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Friday, November 28, 2014

Covert "Happy Birthday" Threat?

November 26, 2014
In evening; My computer is being repeatedly shut off, especially when I try to play the song I shared in the previous post - "We are the world."

November 27, 2014
11:36 am; I wrote down the plate number of puppet/stalker who delivered a negative message about my using the van that was given to me. Apparently, they want me to feel guilty for using it and not obeying them, as if my driving it is some sort of contract that i am breaking, although it isn't. (This is not the first time this sort of message was delivered, since I was given the van as a "gift")

Around 1:00pm; I go to a church for a Thanksgiving dinner. As I left I asked a volunteer for help and a kind man went to a gas station to put some gas in my almost empty tank. At the gas pump he told me that he was the chief of police in this town. He seemed like a really decent person so I inconspicuously and silently handed him a "Calling all Hearts" paper, with the hope that good would come from it.

2pm - 3pm; I am shot with painful levels of microwaves three times after a puppet delivers a message saying, "She's being a perfect little angel. . .two times today." (The exact wording may be a bit off, because I was being heavily microwaved as I tried to remember and write it down.) It appears that the message meant the opposite of what was said. This covert crap is as confusing as hell. (pun intended) But I start wondering - the only two things I did today are the writing of the plate number in my personal journal and silently handing a paper to a police chief. I became concerned. Should I have not handed him the paper? Did I do something wrong - will he get targeted now? Do they think I am intentionally trying to have him hurt? It appears so. I cry and pray that my good intentions are not AGAIN misunderstood and that this man will not be targeted. My hope for good to come from this experience is shattered.

Around 4:15pm; I feel sad and sorry and scared for him and drop an apologetic, thank you note at the police department.

Around 7:30pm I am watching videos on my lap top and an ad suddenly turns into a man angrily yelling "...city - BITCH." I feel horrible because I am not sure who its coming from and I honestly did not have the ill intentions I am being accused of. Since June of 2013 it often feels like all sides are holding me under the guns and no matter what I do or don't do they find something wrong with it. I find the covert methods so confusing and crazy making that I now do my best to ignore it and just spontaneously follow my heart, although nobody likes that either.

November 28, 2014
Around 6:45am; I wake, crying in my sleep. I woke crying several other times through the night. How many more lives will be destroyed in the lethal silence that surrounds these crimes? How many people (aside from me) are being slowly and cruelly microwaved to death as you read this? How many people are not being allowed to follow their own minds and Hearts and do what they need to be doing with their lives? How will the crimes ever stop if we don't break the silence and report them? HOW?!!! And who cares about our suffering enough to stand up for us? WHO?!!! If we are not allowed to stand up for ourselves who will. . .and what is going to happen to the rest of humanity if the covert crimes are silently allowed to continue and grow?

Around 7:10 am; I walk into a supermarket and the music is cut into with a song that says, "I want to wish you a merry Christmas..." As I walked past the bakery section a woman yells out, "She won't stop." As I approached the check out register an employee cut in front of me with three balloons that say, "Happy Birthday" and then leaves a cart full of them in the path I had to take, in order to walk out of the store. It was obvious, by the way he was watching me, that he was following orders to do this intentionally. It was no coincidence, especially due to the timing of it.

    I don't understand much of the crazy covert language, but I have learned that "Happy Birthday" is a threat that means something like "You are going to die." Does "Merry Christmas" now mean that also? I don't know and don't even want to. (These terrorists sure are good at what they do!)

    I returned to my car, grabbed two "Calling all Hearts" papers and handed one to the puppet employee. Why? Because these foolish puppets should become aware that they are being used to threaten and terrorize people. . .and because the silence is what is killing us - the silence covers for and enables the technological crimes that are destroying many of us and I can not support it. I'd rather die standing up for us, than only die in the silence that is ALREADY destroying our lives.

    I leave the store and drive down the road I often take and find a dead animal in the middle of the road.

Due to the holiday, I had spent the past few days thinking about people whom I love - Billy who is being hit so hard that he's lost his medical license and is forced to live in fear and chaos, Denise, who was in a wheel chair the last time I saw her, Mary who has lost a lot of her memories and was too terrified to even want to talk much about it...etc. These are not people on the web - these were long term friends of mine and sometimes it seems like I feel their pain, as well as my own, in every torturous day that slowly drags us to yet another one.

I am so sick of the covert games, which have been literally driving me nuts, that I do my best to ignore them. Yet, they relentlessly demand my attention, and seem to expect me to understand the cryptic madness and then degrade me for not understanding and/or not obeying...etc. In the cryptic messages partial statements are made - statements that often could be about any number of things and have any number of meanings and could be coming from a number of sources. Is there good mixed in with the bad? Yes, I believe so, and this is what makes it feel so horrible, because it all blends together and most of the time I don't know what is from who and what it means and I just need it ALL to stop.


P.S. I was hit with microwaves shortly after posting this and then hit in a way that caused extreme fatigue and weakness in my legs while at a gym. I was crying as I wrote the above post, so please excuse it if its a bit disorganized.

11pm; Weapon vamps up on my brain - the one I have experienced intense levels of since last Spring. I don't know what to call this one. Its not like a laser or microwave shot. Its constant, creates a steady dull pain in the front upper part of my brain and feels like its causing brain damage. Through this past Spring and Summer it seemed to vamp up when I had any sort of intense feelings. . .even when I prayed. But I was having no intense feelings when it vamped up this time.