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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Advise for a Targeted Individual

I felt a need to respond to this video on youtube. Because there is a chance that my web comments may be later altered or erased, I decided to also post what I wrote here. This video is a good example of what we go through as we try to figure out forms of sadistic targeting that are just too foreign to fully understand. I have done the same thing.


 My responses to this video;

I believe that they try to convince us that we are being targeted by our own government, in order to turn us against them and prevent us from seeking help. Some of us are severely tortured and then offered a spot in the program that appears to be targeting us as well as targeting government officials. The manipulations surrounding the targeting are many and are confusing as hell. (pun intended) The obvious Truth is that there are good cops and there are some bad ones. But I believe that the good is working on the problem and help will eventually be here for us.

 A bit of advise from a fellow TI; 1. Use your real name if you are a real TI. The bad guys already know who you are and it will be in your best interest to also let the good ones know. 2. Don't believe anything that comes from those who target you. They may have told you it was for the insurance just to freak you out and waste your time and energy. You may be being targeted just because you are a good person who wants to help make the world a better place to live in. Such is the case with many of us, myself included. 3. Don't waste time and energy trying to figure out the details. There is a confusing covert war happening and the full truths may never be revealed. 4. KNOW, IN YOUR HEART, THAT HELP WILL EVENTUALLY BE HERE FOR US.

 I believe that the FBI is aware of the targeting and that there are good agents who want to help us but just can't right now.