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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Positively "Negative"

I may stand alone, but I'm OK. Please hear what I say.
As I fight to survive being almost constantly abused by either microwave weapons or organized stalking groups, many people seem to think that I should just pretend its not happening and carry on with my life as if it is not being sabotaged and destroyed. If I say that I am not feeling well or am upset or hurt or write about it. . .it is viewed as me being "negative." This has been happening for a long time. And it blows my mind.
This warped view point is so widespread that it seems like the world has been brainwashed into thinking that its "negative" for victims of abuse to speak up and try to get help, "negative" to expose crimes against humanity with the hope for them to stop, "negative" to feel sad - "negative" to feel hurt while being abused, "negative" to cry/grieve/heal...etc., which helps to perpetuate these horrible crimes. If the public can be convinced that victims who talk about or expose these crimes are just being "negative," the abuse freely continues and the victims are the ones who become bad guys.

The TRUTH is that its positive to talk about it and write about it, because it lets it out and offers a chance for the abuse to stop through being exposed. Its negative to not talk about it. Its positive to be REAL and feel what ever we feel, especially when we are being hurt by something. Its the negative behaviors, which are inflicting the pain, that need to be stopped. Its negative to think that a person who is being tortured with microwaves should just shut up and be happy and carry on as if nothing horrible is happening. . .so that the crimes can freely continue. Its positive to shine a Light into these dark closets, because this is what will chase the dark away.
Humanity needs to regain a positive perspective
And realize that exposing abuse is what stops it.

A woman who is being severely battered by an abusive husband is encouraged to speak out - to tell people about it - to NOT HIDE IT and let it be known so that others can help her and protect her...etc. This is the normal view throughout humanities history. The plight of Targeted Individuals is far worse than a battered wife. We cannot escape the abuse no matter where we go. We can not confront our abusers. We have no place to go and report it and get help. We have no one to talk to about it, because nobody believes us. Nobody even seems to care. We have no way out of the indescribable hell that we are forced to live in. . .and the only positive thing we can do is speak out - talk about it. . .and express our feelings until something is done to stop the abuse so that all of humanity can hope to regain its freedom from this holocaustal
microwave targeting. 


Last night I was tortured to the point of severe pain in my head. And it appeared that those who target me had, once again, tried to give me a heart attack with some sort of laser weapon. My heart started beating abnormally and I got pain underneath my upper left arm. It let up a bit after I started crying, but I was hit so hard that it took me most of the morning to recover, although I still have some pain in the back right side of my head. (There also continues to be a strong push to sabotage income and then try to force me to have myself misdiagnosed - labled as "mentally ill" just to get an income.) 
    The types of tortures I experienced last night happen to me a lot, and they were happening long before I started writing about them. My speaking up is not what is causing it. The physical and emotional pain that I am forced to endure, through the past few decades is indescribable and I am NOT happy and can not pretend to be. I am being hurt - physically hurt almost every day and there is no place for me to turn to for help! I am not being allowed to live a normal life and this bothers me. It also hurts me to know that many other people have been, or are still being, hurt in similar ways. I can not let this go until its over - until its exposed and the media and government starts doing their jobs with exposing the Truths and protecting us from this horrible abuse. What I need is the opposite of what I am being shoved towards. I need to cry more. I need to more fully feel this and let it out, because it hurt so much for so long now. But this can not fully happen until its over - until the abuse is exposed and stopped. I feel angry that this is continuing for so long and is destroying so many lives. I feel deeply hurt. I feel sad for all of us. And I need to be real.

There are wise people who say that its wrong to judge - that, when it comes to feelings, there is no such thing as "negative" or "positive" - that it just is what it is. I tend to agree with this philosophy. But for the sake of helping the labelers to understand I use them here. So again, its best to just be real and best to not negatively judge anyone for being real. Please understand.

Justified Anger - Rachael Orbin

[Update; This post had been interfered with and the videos were no longer functional. The most informative of the two I had posted, appears to have been removed. - The one where she wore a hat for the video) But Rachael Orbin's first video can be found on the new address below.
   Later; It appears that both videos are gone and Racheal may be also! Another TI vanishing without a trace of existing? 

 The following two videos seem to be a REAL account of what it feels like to be targeted. Its a hell that most people can not even imagine. Some may look down upon her "attitude," but its TOTALLY justified and she makes a lot of GOOD points. We are often degraded and called, "bitter" but the truth is that we are so deeply hurt that we have a right to feel angry. Though I do not like the crudeness of words, I go through rounds this sort of anger also. Sometimes it is instigated by my brain being lasered with electromagnetic frequencies. And sometimes it rises from the indescribable pain and frustration of being targeted - of being hurt and violated and having no place to turn to for help and protection. Allowing my feelings (even my anger) is what keeps me going - its what stops me from curling up in a corner and giving up.

 This material can be rated R - do not watch if under 18 or sensitive to foul language.

Organized Stalking - Rachael Orbin

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Inspired by the "adversity builds strength" justifications for crimes.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A regular pattern in the targeting process is to create a distraction with some sort of sudden disaster, loss or death when a victim or person is becoming aware of what is happening. This can happen on larger scales also. Weather modification technologies can be used to distract people through instigating mass flooding or other types of disasters in areas that are becoming aware of this holocaust - areas like New England, where people like me are instigating a lot of public awareness. It is important to make this known, in order to hopefully prevent it. I believe that this is what some of my prophetic dreams of the most severe flooding were about.

AND ENOUGH PUBLIC EXPOSURE. So please help spread the word.

    (More may be added soon)

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Intro to the Fifth Heart Bud Printing

The Heart Bud is in need of donations and sponsorship. 
Please let your Heart support this little paper.

Intro to the Fifth Heart Bud Printing

This, as well as the previous two printings, is a special dedication to Targeted Individuals. As it grows into all that it was meant to be, changes are made and articles are added or removed. Sadly I have not yet had enough funding to include ALL that it needs to contain, but the 16 pages of recent printings are a good introduction of what it may grow into. 
If you'd like to support the Heart Bud, please either make a donation or place an advertisement for a cause, business or website. Your help will be greatly appreciated and is needed ASAP.

Poetic Publications
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Thank you.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Alterations to My Writings

   There still appears to be manipulations to alter and erase key parts of my writings, as well as preventing key people from viewing them at strategic times. The targeting has me in a prison that is surrounded by infiltrated manipulations as well as technological torture and gang stalking harassment through too many years. I probably do not notice most of the alterations. But I have just noticed that the following types of statements (put together) have been consistently either erased or altered in both of the last Heart Bud printings as well as on the web and in my computers. 
   "Around the year 2000 I shared a prophetic dream, which showed criminal contamination of the Concord, NH public water supply. By May of 2001, most of my pets were dead or missing, my daughters and I were surrounded by chains of unusual deaths and/or chaos. . .and my home and writings were suddenly destroyed in a suspicious fire.
    According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. ( I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In 2008, news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 public water supplies in the USA."

   I pray for these manipulations to soon end. Surly they are being done by those who do not want the targeting to be validated or exposed. . .and possibly also those who are resentfully trying to prevent me from getting the "credit" they have accused me of wanting. I hope they find their Hearts and realize that this is not about getting credit or recognition. ITS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT. THERE IS MORE TO IT THAN THEY KNOW AND MANY LIVES ARE AT RISK.

Download revised Heart Bud:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr. (Please listen to him)

    I sat through a church service, which honored Martin Luther King Jr., and found tears dripping from my heart. As a film depicted hints if Martin's fight for Freedom in the USA and ended with his death, and as a choir member stood up to read the following quotes, I wanted to stand up and cry out, "Its STILL happening! We have not yet gained our Freedom! We need to stand up as he did." I didn't say it there, because my tears would not have let me speak effectively. But I'm saying it here. And from the bottom of my heart I pray that you answer this call.

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

   I found myself feeling deeply validated by his philosophy. . .and also feeling sad that his GREAT example has been fading into the shadows of a covert war that is so lethal that it prevents us from being able to SAFELY stand up for what is Right and True and Just. . .even in "free" countries like the USA. Many appear to have been covertly killed for speaking out. Our fear is more than justified. But there MUST come a time, when humanity's Heart finds the Courage to gather and rise into a peaceful fight to regain our Safety and Freedom. We need a few Martin Luther Kings in our government and media.
"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word."  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I deeply believe this also. Its what has been keeping me going and poring from my heart since 2005. I believe that Love will win as soon as we let it. I believe that the microwave targeting of humanity will stop as soon as enough of us let courage make peaceful public stands to expose and appose it.

I had posted this video long ago and have watch it on many occasions since then. Sometimes it seems like it is also for the part of me that forgets and stumbles and falls while being tortured and tormented with microwave weapons...etc.

(I just realized that this video had been erased from the "Help for TIs page")

To my estranged friends, acquaintances, family, strangers and even those who have positioned themselves as enemies: Come. . .take my hand in a public stand for all of humanity. Lets let Love win this hate-filled war. Lets expose it and let the criminals be the ones who hide in it's shadows. Lets let the Light shine on those who are being tortured. Lets start regaining our Freedom.
Lets let Love win.


PS. There still appears to be manipulations to alter and erase key parts of my writings, as well as preventing key people from viewing them at strategic times. The targeting has me in a prison that is surrounded by infiltrated manipulations as well as technological torture and gang stalking harassment. I have noticed that the following types of statements put together have been consistently either erased or altered. Perhaps because they are provable facts that validate the targeting?:  

Around the year 2000 I shared a prophetic dream, which showed criminal contamination of the Concord, NH public water supply. By May of 2001, most of my pets were dead or missing, my daughters and I were surrounded by chains of unusual deaths and/or chaos. . .and my home and writings were suddenly destroyed in a suspicious fire.
    According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. ( I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In 2008, news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 public water supplies in the USA. A secretary at a New Hampshire Environmental Protection Agency told me that these drugs are still being found in our water supplies and I do not believe that its from “run off...”!

I pray for these manipulations to soon end.

It appears that Philip Coppens website has been taken down!

[Update; The website seemed fine later. I think that they sometimes alter pages in my infiltrated computer just to make me think the site is taken down. They have done this to my websites as well. It seems to be part of the harassment.]

I hope people copied it. I hear that the same thing happened to Jim Kieth's web site around the time of his sudden and suspicious death. Here is the html copy I made of Philip's article, "Russian Woodpecker: Global experiments in mind control?" 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Embracing Sadness

(Revised 1-19-2014)
     I'm now living under the threat of forced medication or institutionalized if I cry while I am being tortured with microwave weapons and hurtful gang stalking games that were performed under the guise of "help" while constantly building up hope just to shatter it over and over again. The regular psychological harassment and degradations continue also. The last "street theater" thing demonstrated a girl sitting in a chair to cry and someone rushing up to her saying, "Are you on medication?" This happened shortly after I'd cried myself to sleep in the back seat of my car. 
    There have been several recent times (at least 6) when police interrupted my grieving process by pulling up to me (sometimes blaring lights into my face) and asking things like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and "If you need to talk to someone you can go to the emergency room." Not that I cry much. Due to what I've been through I actually need to do a lot more grieving, but there appears to be a push to prevent me from crying/healing/feeling. And this feels like it is being instigated by the criminals who are targeting me and using law enforcement in their pursuit. (Perhaps most of the officers are not aware of following the orders of criminals who hold me under surveillance?)
    Sadly this sort of suffocation of our Hearts is also happening to those who are not being heavily targeted. There have been damaging messages filtering through humanity in the past couple decades - messages that say its not OK to feel or cry or grieve, although (or perhaps because) the process of crying/grieving is what prevents our Hearts from becoming too blocked to care. My noticing this is what inspired the book I wrote in 1999. Ironically BOTH the pharmaceuticals AND the technologies, that are being imposed upon humanity, block our process of feeling and healing - inner growth. I do not believe that this is a coincidence.<


"Crying is like giving the Heart a shower
To wash away accumulated dirt."

Please read my "Embracing Sadness" book

The original manuscript of this book was entitled "Embracing Feelings" and was destroyed in a suspicious fire that raged through my home in 2001. Now, more than ever, I'd like to encourage people to read it, feel it and allow our hearts to open up to deeper levels of care for ourselves and the rest of humanity. 

P.S. I'm still living in a car that is not functioning very well. In the past few years, the targeting has been so difficult for me to handle, that I have returned to my old nicotine addiction, which goes against my past writings. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite, but know I'm not. I'm not fully suppressed. I still feel my heart and I still cry. Deeper levels of healing can not be done while being tortured. The trauma has to end before real healing can begin. And I pray for this lethal targeting of myself and the rest of humanity to soon be exposed and ended for all our sakes.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hold the Discrediting and Distracting Semantics Please

There are those who, when reading the last two issues of the Heart Bud, may aim to pick apart the ways I have worded certain little things, instead of focusing on the REAL issues. Targeted Individuals, like myself, are struggling to bring public awareness to this crisis, WHILE BEING TARGETED! Our wording may not always be perfect. Our writings are sometimes interfered with by those who target us and infiltrate our computers. We will make our own mistakes. And we are doing the best we can under indescribably difficult circumstances. Please let your Hearts understand. . .for all our sakes. I am making improvements to this last issue of the Heart Bud. . .

  Here is a revised copy of the fourth Heart Bud printing:
(This paper may undergo more improvements)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Misprint in the third and fourth Heart Bud Printings

Misprint in the last two printings of the Heart Bud: The date on page 5, in the following phrase, was supposed to read 2008 instead of "the 1980s." "According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. (I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In the 1980s, (really 2008) news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 public water supplies in the USA."

Revised fourth Heart Bud:
Please download it, print it, and make copies if you'd like
to share them with people whom I am not delivering them to.

Due to interference this pdf, as well as others, may
sometimes only download on the second try. Please keep trying.

  I am sorry for the mix-up. I'm going through such severe levels of targeting, as I produce the Heart Bud's, that its difficult to catch my own mistakes as well as possible alterations to my writings by those who target me and infiltrate my computers...etc. The hell I'm going through is indescribable! A group who still claims to be trying to "help" me behaves in ways that are more controlling and terrorizing than the primary criminals have through the past. They are now trying to take complete control of my distribution of the Heart Bud and if I don't understand or comply, they surround me with puppets who angrily slam doors and and issue threats like, "I will kill you" and "It smells like a dead animal around here...etc." This happened last night, but was not nearly the first of similar angry displays. I don't, and never want to, understand how people can behave so cruelly and inconsiderately. I hope they find their Hearts. And I hope the Heart Bud can still shine a bit of light into the hell that is surrounding us. 

As I struggle to continue my work, while still being targeted and sabotaged, I am in deep need of financial help as quickly as possible. Those who want to help me can send Gas Cards, Green Dot refill cards (which are available at CVS or Right Aid's), or money orders if not through a check or pay pal. Please help me to help us.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

P.S. I have been being lasered/microwaved in the center of my upper chest for some time now. Lately it is getting so severe that I have burn marks and a circle of welts and open sores on my skin. 

 The threats that STILL hang in the air are that those who target us will continue slowly killing my oldest daughter with microwaves and possibly chemicals, to frame and/or incarcerate my youngest daughter, to have me either framed for a crime, misdiagnosed as "mentally ill " and forced to take harmful medications or discredited in some other way...if not killed with a "heart attack"...etc.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Fourth Printing of the Heart Bud

Revised Fourth Heart Bud

The printed version: http://www.heartbud.com/hb4print.pdf
Misprint in recent Heart Buds: The date on page 5, in the following phrase, was supposed to read 2008 instead of "the 1980s." "According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. (I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In the 1980s, news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 public water supplies in the USA."

As I struggle to continue my work, while still being targeted and sabotaged, I am in deep need of financial help as quickly as possible. Those who want to help me can send Gas Cards, Market Basket cards, Green Dot cards, or money orders if you are afraid to do it through a check or pay pal. Please help me to help us.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


   Those who can't help, but want to, can periodically buy $2 or $1 lottery tickets for me or send a small amount weekly or take up collections from others.

If I reach a point where I can pay you back with interest, I gladly will.

Thank you.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Weird Things Happening with my Writings

Preliminary copies of the fourth issue of the Heart Bud were published on the web on December 27, 2013. Hard copies are lined up for printing on January 7th 2014, although they may be delayed. This one is basically the same as the April 2013 printing, except for a bit of editing and more of my experience with Lupus and a "letter to humanity." Like last time, I felt a need to rush to print due to threats and vamped up targeting, so please excuse my mistakes.

I'm also having a few technical difficulties while producing this issue of the Heart Bud. Dates on files are still being changed in my computer. At one point my work was wiped out due to a "currupt file" but I had made backups. After posting it on the web I had made copies of my web pages. . .and now the page it was posted on has vanished! The printer is questioning me about the "December" date on the printing. Access to my blog was blocked from December 12th 2013 to January 1st 2014, while I was working on the Heart Bud. I am not sure what this is all about but its a bit strange, especially since my posting it on the web was followed by harassment from someone who appeared to be jealously accusing me of wanting recognition or credit for something. I have no idea what this is about or what their issue is. (original copies of this paper were also recently erased from my computer) The good news is that I have other forms of proof that I posted when I did, although I do not yet know what I may or may not need it for. I pray that those who do this find their Hearts and leave my writings and I alone.

P.S. This blog is also being interfered with again. Its not functioning properly.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

For the Heart of Humanity

From my heart to yours:

 I wrote the following lyrics many years ago. Sometimes it surprises me how much intuition weaves through my writings. Its like there was a place in my heart that knew we were imprisoned, although my mind hadn't a clue.

One Tear
by Sharon Rose Poet

Blind folded were my eyes when they dared not see.
Silent was this voice deep inside of me,
The little one who cries, "Oh, please set me free!"
As she mends her wings, preparing for flight,
Anxious for stars to shine in this longest night.
As each feather is put in its place,
Lonely tears of sadness gather upon her face.
My job is to embrace her, count and feel her tears
And listen to the Wisdom she hasn't shared in years.
One tear for each Truth not seen as real,
And for every person who forgot how to feel.
One tear for everyone who yearns to be set free,
But searches with the mind for what only the heart can see.
One tear for each voice that dared not sing out loud
And for every angel who can't stand tall and proud.
One for those who pretend, but have not healed at all
And for each of the deaf who will not hear this call.
One tear for every Wisdom humanity has denied,
And for each tear that has been left un-cried.
One for each shadow that did not turn to the Light,
And every broken wing that's not prepared for flight.
And one tear for each person who chooses not to see
This child inside the Hearts of all who came to be.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poem and Hope for 2014

For a Public Stand 
by Sharon Rose Poet 

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way 
Through bullets hidden in microwaves. 
Give us COURAGE, God...to make a STAND 
To save our minds and FREE our land. 
Give us PROTECTION, God...from all that harms 
Then COMFORT us in Your loving arms. 

   The push to hide evidence and witnesses of this holocaust is strong and appears to be done under the guise of "help" for Primary Targeted Individuals. The goal, seems to be to silence or hide us and let the crimes continue and remain hidden from the rest of the public, which is also being targeted on milder scales. The end result will be more devastating for humanity than most of us would even want to imagine.


   Its our fear and the supporting of the secrecy that enables the lethal continuation of these crimes. Enough people realizing what is happening and pulling together to openly stand up in a peaceful fight for our protection and for the crimes to stop, is the only hope we have to regain our FREEDOM. . .and that for all of humanity.

I pray for more of humanity to quickly gain the courage to openly stand up. These crimes thrive on secrecy and simple tests can prove the microwave intrusions. PLEASE let your hearts stand up. They can not kill us all. . .and, in my opinion, physical death would be better than what they are doing to us. I'd rather die standing up than kneeling down to a criminal operation that is ALREADY destroying us. What would you prefer?

P.S. Recent threats are to kill me with doses of bacteria, (which has been happening through the past month), to frame me for a crime, to inflict permanent brain damage or a heart attack, or to force me to be spiritually destroyed with misdiagnosis and harmful medications - the types of medications that are being pushed to enhance radio wave mind control intrusions throughout humanity. These medications are damaging people's minds and blocking their process of personal/spiritual growth - the same goal as much of the radio wave mind control intrusions. I had written about the dangers of taking certain types of meds in a book that was destroyed in a fire in may of 2001. This is serious stuff! I pray they do not succeed.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Under the Guise of "Help"

[VIP 2016 UPDATE; During the time referenced in this post I was experiencing a confusing array of covert rescue attempts. Most of them appeared to be being performed by those who target me or those who were unwittingly lead by them - the usual torture and false "rescue" stuff. One group appeared to be a rouge, gun slinging type of freedom fighting group. Another one appeared to be satanic...etc.

    I believe that, during this time some good officials had tried to covertly help me, but those attempts were sabotaged by heavy weapon attacks that interfered with the function of my brain, heart and elimination system during strategic times. I am still not fully clear on all that was happening. But hope that I someday will be. ]

[VIP 2016 UPDATE; During the time referenced in this post I was experiencing a confusing array of covert rescue attempts. Most of them appeared to be being performed by those who target me or those who were unwittingly lead by them - the usual torture and false "rescue" stuff. One group appeared to be a rouge, gun slinging type of freedom fighting group. Another one appeared to be satanic.
 I believe that, during this time some good officials had tried to help me, but those attempts were sabotaged by heavy weapon attacks that interfered with the function of my brain, heart and elimination system during strategic times. I am still not fully clear on all that was happening. But hope that I someday will be. ]

   I can not tell you the hell I've experienced since June of 2013, under the guise of "help." Those who target me had zoomed in to be the ones to "help" me after the last direct attempt on my life. All sorts of crazy things were orchestrated. . .from being lured into following vehicles that lead to nothing. . .to being lured into vehicles where people looked at me like I was nuts. . . and lured into hospitals or ambulances where genuine help never produced itself.
   Most of this was surrounded by so much anger and confusion and mixed messages that I could rarely even figure out what they were trying to get across to me until it was too late. Through it all I was often being microwaved.
   This process of "help" has felt more lethal than most other parts of the targeting - constantly building up my hope for the REAL help that I desperately needed, just to crush it over and over again. . . leaving me feeling devastated, and then angrily blaming me for not understanding and not being helped. I often responded with the hope that MAYBE there really was something genuine behind some of it. But there wasn't and I am no longer responding.
   The list of things they have put me through could fill a book! Some seemed to be sick games, like the period when they were supposedly leading me to "help" and I would suddenly have to go to the bathroom right at the critical moment. (this happened way too many times to be a coincidence) Some seemed to be setups, like when they disabled my car and then lured me to vehicles that were supposedly left there running for me - attempts to frame me for theft under the guise of "help." At one point they disabled my car, shoved me onto the freezing streets and then had an operative lure me to a hotel room for three nights, under the guise of a "help" that never transpired. What may or may not have happened to me there is something do not even want to think about or know at this point.
   Another set up was, while they were using the disabling of my car to torture me, an operative zoomed in to try to convince me that I should go to my family and let them have me misdiagnosed as "mentally ill." This was during one of the times when they tortured me with disabling my car and only allowing me to move it a few feet at time in a gas station parking lot. I got so angry that I was screaming at them to "STOP AND LEAVE MY CAR ALONE," before I abandoned my car for a few hours."Much of what they have done to me has been in areas where there are security cameras.
   There were many times through last summer, when my car was disabled at times and in ways that deprived me of food, water, bathrooms and shelter from the sun. Through those months I was often hit in the chest with laser weapons that gave me heart attack symptoms.
   After microwaving my car on January 23rd, I had it towed to a garage where a father and son team of mechanics genuinely helped me through fixing it. . .and those who target me said, "that's two more who are in trouble"...trying to make me feel guilty for getting REAL help, and responsible for THEIR targeting of people who help me. (this is a common scenario.)
  An old neighbor called me on Christmas Eve. He expressed an understanding of the targeting and said he may be able to financially help me in the Spring. . .and then I got a message that angrily said, "THAT IS NOT HIS DECISION!" I am now concerned for him, because my intuition says that he is being "overpowered" by the criminals who are targeting me.
   I have been experiencing severe levels of deprivation of the kind of help I need. My work is still being sabotaged and they are repeatedly trying to push me into the types of jobs that could open doors to more lethal levels of targeting! (I have already bit on enough of them to unequivocally know the hell they can put me through on jobs.)
   Through it all, and especially lately, (after six months of set ups under the guise of "help") there appears to be a strong push to have me misdiagnosed as "mentally ill" and FORCED to be medicated. 
 Apparently this is a common scenario that has been done to many heavily Targeted Individuals. A long term TI warned of this in her writings. I have not posted much of her site because of the fact that she advises Targeted Individuals to "not tell anyone" about what is happening to us. . .and I feel that we MUST speak up if there is ever to arise more hope for this lethal targeting to be exposed and stopped. I still feel the same way. HOWEVER, I am gaining a greater understanding of why she has put out such warnings so strongly. She has no doubt either seen, or heard of, many of us being destroyed through that process of being misdiagnosed and FORCED to take harmful medications. Even our own relatives and friends are convinced, by operatives, that this is the kind of "help" we need.

Although genuine help is not yet here for us, in my dreams I See that Light shining for us and it is the only thing that keeps me going right now. In my heart I feel certain that genuine help will be here for  humanity. . .when enough aware people find the HEART and the COURAGE to openly stand up and speak out against these horrible crimes. 



P.S "That is what I will do" was the message delivered by a stalker directly after I posted this. The things I list here have already been done, on top of other recent threats. And I hope that in exposing them it helps them to stop and prevent more destruction to me through misdiagnosis and harmful medications. Please care to just leave me alone. 
P.S.S. According to my intuition: Aside from the regular targeting, there is a woman in a group that is heavily focused on me. . .and that this woman is hatefully jealous of me and is doing some of the sabotaging and negative judgmental messages against me and my writings. I pray for her to find her heart and realize her own worth. And I pray for protection from her as well as the microwave parts of the targeting...etc.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Prayer

I pray for this new year to bring an end to this holocaust - an end to the criminal use of all sorts of radio wave weapons. May we find the COURAGE to listen to our HEARTS above all else. . .and let LIGHT shine through the veils of darkness that surround too many of us.


More may come soon

Upon my Father's Request

      I'd like to set a record straight for my father, because he has requested for me to alter my past writings in ways that would erase false statements about him. I do not have time to comb through all my past writings, at this point in time, but I can let the absolute Truth be known here, although I had already also made this declaration in past writings.

    Shortly after my youngest brother's shocking death in 2002, my father and sisters drove against me in ways that deeply hurt and baffled me. In May of 2004, after he had suddenly tried to convince me that I am mentally ill, serious doubts in myself had been raised, and I cried and prayed for God to show me the truth.
That night, I had a dream, which portrayed my father as being sexually inappropriate with me as a child.    

   Because I was not yet aware of being targeted, and because I trusted my dreams and had no awareness of pysychotronic weapons and their capabilities of projecting dreams and brainwashing people. . .I believed it. (It even seemed to explain most of his unusual behaviors since I had begun heavily focusing on personal growth and healing from childhood difficulties in the late 1980s.)
    I can not tell you how much it hurt to believe this. It broke my heart. Literally. I spent days crying and writing and had THOUGHT that it also explained his (otherwise unexplainable) sudden drive to convince me that I was mentally ill, even though I'd had VERY little contact with the family since around 1990 - even though they did not even really know me anymore.
    I now believe that the dream was a projection - that it convinced me of a lie - that BOTH my father and I were/are victims of microwave mind control.
    The pain that we have BOTH experienced, as a result of this part of the targeting, is immeasurable. Though I can and have felt for my father, (whom I had directly confronted in 2006) this situation continues to be a pain in my heart. Its over for him, but not for me. My family continues to see me as the villain and does not believe that I am being targeted. . .and this dream projection situation appears to have even fueled their negative assumptions of me.
    My father STILL tries to convince me that I am "mentally ill" and, no matter how much it hurts me, I know that its best for him to retain that belief until the lethal microwave targeting of humanity is exposed and stopped. . .if that ever happens in our lifetime.

I love you and feel for you, Dad. When I started realizing the Truths I cried for you and the pain this must have caused you. I am SO sorry that it ever happened. And I feel for myself also. I count too.

P.S. Not being believed, and having loved ones trying to convince us that we are "just mentally ill", while STILL being targeted by criminals who hold us under surveillance...etc., is the most painful part of the targeting. It has been for me, anyway. All of the hell we are going through would be so much easier of there were a loved one to turn to - someone who can be supportive and understanding and helpful. This would make all the difference in the world. But this is not the case for long term Targeted Individuals. Although I know how impossible it is. . .and no matter how much I try to cover it up, deep inside my broken heart is a pain filled wish that I could turn to my father. . .and that he could understand and hold me and protect me and tell me that everything will be OK. BUT. . . the cold hard Truth remains that. . .he can't and I can't and WE ALL keep hurting, until the targeting is exposed and stopped.

I'm Back with Previous Posts

I have just regained access to this blog. During my absence I had been posting on www.targetedinamerica.com . This issue suddenly resolved itself, in a sly way, after I had exposed it and refused to give up on blogging.

December 31, 2013 (4pm): Journey of a Targeted Individual

Shards of Ice
by Sharon Rose Poet

In barren winter she stumbles alone
Her destination completely unknown.

No warmth or shelter anywhere in sight.
Her days as empty as darkest nights.

Losing time - a month, a year, a week?
Each moan freezing tears upon her cheek.

So torn - each stitch in mended seams
That cold seeps in to skin uncleaned.

Shards of ice in wind gusts lash
Now stabbing deep each previous gash.

Exhausted limbs begin to freeze
Often dropping her to skinned knees.

Each step a pain she must endure.
Her troubled mind left too unsure.

No longer searching for nothing there
No one allowed to reach her or care.

Her strength a mask trying to bare
Now shattering in empty air.

How long will she last in such a land?
And who could try to understand?

Her heart cries. Her soul screams.
But Light still shines in broken dreams.

Sunday, December 29, 2013: Counting Sheep Prevents my Sleep:

I was pretty heavily microwaved yesterday. My temp dropped to around 97 and I felt a bit loopy. I had a difficult time getting to sleep so I decided to start counting sheep and it went something like this. . .

The first little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 2nd little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 3rd... 4th... 5th... 6th... 7th... OOPS! That one got microwaved! 7th... 8th... DAMN! That one got shot with a laser weapon and now has brain damage! 8th... 9th... 10th... Oh my! That one got micro chipped and mind controlled and is trying to jump backwards!

10th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 11th... HMMM! That one is cross eyed and doesn't hear me at first, because there is a psychotronic weapon trying to read its mind. 11th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 12th... 13th... 14th... Well! Looks like that one is not going to make it past the swarms of gang stalkers.

14th... 15th... WHAT THE HECK! That one is just standing there shaking. Its afraid to jump into the air because it was brainwashed into thinking it was abducted by aliens the last time it was kidnapped and mutilated in a mad scientist's lab. 15th... 16th... Oh no! That one just got its life force energy sucked out and put into a glass cylinder for future scientific experimentations. Poor thing.

16th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 17th... 18th... 19th... WHAT! That one is just standing there with its arms crossed - refusing to jump, because it knows that there is a group of sadists waiting on the other side and sharpening their knives for a lamb chop dinner. 19th little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 20th... 20th... 20th... That one is still sleeping and doesn't even know its turn it up. Its been being microwaved and experimented on for four decades and now has lupus and is too tired to want to do much of anything.

21st... Awe! That one fell because its crying so hard about what is happening to the other sheep. 21st little sheep jumps over the holocaust. 22nd... The 23rd and 24th had been standing up for the other sheep and try jumping at the same time. NO WAY! One is suddenly grabbed by the police and hoof cuffed due to being framed for an uncommitted crime. The other one trips over crap that the media is slinging around to discredit it so that no one will believe it or help the other sheep.

The 25th sheep makes it over the holocaust, but is crying and praying while digging graves for the ones who never made it...etc.

Needless to say I did not get much sleep. But I laughed until I cried as each crazy scenario painted itself into my imagination. Sometimes laughing is as good of a release as crying is. Words can not describe how much my heart hurts for us. Its too much to bear while being tortured/targeted. I ache in ways that I've never before experienced. And sometimes I feel like I am literally going crazy. Please God, let this be over soon. . .really soon.

Friday, December 27, 2013: Living Under the Threat of Brain Damage (revised on the 28th)
Those who target me have repeatedly terrorized me and manipulated things in ways that make my situation look like a "cry wolf" scenario, so that no one will believe or help me when the final blows come. This is apparently a common targeting tactic that is done while isolating a victim from all possible sources of genuine help. They have had me isolated for some time now and my fight to survive has been grueling to say the least. I am begging you to push past the walls of doubt and give us the trust we deserve. We are being hurt in ways that are indescribable!

There appears to be an intentional aim to mutilate people's brains in ways that prevent spiritual/personal growth. . .with the remote utilization of advanced technologies. At this point in time we have no defense against what is being done to us! It has been shown to me that I am under the threat of being inflicted with brain damage or possibly a coma. So please know why. . .if my brain is suddenly damaged in any way. If I am perceiving my insights correctly, there is a "mad scientist" part of this targeting, which experiments on human beings in ways that are literally unbelievable! Some of this would be worse than a physical death!

The remote technological targeting is a SERIOUS crisis that is in deep need of IMMEDIATE attention! Victims are in desperate need of protection. Please help us.

I am still being denied access to my original blog. Dealing with multiple levels of targeting and sabotaging of almost all that I try to do is making continuation of the Heart Bud difficult to say the lease, but I am doing the best I can.

PLEASE help expose and stop criminal use of radio wave technologies!?!

P.S. It appears that my phone may be being tampered with in ways that prevents me from getting some phone calls. I have noticed that the spelling of key words or names in my blog or sites are sometimes altered to prevent search engines from finding me. Dates on folders in my computer are still being tampered with. It appears that I was recently lured to an apartment under the guise of help to be hit with chemicals/bacteria and cruelty that forced me to leave on Christmas day. I'm still recovering. There are those who have judged me for not "practicing what I preach" - for not completely quitting smoking and focusing on healing while I'm being terrorized. Perhaps one day they will understand that the trauma has to end BEFORE healing starts. Its all I can do to just survive this right now.

It appears that my car was heavily microwaved on Dec 23rd, damaging the alternator...etc. I was lucky to have it fixed. God's angels have stepped in to help me so much that it sometimes leaves me in awe. There is much to be appreciative of and thankful for in the mist of this hell.

Saturday, December 14, 2013 (5:30 pm): Christmas Reality Poem (Revised Dec 15, 2013)

An Extra Candle
by Sharon Rose Poet
Lets Light an extra candle
On this sad Christmas day
For all the tortured people
Who'll be hit with microwaves.

Wishing you all a Meaningful Christmas - one that is filled with the kind of Love that Christ came to teach us. And while you are there in your Heart, would you send a prayer for heavily targeted individuals, because we are hurting and its difficult to be happy or "merry" about much of anything. I plan to Light that candle for all of humanity - for a quick and peaceful end to this crisis.

Jesus was born for us and lived to teach us.
Lets celebrate His birth, His life, His Love.
Sunday - 12/15/2013: Those who target me seem to be playing God and continue to try to force me to stop writing and trust that they are superior and are just trying to "help" me...etc. I got defiant this morning and was again shot in the back with a laser weapon while walking in a store. Am in a lot of pain.

Negative Messages: I was swarmed in a cafe this morning and given a message that was similar to many other recent ones; Lately I am getting a lot of messages from those who target me - messages that are trying to convince me that doing my writings is doing "the wrong job" or that I am "trying to be something I am not" or similar false judgments that are designed to make me give up on my life's work and do what THEY prefer for me to do.
   In my heart I KNOW that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing and nothing can change that. The targeting is preventing me from doing a good job with it, but its the targeting that needs to be stopped, instead of my work. Even if they succeed with discrediting and/or destroying me, the Truth remains the same - that I am following my heart and am doing what I am meant to be doing with my life.

   In a nut shell: They have been sabotaging my work and targeting me so heavily with microwaves that I am physically ill most of the time. . .and then are trying to convince me that if I were "doing the right job" I would "shine." I believe that these people are the group that I had been forewarned of in my dreams - the group that is planning slander campaigns and other types of attacks against me. In one of my dreams it was shown as them "wanting my face" and are sharpening their knives to take it off." (This is, of course, symbolic.) And now appears to be the dawn of the time frame that my dreams warned of. This group of people are trying to make me give up on the Heart Bud. And if I don't they may use more forceful methods. (They have also been trying to abduct me under the pretense of "helping" me. So lets see what happens next. PLEASE watch this and be my witness.
   I hope they pull their focus inward and heal their own Hearts until they learn that it is not up to them to make such choices for other people's lives, and that uninvited advise and other types of unwelcome technological and surveillance intrusions, are dysfunctional and often harmful/criminal.

Message for those who are STILL trying to destroy my work and I: PLEASE find your Hearts. I am doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing with MY life and it appears that YOU are being called to find the Heart to stop interfering and find YOUR OWN higher purpose instead of trying to destroy and/or steal mine.

P.S. Looks like they are succeeding with destroying my car, as I sell advertising for another printing if the Heart Bud! They also sabotage other jobs I get, (There have been dozens!) because they know I will use the money to print my writings. There is no healthy direction for me to go in! I am in desperate need of financial help now! Please help me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

The "Right" things to do are often the most difficult.

Friday, December 13, 2013: Plugging Along

   My work is still being sabotaged! As I again aim to sell advertising for the fourth printing of the Heart Bud I am being hit hard with microwaves and what appears to be another death threat.

It also appears that those who target me are trying to discredit me in various ways. I am still living in my car, which is not running well! There appears to be continued attempts to frame me or set me up to be shoved into a prison, unsafe homeless shelter or institution. The last threat said, "You were born in NH and will die in NH."

I'm scared and worn down, but am plugging along.

Issues with original blog:

   My blog, on www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com, has been compromised! At first, in the Firefox browser, the menu which linked to the blog through the top of my email page stopped existing. I then found a way to get to it through the "Products" link on the Profile page. When that also disappeared, I found that the menu still existed in the Internet Explorer browser. But then that recently stopped functioning also. Logging directly into the face of my blog is not safe due to their creating a false front for it.
They have told me that it will be wiped out after remaining unused for a period of time and they are preventing me from using it. The only drawback to blogging this way is that the program I use for this site has no spell check. My resources and programs are VERY limited right now. . .and I am a terrible speller! So please excuse my "creative spelling." :-)