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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Microwaved Christmas Prayers

11:11 am; Microwaves vamped up on my head as I silently lit prayer candles and cried for us.
 But. . .

Candles still burn for my children, parents, sisters and brothers
For the USA, Obama, the FBI and estranged lovers.
For Billy, Mary, Woody - all of you and them
For darkness to turn to Light again.

For those who need to see
Or care to set us free.
And me.

I can find no words for how horrible it feels to not be allowed to pray in peace and to even be tortured for it. I hope your Christmas is meaningful and microwave free.

5pm; I was hit with painful microwaves as I played Kenny Loggins's "Conviction of the Heart" song, which I posted to the right of this blog.