My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

There will be no bullets to prove that we are dieing inside

When they try to label us
As "mentally ill" and disable us;
When all the world just sits by
As lasers shoot us while we cry;
When hope fades into endless days
Where pain throbs under microwaves,
And nobody cares to understand
How long can we survive - 
How much can we stand?

Every person who is being targeted, especially those of us who are being shot with laser and microwave weapons, are in an emergency situation, and are in need of protection.

But there will be no bullets to prove that we are dieing inside.  

Please help us.

  On January 5th I went to a motel room that was offered by a church member after I'd requested help with time to focus on recovery and healing. I quickly I realized that I could not launch into full healing mode while still being targeted, with Christmas on the horizon and with a pending appointment with a woman in a county outreach program. After hearing that I could stay in the room until February 5, I vowed to do more to take better care of myself after the holidays and the dreaded meeting were behind me.
  In the week after the county lady called to schedule an appointment for the 30th of December, I was suddenly unable to get to sleep until around 2 or 3am for several nights in a row. I believe that it was technologically induced insomnia, because this is not normal for me. I'd suddenly, for no apparent reason, feel hungry and restless and wide awake right around the time when I'd normally go to sleep. This was worse on the night of the 29th. I got several unusual phone calls on the 29th.  And then I was forced awake by vehicle horns blaring on the street outside my room on the morning of the 30. My head was being heavily microwaved as I drove to the appointment and it remained so heavy that I felt almost debilitating levels of mental numbness while the woman launched into the usual perpetration "depression"/mental illness suggestions WITHOUT my ever even saying anything about the targeting or my situation. All she knew was that I was homeless and had been through some difficult times before going into the room. This was CLEARLY a set up to make me appear "mentally" ill.
   Last night I cried. Today I am again experiencing severe mental numbness and pain in my head from the new type of microwaves I've been periodically hit with since last Spring. But my heart is still crying, "When will this hell end?"