My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Example of My Days

   I no longer share much of the specifics of the targeting, because most of my entries would be close to the same thing and logging it all twice would be like two full time jobs. But this post shows some of what most of my days are like.

Nov 19, 2014 - early AM; I woke with a steady high pitch ring in my ears, sluggish mental activity and feelings of agitation. Yesterday, within about a 15 minute time period, a truck was slamming its brakes on in front of me, three cars swerved into me coming from the opposite direction and two cars rushed into a ONE WAY lane I was coming out of. I guess my agitation may have been due to this round of stalking/harassment on the road, and my not knowing if it would be as severe today.

Around 11:20am; I am hit with the radiant type of microwaves in my head. Caused the usual severe pain down the back right side of my head and neck. Just before this, a stalker/puppet said, "Something needs to be done. This is crazy" as she pretended to be loudly talking on her phone while she walked by me. This was directly after I refused another aim to shove me into a homeless shelter where I'd be far more vulnerable to their druggings and psychological harassment.

12:00pm; After driving to another state and town, pain in my head intensifies and is suddenly accompanied by extreme fatigue. I have a hard time remaining awake and lay down in the back of my car in a parking lot.

Around 12:10pm; I am suddenly surrounded by stalkers who are parking near me, slamming doors on their cars and saying things like, "You wonder why" and "You put me off..." and "eeny - meany - miney - mo."

Around 2pm +; I wake and am still being hit with microwaves. Puppets are still parking near me and slamming their car doors.

Around 3-4pm; After driving to another spot I am blasted with heavier doses of microwaves. My whole head hurts. I feel mentally numb. My heart beat is vibrating through my whole body. I feel a lot of heat in my head and body. I have mild nausea and feel physically weak. (This grows milder after about an hour or so, but most of it continues through the rest of the day.)

Around 9pm; I am hit with what feels like a steady laser shot to my brain...causing intense pain behind my right eye. The pain gets so severe that moving my head makes it worse.

   I remained uncomfortable and in pain all day yesterday. On a scale of 1 to 10 yesterday was about a 6 or 7. A number one day being an easily ignored mild ring in ears and mild, easily unnoticeable stalking activity. Number 10 is direct intense attempts to harm or terrorize me or disable my vehicle, while being swarmed by angry outbursts from puppets along with laser and microwave shots that are so severe that I am in excruciating pain, am vomiting and passing out.

   This morning I woke with a mild dull ache in my head and the usual steady high pitch ring in my ears, although it is much milder then yesterday. It will probably take me a day or two to recover and, if this goes as it often does, the next heavy round will start before I have a chance to fully recover.
   Today (at 9:33am) I am now experiencing small sharp pains shooting into the top of my head. I am experiencing about a number 4, which seems like it is mostly residual effects from yesterday's attacks.

   As usual, I have no idea what yesterday's attack was about. I used to try to figure out why the sudden rounds of severe attacks happen, in case I could prevent them somehow. But I have learned that I can not avoid it, because most of it is about control and punishing me for just being who I am and following my heart instead of them. Some of it happens when they are terrorizing me in efforts to make me leap into their staged "rescue" attempts, which seems like a sly form of forced abduction in a way that would make it possible for them to justify saying that it was my choice.
   Lately, I am doing my best to ignore all the covert stuff, because it feels like it has been literally driving me crazy with confusion and worry and wondering...etc. I am doing my best to not respond, not speak to them and not let them get the best of me, although they already have, and although the silence in myself, our government officials and the media are aiding in the over-all destruction process.
    I do not log everything that happens, because it makes me pay attention to, and be more heavily effected by, the psychological harassment and physical pain. Lately, it feels like my only hope for survival is to ignore as much of it as possible, like I used to. . .before June of 2013.

   I have said this an uncountable number of times, but again; I am in desperate need of GENUINE help and protection and safety from ALL levels of the targeting. . .the kind that stands up in the Light instead of hiding in the dark and covertly trying to also hide me in the dark. I feel that this is what all of humanity needs, because I believe that the covert "rescue" is a deceitful enslavement process, which most people are probably not even aware of, because it will not become fully evident until it is too late for humanity to escape. Could I be wrong about this? Perhaps. But I need to listen to what my heart is telling me above all else. . .and my heart is telling me that the covert "rescue" will merely force us into a more comfortable part of the SAME program that is targetings us. And I pray that at least SOME of the right people grow to realize this and stop this from continuing and growing for the sake of all of humanity.
   However, my hope for a GENUINE rescue (for myself) has been steadily fading as crazy covert games continue to surround the heavier rounds of targeting, and my health, on every level, continues to slowly deteriorate. Apparently people are not finding my writings or I worthy of a stand and my writings and I can not get better while we are being destroyed.

P.S. I recently felt a sudden flash of burning pain on my outer left thigh. It was like an intense laser shot, which left a burn mark that blistered my skin without harming the pants I was wearing. I was also recently shot in the foot with a similar type of shot.
   A week or two ago, one of the puppets said, "I know who you are." And the come back I've thought of, but didn't say was, "I'm glad YOU know, because I'll be damned if I know. . .literally." ;-(  Sometimes my weird sense of humor helps me through. But that is fading too. God, please help us - please expose and stop the covert war. . .especially the most damaging technological part. Please return our Freedom and basic human rights. And please send an Angel to hold and comfort and reassure me, because I can not continue to survive this alone.