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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update on my Testimony

   The past few years have been a process of my trying to figure out why and how I am being  targeted. . .as well as when it all began. Doing this, WHILE still being targeted, has been close to impossible. But between rounds of heavy targeting I've been gradually realizing and remembering increasing amounts of it. (Please understand that discrepancies in my writings are a reflection of this grueling process as well as alterations by those who target me and infiltrate my computers and web sites.)
   I now believe that I have been being targeted, by what appears to be some sort of satanic occult, since I was at least 11 years old (since around 1970). My life, since then, has been repeatedly infiltrated and manipulated by them and what appears to be other covert groups that they utilize. The scope of the destruction they have caused in my life is so huge that my writings only contain parts of it. It often feels difficult to explain, because I do not fully understand their methods and reasons, and  trying to process my own experiences and feelings (which are sometimes too painful and overwhelming) between being hit with heavy rounds of psychological harassment, microwave and/or laser weapon attacks and  mind control technologies, is difficult to say the least. 
   But I have fully realized that the goal of those who target me is to inflict extreme psychological and physical hardship and to destroy my reputation through manipulating my life in ways that make me appear to be immoral and/or criminal. This has been being done through what appears to be false rumor campaigns and attempts to frame me as well as mind control inflictions (brainwashings) and even episodes of drugging and raping me...etc.
    The targeting has infiltrated and/or sabotaged every aspect of my work and relationships and has harmed and/or brainwashed many others in this process. (My loved ones have also been targeted.) Since the early 1990s I have been experiencing a hell that most of you probably cannot even begin to imagine.
   The first few decades of the targeting were so deceitful and so covert that I did not start realizing  it until 2005 - after they had succeeded with financial ruin and with isolating me from all possible sources of help.  This is when they vamped it into more obvious levels. Since then I have repeatedly reached out for help, in every way that I know how, and have found no one who is willing or able to stand up against these crimes and help to expose and end them for all our sakes. Even my process of trying to attain help from a few decent people in the FBI appear to have been targeted in ways that appear to be infiltrations into the agency, and targetings of them, as well as through lasering my brain, in order to interfere with my reports and trigger extreme levels of anger toward them at strategic times. (It appears that it is not even safe for the FBI or foreign human rights organizations to stand up for/with me. . .and this is disconcerting to say the least!)
   Though the mind control part of the targeting sounds unbelievable, the Truth is that it is the key element that makes it all succeed and prevents help and is in DESPERATE need of public realization. 
    Lately I am feeling too hurt and trapped and hope for my psychological and physical survival is fading. I am in desperate need of honest, genuine, safe NON-covert protection and help, and for these crimes to be exposed and stopped, so that I can have a chance to recover and then freely live my life and do my work without criminal interference. I pray for this every day. . .and for humanity to be saved from these sorts of targeting, which appear to be rapidly growing/thriving, due to the secrecy that protects them. Please do all that you can to help expose and stop these crimes.

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