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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Humanity Needs Your Help

    As I try to edit my writings, hold back on labeling things and focus more on logging my own experiences, I find myself hitting walls of deep concern for all of us. I am finding that I can not completely let go of my drive to inform the public, and take better care of myself, until I feel sure that things will be OK - until I feel sure that our government agencies and media are exposing these crimes and are stopping people from being harmed by ALL sorts of covert targeting. . .including the mind control part, which has not yet even been openly acknowledged. But I am still surrounded and am not able to do much. I recently sent new batches of emails with a download of "Calling all Hearts" and got absolutely no responses, which leads me to a concern that they may not have been delivered. This concern is fueled by past web interference and the recent problem of being blocked from adding to my contact list in my gmail account. I have witnessed the content of emails being altered and this makes the process of emailing feel unsafe.

    I feel deeply concerned that infiltrated covert operations are growing instead of stopping. Without public awareness of the deceitful recruiting process and technological mind control there seems little hope for it to ever end. I believe that, due to advancements in microwave weapons, since at least the 1970s, and growing criminal use (especially of the mind control part), we are now faced with a critical situation that posses a serious threat to all of humanity.

If heavily targeted witnesses, like myself, continue to be falsely labeled as "mentally ill," instead of being believed and protected, the threat extends beyond our own crumbling health and into all of humanity. But you can pick up the slack. All of humanity is in deep need of your help to expose and stop the growth of infiltrated covert operations and technological crimes that are controlling and harming increasing numbers of people since at least the 1950s.

Please do all that you can to help expose and stop these crimes.
Please print and pass out this paper or make one of your own.