My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thank You

When I look at only the physical world around me all seems too dark to bear.
But when I look with my heart I see Light shining through those who can care.

I just watched a Christmas movie that reminded me of the importance of looking beyond the physical and into the spiritual and magical parts of our world. Like the part of the American dollar that says, "In God we Trust." Since God is Love, this means trusting Love - trusting Heart - trusting Light - trusting the Good that will banish this darkest night. I needed this reminder that, even through times of doubt and grief, it is here for us.

I pray for God, to help all of us regain that sense of security - that knowing that there is something bigger and better than all that we create. Love will win. I don't know how. But in my Heart I know it will. . .eventually. . .Love will win.


I saw the Light - it was there
Before turning to gray.
Now it is where?
I pray.

And then it came back
In the mist of a vision
And there is hope -

A healing mission.