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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tortured for Posting and Reporting?

Around 11pm last night through this morning; Psychotronic weapon vamped up on my brain - the one I have experienced intense levels of since last Spring. I'm not sure what to call this one - I am assuming it is some sort of psychotronic weapon. Its not like being shot with laser or microwave weapons. Its constant, creates a steady dull pain in the front upper part of my brain, causes intense heat - like my brain is on fire, and feels like it causes brain damage, because I have a hard time with visualizing during the attacks. It feels like it cuts off the most important part of me. It feels horrible!
   Through this past Spring and Summer this form of attack seemed to vamp up primarily when I had any sort of intense feelings. . .even when I prayed. But I was having no intense feelings when it vamped up last night. 
    A few months ago, while I was writing in my journal about this weapon it suddenly turned on and then off as if to give me an example of what I was writing about!

Around 9am; I experience a painful vamp up of above weapon, which lasts for about an hour then lessens a bit, but continues. Along with it I still have the high pitch microwave ring in my ears, which is there about 99%of the time. . .in various degrees through every day.

11:10am; I am shot with microwave weapon that causes intense pain in back of head, shortly after posting the above info on the bottom of the previous post. I'm still getting mild pain from other type of weapon explained above.

11:59am; Pain intensifies behind right eye. It appears that I am getting hit with a variety of  weapons today. 

9pm; Consistent painful levels of radio waves, and whatever esle, clamped onto my brain through whole day. I experience rounds of nausea and weakness along with the pain. In late afternoon I experienced unusual pains in my lower left stomach. . .as if being lasered.

Around 11pm; The above vamps into excruciating levels.

Around 2:30am; (Nov 30th) I am in excruciating pain and running for bathroom in middle of night. What is being done to my brain appears to be effecting my elimination system, sight and stomach.