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Monday, December 22, 2014

Wishing You a Meaningful Christmas

   My Christmas day will be the same as most since the early 1990s - no family gathering, but a time of lighting prayer candles. This year, aside from praying for loved ones I am praying for world peace. Not very original but it seems to be needed more than ever, due to the covert war.

If the targeting were not destroying my life (through the past few decades) I'd be having a nice family gathering in my own country home. . .music and care around the fireplace and a cute little Charlie Brown tree....etc.
   I no longer believe that I will recover what I lost, because its been so long and so much damage has been done. The home and loved ones are gone. But thoughts of what could have been, had we not been targeted, are actually comforting when the losses are not hurting.

5.45pm; I'm being microwaved to the point of pain in the back right side of my head.