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Friday, December 19, 2014

Dr. Paul Joseph Geobbels's Mystery Weapon?

In a book called, "THE MEN BEHIND HITLER - A German warning to the world," Bernhard Schreiber exposed the field of psychiatry as being connected to an ongoing holocaust. He wrote, "Hitler was an evil man and no one would want to assert that he was not responsible for the things that happened in Germany, but in blaming Hitler for all the evils one is overlooking a considerable number of those who are truly responsible, people who are being allowed to pursue their course to similar ends all over again - nothing to stop them."
   In another part of his book, which appears to have been erased, Schreiber had spoken of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels bragging, in 1944 - after Hitler's Reich had fallen, about a secret weapon - a "death ray" that would lead to the "rebirth of the Reich."  The fact that this statement was erased has great significance, because it shows us what is being hidden.
   However Schreiber's conclusion, where he tried to figure out what the weapon was, remains at the end of his book. He wrote, "The Nazis may have been disbanded, but the psychiatrists still linger on among us. Maybe this is the secret weapon Goebbels boasted about which would lead to the rebirth of the Reich - not a super-bomb and not a death ray, but a blueprint for a psychiatric slave state."

    My instincts are telling me that this mystery weapon, which Geobbels boasted of in 1944, is microwave weapons that are capable of  inflicting a “psychiatric slave state" through shooting beams of radio waves into the brains of human beings, especially when pharmaceuticals are added to the equation. . .as I have been saying all along. Microwave weapons are also capable of inconspicuous murder. According to British General Barre Trower, microwave weapons can remotely inflict terminal illnesses like leukemia, diabetes, cancer...etc., at the flick of a switch. And I have believed, since 2006, that Lupus is caused by energy being directed at people. Again. . . I now believe that that energy is microwaves.

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P.S. As for the mental health field (Which I have worked in). . .I have felt something horribly wrong with the pushing of pharmaceuticals  instead of offering encouragement for people to face and recover from issues...etc. This book may be an interesting one to read... The Manufacture of Madness: A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement by Thomas Stephen Szasz 
   I was lasered when I found Dr. Szasz's "Myth of Mental Illness". It must have significance to those who target me/us.