
   Now that I understand how my family members, especially those who manipulate things against me, are mind control victims, it helps me to forgive them for the past. But it also makes me more determined to not let it start up again, for all our sakes. It hurts to be hurt by them and it hurts to see them being used in ways that could probably, in the long run, hurt them even more than it hurts me.
   Sadly, we cannot even begin to reunite, in a functional way, until the targeting is fully exposed and then realized by ALL family members, and not just me, especially since it appears that some have been forced into the program and are now completely controlled by those who target all of us.

   Sometimes, when I think of them, it hurts indescribably, not only because of what we have been through, but also because of what we have all been deprived of – each others Love.

 The sad truth is that no types of relationships can function properly under the manipulations of sadistic, technological mind control. This part of the targeting just really desperately needs to be fully exposed and stopped, especially since it is the key element that makes all the rest of it succeed.
   I wonder how many other families have been torn apart by technological and covert targeting. And I wonder how much pain is filling the hearts of EVERY single member of those families, both those who do not realize what is happening. . .and those who stand too painfully alone with an awareness of the targeting.

God, please help ALL of us.

P.S. I had a dream that said I would be killed, if I made the wrong decision connected to family. Did I just make that "wrong decision?" Probably. . .in the eyes of those target us and look for opportunities to perpetuate that targeting. But I feel that I made the right choice for myself as well as my family members, because there is a danger for them if they were able to bypass the mind control and let themselves really love me. . .and there was a danger for me, if they couldn't. Either way it would not have been good for any of us.
   I feel that, if the miracle ever happens, which would allow me to safely reunite with my family, I would need to do it on a 'one on one' basis with each different family member. Due to the severity of the targeting, and all the secrecy around it, this does not look like it will even have a chance of happening in the near future. . .if ever.  But my love for them lives on. . .it runs as deep as the pain I feel for all of us.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Until Humanity is Free to Follow its Heart

   I still strongly feel that technological and pharmaceutical mind control is at the root of MOST of the problems we are faced with in our world today. . .and that FULL recovery can not happen, and underlying problems can not be honestly resolved,  until this is stopped - until humanity is Free to follow its Heart without interference 


Please help to set humanity Free. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For the Targeted Children

  I have witnessed many children being harmed by technological and pharmaceutical targeting. I dedicate this video to the children and humanity's future.


Previously posted shorter video

Download a pdf with the same information

The painful torturing vamped up for a short while as I posted this video.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm being tortured again!

   This morning I was microwaved in a way that effected my lungs, as I said something that those who target me disapproved of. Then this stopped and I experienced a painful lasering of my right shoulder for a few hours.

Since around 3:30pm; I am experiencing almost unbearable pain in my head and a loud ring in ears - louder than what is usually there. (And someone tried to block me from posting this on the web.)

8:25pm - the torture to my brain continues! My back (around my kidney) was lasered as an ambulance drove into view of my rear view mirror. I felt sudden stabbing pain that stopped as quickly as it started. When things get this severe I feel scared.

   I have been struggling, while being heavily targeted, to present my videos in proper ways. The usual back and forth between the microwaves in my brain! And I have pulled together a better, COMPLETELY unedited version of my "Targeted Videos" to use as an example of the targeting. Today's torturing of my head started when I was in the middle of reproducing the video that is at the bottom of this playlist;  https://youtu.be/nxy7AYef50g?list=PLQONgELhN0SVk7HddTQakxPYm60tRUH7G

Thursday, October 8, 2015

On the Technological and Pharmaceutical Enslavement of Humanity

   This is the first video I had done after getting a little camcorder. It was after producing this one that I experienced a painful vamp up, into torture levels of microwave targeting, which extended through half the night and lingered for a few days. . .only stopping for a few hours directly after I posted the unedited version of one of my targeted videos.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tears of a Targeted Individual

In this video I pulled together a few clips from my recent videos in a process of exercising my right to feel  and to express those feelings. I hope it touches your Heart.


Friday, October 2, 2015

New Video Play List

   I am experiencing technical difficulties, and technological targeting as I do this, so please excuse my appearance, my bloops and the poor quality of the videos. I am also not being allowed to print this link, so I can only hope that it remains the same. 

Previously posted addresses have been removed but same video are on the address above.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Introduction Video

 "Tortured Videos" all in one video and in the order that I had recorded them. This video is being interfered with and has not been starting at the beginning. You may have to reset it to the beginning, which gives important explanations.  

Previously posted addresses

Targeted Video of the Covert Program and the Third Riech

   I was being heavily targeted as I aimed to make this video. I experienced torture levels of radio waves shot into my brain, which is evident in the unusual amount of swelling in my face, around my eyes and sinuses.  It also appears that the function of my brain was also interfered with, for a while, after the part where I state that my throat was being lasered.
   I have not been able to do the proper edits due to the youtube page malfunctions. So this is a mostly unedited version of it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR9yyJ-CP8o.

This Video with three other "Tortured Videos"

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


   Things are getting really heated around me! I am deeply concerned about what appears to be continued efforts to frame me...etc.
   Yesterday I purchased a small used camcorder so that I could do some videos. I did one little practice run with it. As I watched my test video I made a comment about the microwave targeting causing dark circles under my eyes. Since last night I have been experiencing torture levels of microwaves being shot into my brain. This is being done in a way that appears to be intentionally causing unusual swelling in my face, especially around my eyes and sinuses. I do not have a cold, allergies or a sinus infection. This just suddenly happened with the microwaving. Here is the unedited video I did today; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ft2EuMC_DQ. And below is this video in with three others.

This Video with three other "Tortured Videos"

Saturday, September 12, 2015

For World Peace

Please print and share this paper

P.S. I experienced sudden infliction of pain in my head after posting this. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Order to Turn It Toward the Light

   I have been searching for answers. In between the microwave hits, distress and fear. I have asked myself, “Did I do the wrong thing when I exposed the situation around Dan?” But what cries from the depths of my aching soul is a phrase that lit some of my past writings, and an ongoing dread that the “rescue” from radio wave targeting is a sly enslavement that sometimes uses good, unaware people in the foreground, but is orchestrated by the very same people who target and terrorize us.

We must expose the dark
In order to turn it toward the Light

   I am again begging media and government officials, around the globe, to please expose the targeting and enslavement – to please stand up and set humanity free. PLEASE provide methods of genuine protection; methods that do not rip targets from loved ones and inflict suffering upon the whole family; methods that expose the crimes, allowing people to pull together and support each other; methods that use radio wave detection and blocking technologies, in order to protect heavily targeted individuals. Please help us in the ways that are desperately needed. Please! I pray for this to start happening before its too late for this sort of remedy.

P.S. It appears that I am being blackmailed in efforts to force me to erase my statements about public water supplies being contaminated with the same pharmaceuticals that aid the technological mind control that is enslaving humanity...etc. There also appears to be another round of covert threats against my father and a child.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Staged Death?

   On September 6 I heard that Dan Nadeau, of Greenland, NH, was listed as being dead on February 22, 2015. On September 8th 2015, this was confirmed, through the local news paper. But is he really dead?
    Dan had been one of my advertisers in 2008. He had helped me when my car had been disabled and I was stranded on the streets in the fall of 2013.
   In 2014 his "Gold Buyers" shop was broken into shortly after he'd told me that he'd sponsor "the next" Heart Bud publication. Dan appeared to be being targeted, probably due to his association with me - his aim to support another one of my publications. If not for my experiences in the past couple months I'd think that he was truly dead and was probably inconspicuously murdered by the same people who target me.

   Those who target me have repeatedly recruited (or abducted) and used people whom I knew or had been close to, in efforts to perform a covert "rescue." Due to my insights and experiences with this, I feel that this "rescue" (into a place they call "home") leads to enslavement under the very same people who are targeting us.
   In a recent round of this (starting on July 28, 2015) puppets had leaped in front of me with license plates that read things like, "Adman" and "Bye Dan." Then it appeared that Dan was being used to try to get me to leap into his car - to "rescue" me from the targeting. "He won't go without you," one of them said as this was happening. On one occasion Dan parked next to me and walked in front of my parked car (He may have even waved at me) then appeared to be sitting in his car waiting for me to leap into the back seat. This was months after his "death" and around a month BEFORE I realized that he was "dead."
   Dan is the third, person, whom I feel sure is still alive although thought to be dead by loved ones and the rest of the world. It appears that staged deaths is one of the recruiting methods. If I had chosen to go to tis "home" with them my death may have been staged as well. "Its permanent" they once told me, which appears to mean that once we go we can never return to our real lives and identity. (I have had dreams and insights, which show this "home" as a dark place.)
   Directly after I realized the first staged death (in 2013) I was issued a very direct threat - they had a puppet park near me and yell out, "If you blow my cover I will kill you." And now, the same thing happening to Dan, that had happened to Jim Baker of Nova Scotia, and the one whom I can not mention, leads me to feeling a need to more fully expose it, before something happens to me.
   There may have been a fourth staged death; In the Spring of 2014 I had posted the possibility of my mother not truly dieing in 1977 and being abducted into the covert program, which had also used her to try to lure me into that "home", in order to be with her again. Most of this post has been erased by those who infiltrate my writings. (Last years post about Dan's shop being broken into has also been erased from my book of this blog. There is an obvious aim to cover up these things.)

   I am truly sorry if this offends anyone who may think that the "rescue" is a good thing. I must follow the heart of my instincts and share what I believe to be true. Even IF all forms of the "rescues" do not lead to enslavement, the process of leaving loved ones thinking that a family member has died, when they are still alive, is just too horribly wrong and hurtful to all who are involved. (It appears that enslaved victims do not even realize that they are mind control victims!)
   I pray for methods of genuine protection; methods that do not rip targets from loved ones and inflict suffering upon the whole family; methods that expose the crimes, allowing people to pull together and support each other; methods that use radio wave detection and blocking technologies, in order to protect heavily targeted individuals. I pray for this to start happening before its too late for this sort of remedy.

   I am beside myself with grief and concern right now. . .not to mention being lasered and knowing that my life is in more danger than ever since I refused to go with Dan and now know that his death was staged. Perhaps I will be able to share more of my thoughts and feelings about this later. Until then, I pray that this reaches people who can do more to expose and stop the enslavement of human beings, especially in ways that leave their loved ones thinking that they are dead, because enslavement can be worse than a physical death.


P.S. After posting this came what appear to be more threats to force me into a shelter and "check it out..." I'm extremely distressed and they seem to also continue judging me for not being perfect while they continue to torture me and interfere with my brain function...etc. Stats on this blog suddenly dropped after this post. I do not know if it is being allowed to be viewed.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Erased and Altered Post

I recently found the post below altered and erased from some of my writings. Some of its
dates of 2012 were changed to 2014. And my old address to Technological Holocaust information, (www.poeticpublications.com/zinfo.html) had been altered.

FYI: When I wrote the "Public Notice" paper it was out of sheer desperation and fear of what is happening. My desperate gropes for proof, at that time, had only found reports on HAARP.
So, this is the only technology I listed in this paper. I have since learned that there are MANY
technologies, scattered around the world, that can be criminally mused for the same purposes.
Please excuse my ignorance, and assumptions through the early stages of my aim to expose
these crimes under conditions that were (and remain) indescribably difficult.

Friday, July 18, 2014; Public Notice Flyer;
As I aim to clean up some of my writings, I am noticing some unusual things around the posting
of information about the Technological Holocaust. I’d printed a little “Public Notice”
flyer/paper on April 24, 2012 and some unusual things have happened around it. My commercial printer (a NH news paper company) made a few delays around taking payment for it and
then sent me a receipt that was dated a month later. After the original files were missing from
my computer, (or dates on them changed) I felt that there were some manipulations happening,
so I hand wrote the printing date on the papers - “4-24-2012.” (I had not printed a date on
it, because my focus was on just genuinely helping to expose this crisis.) Some sort of mind
control must have kicked in on me while I did this, because on SOME of the papers, I wrote
“5-24-2012” - I wrote a five instead of a four. The address of it on some web postings had
been altered. A USB device, which contained a huge chunk of my writings is recently missing
on a day after my vehicle seemed to have been accessed, while it had been disabled for 5
The Public Notice grew from a paper I wrote in February 2012. Below are links to some of my
earlier web writings. Though they are not done very well, and though I have learned a lot since
I posted or printed them, they are what they are and I have decided not to alter or erase

Close to the Original Public Notice Paper;
www.poeticpublications.com/Public Notice 2.pdf
(Previous postings of this address had been altered.)

Original web pages, which had been altered and blocked;

Read on my new "Statements" page to the right of this blog; www.sharonpoetti.

Also download my most recent effort to resurrect the original posts of this blog. This is probably the most complete version with the most recently found alteration fixed on 9-1-2015;

Saturday, August 29, 2015

To Set Love Free

   What helps to keep me going, while being targeted, is the process of holding onto my vision of citizens, around the globe, being fully informed of the enslavement, mind control...etc., - of citizens being given the opportunity to resist the darkness, and let our Hearts pull together to openly talk about what we are faced with and support each other through it

The Sun will rise for all of humanity 
As we embrace our Hearts and set Love free.

   I have not done very well. But I have been doing my best to embrace my heart as I stumble through the chaos and tortures that I am being inflicted with. It is here in my writings. . .between the fight and confusion. . .a heart that stumbles under too much weight. . .a heart that aims to expose the targeting and reach those who can do more. . .a breaking heart that is begging humanity to stand up and save itself, because none of us can do this alone. Please hear my plea. We all need each other in ways that the silence is not allowing

Please help break the silence
So that Love can be set free.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Something Shot At my Vehicle?

   At around 6pm, on the 25th of this month, my car was suddenly struck by an object. I heard it bouncing off the car and later found a bit of damage on my windshield. Most would probably say that it was just accidental, but it felt like an act of violence to either harm or scare me. A few inches higher, and a split second later, it could have hit me through my open window.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Email From Obama?

 [VIP UPDATE 2016; Some odd things have happened around my receiving and posting about the email I received from Obama. I had completely forgotten about even getting an email from Obama for about a year and I feel that this was technologically generated memory loss, although the trauma I experienced in the days and weeks after receiving it had put me into a state of overwhelm.
   Another odd thing is that I actually think I had posted it on the 16th or early on the 17th and it appears to have been erased from that date and added in here. But I cannot find physical proof of this. When I tried to look it up in the printed book of this blog I found that the book had been stolen from my car. This book was my only solid recording of this blog since 2013. And the web PDFs of my book also record it being posted on the 25th.
   I received the email on the 15th of August 2015. Through the 14th, 15th and 16th I experienced debilitating levels of radio waves shot into my brain. On the 17th my car suddenly stopped functioning, which is serious for me due to it being my home. In short, this was a time of heavy targeting and I am a bit confused as to what is happening. But I am sure that the next post is NOT a response to President Obama, it was a response to the targeting I was experiencing.
   All these manipulations around this email, (which also include the altering of the content of this post) and my posting of it leads me to believe that it was probably authentic. And I now feel really bad that I doubted it and forgot about it - that this has all transpired the way it has. I pray that government officials do not wrongly judge those of us who are being heavily targeted and surrounded by manipulations.]

This post had been altered!!! This is the original post, IF it remains the way it is now;

   I have received a lot of fabricated emails, and have even noticed content altered in emails, so I no longer completely trust them. But. . . I recently got an email, which stated that it was from the White House, and was from Obama. Just the possibility of this email really being from him brought on a batch of tears and shone a ray of hope into the darkness I am surrounded by.

   Obama, if this was really from you. THANK YOU as well. Your acknowledgment of my letters meant more to me than I can say or feel at this point in time. I pray for God’s Light to surround you, protect you and guide your Heart through this hell we are faced with.

   I pray for this covert war to soon end, and for all who are suffering to be relieved of their pain and have a chance to recover. I pray for God’s Light to continue shining stronger and stronger until America, and the rest of humanity, have regained the precious Freedoms that have been lost through the past several decades.

God Help America. And God Help Humanity to Regain the Freedom to Think and Feel and Grow Into All That It Was Meant T Be.

Please Stand Up and Set Us Free, Obama.

Sorry, I Can't

[VIP UPDATE 1016; Many of my posts, like this one, were written with desperation. I may have misperceived some of the things I share in the beginning of this post. I am still trying to figure it all out, but cannot completely do so while still being targeted and too distressed and too desperate for help and too concerned about offending good officials who can help us. My hearts says that good people will understand that I am being targeted too heavily to do a good job with my writings, but I have not met them yet.  GOD HELP US ALL TO BE TOTALLY SET FREE. ] 
I'm sorry, I Can't Join the Silence That is Hurting Too Many

   I am doing the best I can to follow my heart in my struggle to expose these crimes for all of us and save my own life at the same time. I am truly sorry if what I write offends anyone. My exposure of things, like what is in this post, is for the puppets as much as the rest of us.

Sometimes we must expose the dark
In order to turn it toward the Light

   I have been going through rounds of covert messaging and threats, which appear to be demanding that I be silent about my experiences with the NH DOT, various police departments in Maine and New Hampshire, and the fire department that was suspected of restarting the fire in my Andover (Potter Place) New Hampshire home. 
   The recently posted threat, of being "found dead," appeared to be delivered by firemen. Police appear to be covertly threatening to take my license, which appeared to have recently turned up missing, in order to hit this message home. They have also threatened to look for things to ticket me for. Just this morning I passed a New Hampshire DOT official who turned to look at me and zip his mouth as I drove by. And the list could go on.   "You too," they often say as I refuse to erase my bad experiences, with only a few of them, from my writings. And I just realized that this probably is a threat to make me out to be a criminal as well, because there have recently been two more very obvious covert threats of putting me in prison.
   Most of my direct experiences with all levels of government officials have been positive. So these rounds of covert threats has me feeling a bit baffled and more scared. Are they coming from government officials or is the dark infiltration just wanting me to believe it is? The covert harassment part of the targeting is so manipulative that it is often hard to fully figure out. The highest level perpetration has a pattern of trying to make us place blame on the wrong people and of trying to make us think that our own government is targeting us. But they are using real policemen, firemen, DOT officials and men who look like government officials, in order to deliver parts of their messages, and this is disturbing.
   This is an incredibly difficult and sad situation. I can not wipe out the crimes and completely stand up for them, although I believe that most policemen, firefighters...etc., are good decent people who would not engage in criminal activity. Like most organizations in our troubled world, there are often SOME 'bad apples," especially in the covert operation that too many blindly follow. I also can't completely stand against them, because I feel that many are unaware victims of mind control and enslavement in the covert program that is used to help target me. Only a few are real criminals, like those individuals who crossed the lines of ethics in situations like the fire in my second home and the DOT taking of my first home...etc.

   In the past, especially through 2012, as I was being heavily microwaved and harassed, while trying to figure it all out, I often wrote with hast and desperation for the hell to stop. It often came out in ways that most people would probably not view as politically correct. And I may have fallen into a few of the usual TI traps of misperception and misplaced blame, which are intentionally manipulated by those who target us. I have surely made some of my own mistakes. . .and probably more than I now realize. My writings have also been sometimes altered, or parts of them erased, by those who target me and infiltrate my computers, especially before I started printing them out.
   Consequently, these reportings of my experiences have had no chance of being as good as they could be under better conditions. None of it is perfect, but I can not accurately fix things while being threatened, microwaved...etc. And there are some things that I'd need clarification on, in order to make accurate and honest edits. It is as it is, until my situation improves and I have a chance to recover and regain my balance. . .if that time ever comes.

I'm sorry, I Can't Join the Silence That is Hurting Too Many

   At this point, I feel that ALL of my writings about the targeting also standing up for the enslaved puppets who are used to harass and threaten me. Hiding the crimes, which they are used in, can not help them either. I do not blame most of the police officers, firemen...etc., who are just used as puppets and do not seem to realize what they are lead by. Though this was not reflected in some of my oldest writings, due to more realizations, it recently has been. We are ALL victims of various sorts. . .and we ALL need the Truth to set us free. I am sorry, but I can not 'zip my mouth' around the crimes that continue to hurt me as well as many other people. The threats to silence me, hurt me or create even more hardship for me, merely prove how bad it all really is.

   I have felt scared many times, in the course of the targeting. But recently, I have been hitting points of feeling literally terrified. Over and over again I have begged for help. . .but am still surrounded by death threats and demands for my silence. I used to wonder when this would end. Now I often wonder if I will be able survive it, physically, psychologically and spiritually, for even just one more day. In my heart I cry, "Where is the good? Where is America - home of the free and the brave - where is that indivisible "Nation Under God?" We need it back. We desperately need it back.

America, Please Stand up for Freedom!
Its safer to stand in the Light. It is.

P.S. The events around, the loss of my homes are extremely significant to me, at this time, due to efforts to make it look like I am not really being targeted and am just "mentally ill." They are some of the more solid pieces of evidence that a targeting has indeed been taking place. If the targeting were being acknowledged, and I did not have to fear being institutionalized, my primary focus would be less on those events and more on the core problem - the mind control and pharmaceutical parts, which are literally destroying the Heart of humanity. God help us all.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Please Help me

      Over and over I have begged people to stand up for humanity and those of us who are being hurt by technological, chemical and covert targeting. Now I am begging you to help me; I beg all who know, that I am really being targeted, to please openly stand up with/for me. Please! This has been continuing for too long and is hurting me too much.

Stranded for Four Days

   My car suddenly stopped running and I was swarmed. I ended up in a motel room where I experienced four days of extreme distress and a poor old perpetration puppet in the room next door. Its all too much to write here and I am still feeling stunned. But this left my car and its contents (all of my paper work and journals) exposed to whatever. . .and there appeared to have been a set up to have it stolen after the garage had finished working on it.
   I am very thankful to now have my car back and am praying for a chance to recover, but am still being swarmed! I had needed a chance to recover before this happened! I begged for things to slow down and they got worse!
   Again, I am in desperate need of honest, non-covert help and protection from the technologies that are aimed at my brain and body as well as the covert harassment part that uses community members to deliver covert messages literally everywhere I go.

   This all continues to be so hurtful and devastating to me that its difficult to endure. . .to say the least. The only thing that keeps my hope alive is feeling that our world contains some good, UN-enslaved people who must be trying to make things better. I have never met any personally, but feel that they do exist, around the globe. May God's Light guide their Hearts, keep them safe and give them courage to stand up and save humanity from further destruction.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Radiation Vamp Up!

    The radiation that is being directed into my whole abdominal area has recently vamped up. This type of microwaving has been periodically happening through the past two years. I'd thought that it might back off after I had previously exposed it and the dream I'd had of them killing me by inflicting me with tumors in my stomach. But I do not know if that post was erased or not. My situation is critical. (I also had a recent dream, which portrayed bad energy being directed at me...etc.)  And the psychological harassment and lasering of my brain and body is still ongoing and wearing me down.
   I pray for them to not succeed with destroying me in any way. But this is slowly happening and there seems nothing I can do to stop it. My hope for survival has been diminishing. I am not safe. I am being hurt. I am in desperate need of protection from further harm.


P.S. They backed off on this sort of microwaving after I posted this. I'd hoped they would. But things have vamped up in other ways! 

look for the 12th edition of the book, which is reconstructing this blog to its original form. 
www.poeticpublications.com/bookram12.pdf  Look for it soon on amazon also. I pray that this one remains in tact.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Still Calling All Hearts

   My most recent aim to print and share this paper was as sabotaged as others. I am being too heavily watched and targeted to be able to accomplish much. I hope you can do more.

Please print and share this little paper

I Agree With JFK

   I whole heartedly agree with JFK when he said, "the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are, as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings."

Please watch and share the video on this page
   There is something horrible wrong when people can not freely and openly communicate about what is happening. Its shocking how many respected community members have been roped into, and blindly follow, the covert program. And its worse than wrong when those community members are used to covertly harass us or to try to control what we do.

  There also still seems to be a covert war surrounding me. It appears that even people who are in the covert program get targeted. It appears that people whom I talk to and people who help me, are still sometimes being targeted. My recent concern is for another minister who had helped me financially. I hope he remains safe. I wish there were honest, non-covert protection for all who are being targeted. I am still in desperate need of this myself.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another Turn Around

   I'm going through hell here! Not that this is anything new, but parts of it have gotten worse, like the situation with my writings. As I aim to not publicly share the book that resurrects this blog into something closer to its original state. . .it appears it is increasing the danger for me. Last night I had a dream that I was abducted. It appears that those who target me would zoom in more heavily without this public record of what has been happening to me. Though the following book was done on an infiltrated computer, and then erased from it, this pdf that was on my website is all I have left, aside from a rushed eleventh edition that is in the same state as the sixth edition was, but with newer posts added. Look for this on Amazon until I can put it on my websites as a free download. This is sooooo difficult. If I ever reach a point where I am genuinely safe, and have the privacy and peace I'd need, in order to reconstruct and edit my book of this blog. . .I will. Until then this is the best I can do.

Ramblings of a Targeted Individual - The Resurrection;
But, since the files for this book were erased from my computer and storage devices, I do not know if what was here and in my publishing company have remained in tact.

The following book has more in-depth deescritions of my experiences with the loss of my homes...etc. 

And this one is more up to date, but was still being altered as I tried to pull it together! The intrusions into this book have been crazy! Perhaps with these three versions, most of my writings will be here, until I am free from computer infiltrations.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Stand for Freedom

Throughout history humanity has been fighting for freedom. It is time to stop fighting and start standing.