My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sly Manipulations Prevent Detection

   I sometimes experience a sudden back off of the technological part of the targeting, like I did directly after the previous post. Those who target me seem to know when someone may zoom in for detection and see to it that there is nothing to detect. I first noticed this pattern in early 2012.
   Sometimes all I have to go on are what is left of my crippled instincts, but they tell me that, even beyond the times of my public announcements, the perpetrators seem to know when a decent person may be watching. "Break Time," they had a puppet say directly after my previous post and after I had sensed potential help zooming in as the ring in my ears completely stopped.
   They also seem to know what I am thinking and this may be part of it. . .if it is true that they can read our thoughts. . .and it does seem to be ringing true. ;-(   Sorry, I can not stop thinking and remain coherent at the same time.
   Actually, maybe I should start continuous fantasizations of REAL help being here for me and then all the targeting would end. This is supposed to be funny. Ok. . .well. . .its not.

2:26pm; The ring in my ears restarts.

   I have said this an uncountable number of times, but again; I am in desperate need of GENUINE help and protection and safety from ALL levels of the targeting. . .the kind that stands up in the Light instead of hiding in the dark and covertly trying to also hide me in the dark. I feel that this is what all of humanity needs, because I believe that the covert "rescue" is a deceitful enslavement process, which most people are probably not even aware of. I feel that the deceitful part of the covert program will not become fully evident until it is too late for humanity to escape. . .so people need to listen to their instincts NOW. 
   Could I be wrong about this? Perhaps. But I need to listen to what my heart is telling me above all else. . .and my heart is telling me that the covert "rescue" will merely force us into a more comfortable (but still controlled)  part of the SAME program that is targetings us. And I pray that at least SOME of the right people grow to realize this, and stop the covert program from continuing and growing, for the preservation of all of humanity.
   People who think they are protected or are following a good program are actually enslaved without even realizing it. How horribly sad is that? If they knew most of them would not follow it. I wish they knew.