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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hiding the Truth Could Destroy Humanity!

   I am feeling concerned about the aim to hide how remotely the technological targeting is being done. Not telling the Truth, and convincing the public that the problem is just cell phones or computers....etc., is NOT going to help victims or the rest of humanity. It just hides the crimes and protects the criminals. PLEASE let the Truths be known and the crimes stopped. . .so that we can regain and retain our freedom. Please.

A very real statement about what humanity's future looks like, with the technological targeting of the human brain freely continuing, was written into George Orwell's "1984" book and described by Erich Fromm as, " "George Orwell's 1984 is an expression of a mood and is a warning. The mood it expresses is that of near despair about the future of man, and the warning is that, unless the course of history changes, men all over the world will lose their most human qualities, will become soulless automatons and will not even be aware of it."

I did not read the book, but I felt the Truth in this statement. Please think about this and do all that you can to help prevent criminal use of ALL types of radio wave technologies.