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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Please Stop Blaming Obama

 (This message is primarily for revolutionaries and those who engage in the covert program that is harming us all.)

   I do not follow the political news, but I try to listen to my instincts between psychotronic and microwave weapon attacks...etc. And I feel that the program, which is destroying our freedom, was in place and rapidly growing LONG before Obama took office. I feel that, if things keep going as they are, Obama will be used as the "fall guy" for a covert operation that has been taking over the USA through the past several decades.
   Obama is in a horrible position. I can not even imagine being in his shoes. He is at a critical crossroad that appears to be surrounded by greater dangers than the one JFK found the courage to stand up in. (Think about this.)
   I feel that the success of the covert take-over of the USA, and the destruction of our freedom, is greatly fueled by mind control technologies, and the secrecy that surrounds ALL aspects of this crisis, as well as the covert recruiting of citizens, who are being inconspicuously used to help with the destruction process. 
   I feel that most of the people who are recruited into the covert program would probably not have been roped in if they knew what they are being lead by - if they knew that the program is either infiltrated by or slyly run by those who target us and are taking over the USA.
   Aside from the secrecy, the manipulations set up to hide the Truths and place blame on the wrong people or countries, also aides the success of this program. So, if you care to help retain our freedom, save our country and ultimately all of humanity from complete enslavement. please STOP BLAMING and PULL GROUPS TOGETHER INTO PEACEFUL STANDS AGAINST IT and DO NOT JOIN THE COVERT OPERATION

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