My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

From Within a Prayer Walk

   Today, I walked and prayed and cried. The ache I feel in my heart is nearly unbearable. I just want this war to end and for ALL of us to regain our Freedom.

   I feel for those of us who are being tortured with microwaves, lasers and covert harassment programs. We do not deserve to be blamed - we deserve to be  set free.
   I feel for those who'd have the heart to care but are unaware or mind control victims - the puppets who are unwittingly used to destroy us and our Freedom (sometimes under the guise of "help"). They do not deserve to be blamed - they deserve to be set free.
   I feel for the police officers and FBI agents who have good intentions and are probably either forced to engage in the covert war or be either fired or targeted. They do not deserve to be blamed - they deserve to be set free. I feel for their superiors - the ones who unwittingly uphold the silence that enables the destruction of our lives to continue and grow - those who either think they are doing the right thing or want to change it, but can't. They do not deserve to be blamed - they deserve to be set free.
   I feel for the leaders of our nations (both past and present) - those who CAN expose and stop this madness, because they are at the most critical crossroad with the heaviest of burdens on their shoulders - our lives, the mistakes and the future safety of all of humanity is in their hands. They do not deserve to be blamed - they deserve to be set free.

   The only ones who are FULLY responsible for the destruction of our lives and our Freedom are those who voluntarily perform satanic, criminal or sadistic acts against fellow human beings, those who voluntarily exert technological control over others and those who lead this dark side of the war - those who issue the orders to technologically or psychologically control, torture or destroy fellow human beings. I pray that they, their covert programs and their technologies, are exposed and stopped before too much more damage is done. They deserve to be blamed - they are prisoners of their own darkness and deserve to be set free.

P.S. There was a time when I had listed plate numbers and aimed to report the puppets/stalkers who swarm me...etc. But this was before I realized the scope of the covert war and the mind control part of the program that many of them are obvious victims of. I don’t want to stand against them anymore. I now want them to be informed so that they realize what they are being used for and have the opportunity to stop. They deserve to be set free.

 May peace spread its wings through our world and set ALL of us free. May Love reach the Heart of humanity, (especially in the leadership of our greatest nations), until it stands up and saves itself.

Light a Sorry Candle

Lets Light a sorry candle
For every life broken
And for the gravest news
Still left unspoken;
For silence in the darkness
To finally be shattered
And all the closed Hearts
To realize what matters;
For leaders of every nation
To stand up for what’s right
And ban the lethal microwaves
So dark can turn to Light.
Lets Light a forgiving candle
Instead of placing blame
So puppets can learn lessons
And pride can replace shame.
Lets let it all be known
And shed a sorry tear,
So humanity can return
To Love again this year.