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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update on my Testimony

   The past few years have been a process of my trying to figure out why and how I am being  targeted. . .as well as when it all began. Doing this, WHILE still being targeted, has been close to impossible. But between rounds of heavy targeting I've been gradually realizing and remembering increasing amounts of it. (Please understand that discrepancies in my writings are a reflection of this grueling process as well as alterations by those who target me and infiltrate my computers and web sites.)
   I now believe that I have been being targeted, by what appears to be some sort of satanic occult, since I was at least 11 years old (since around 1970). My life, since then, has been repeatedly infiltrated and manipulated by them and what appears to be other covert groups that they utilize. The scope of the destruction they have caused in my life is so huge that my writings only contain parts of it. It often feels difficult to explain, because I do not fully understand their methods and reasons, and  trying to process my own experiences and feelings (which are sometimes too painful and overwhelming) between being hit with heavy rounds of psychological harassment, microwave and/or laser weapon attacks and  mind control technologies, is difficult to say the least. 
   But I have fully realized that the goal of those who target me is to inflict extreme psychological and physical hardship and to destroy my reputation through manipulating my life in ways that make me appear to be immoral and/or criminal. This has been being done through what appears to be false rumor campaigns and attempts to frame me as well as mind control inflictions (brainwashings) and even episodes of drugging and raping me...etc.
    The targeting has infiltrated and/or sabotaged every aspect of my work and relationships and has harmed and/or brainwashed many others in this process. (My loved ones have also been targeted.) Since the early 1990s I have been experiencing a hell that most of you probably cannot even begin to imagine.
   The first few decades of the targeting were so deceitful and so covert that I did not start realizing  it until 2005 - after they had succeeded with financial ruin and with isolating me from all possible sources of help.  This is when they vamped it into more obvious levels. Since then I have repeatedly reached out for help, in every way that I know how, and have found no one who is willing or able to stand up against these crimes and help to expose and end them for all our sakes.

   Though the mind control part of the targeting sounds unbelievable, the Truth is that it is the key element that makes it all succeed and prevents help and is in DESPERATE need of public realization. 
    Lately I am feeling too hurt and trapped and hope for my psychological and physical survival is fading. I am in desperate need of honest, genuine, safe NON-covert protection and help, and for these crimes to be exposed and stopped, so that I can have a chance to recover and then freely live my life and do my work without criminal interference. I pray for this every day. . .and for humanity to be saved from these sorts of targeting, which appear to be rapidly growing/thriving, due to the secrecy that protects them. Please do all that you can to help expose and stop these crimes.

Find more of my personal experiences on 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Heavy Lasering!

Since late this afternoon, I am experiencing painful lasering of the left front side of my head! I feel scared that they are trying to force me into a medical facility. Lately I am also experiencing a lot of microwaving of my lungs along with messages that say, "breath." Please pray for my safety.

 We are unheard victims lost beneath the lies.
We are the fading ones
put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded
begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust
in an evil charade.

Please Print and Pass Out This Paper


P.S. I experienced painful lasering the night after this also.

Reposting of VIP Info - How to Help a TI

We need you to let your heart find the courage
 to stand WITH us instead of against us.

We also desperately need the following things from you:

Open Mindedness: Please do not foolishly ass-u-me that we are "mentally ill," because this adds to our distress at a time when we desperately need the opposite. Misdiagnosis severely adds to our psychological destruction, because it prevents us from getting the types of help that we desperately need and can destroy our trust in our own perceptions. And we should NOT be forced into positions where we have to prove our sanity on top of all else that we are going through! Its just too much. Please open your hearts and minds.

Understanding: Please educate yourselves as much as possible on the subject and practice empathy. We desperately need people to understand and support our fight to survive.

Compassion: Please care enough to listen and not judge, degrade or look down upon us. We need to know that you care.

Stand Up; Surround us with compassionate people who have the courage to make a stand against these crimes. This can offer some protection, because the organized stalkers do not want witnesses. I have begged for this from several aware people and they chose to stand with those who target us instead of me. Fear seems to be the worst enemy right now. And the mind control technologies are used to manipulate those who try to support us. Please let your heart find the strength and courage to bypass the manipulations and STAND UP WITH US.

Public Awareness: Research this and pass the word around ASAP. The more publicity there is, and the more people who stand up and speak out, the better the chances are of ending to these crimes.

Funding: A Targeted Individual who is near the end of the destruction process, is probably left with no home, no family to turn to, physical health problems and not enough resources for protection. (Like I have) This is when a unconditional financial help is deeply needed.

     Estranged family members, neighbors, friends and strangers of primary "Targeted Individuals", (especially medical, media, political and law enforcement professionals) are being called to find the Heart, and courage to resist the brainwashings, in order to save our lives and free humanity's future. . .through STANDING with us instead of following direction from those who target us.

Please Print and Pass Out This Paper

I don't want to be left to evil pretenses of helping hands.
I need to be comforted by those who can care to understand.
I don't want to be declared insane for their hateful gain.
I need you to soothe my wounds instead of inflicting more pain.
I don't want you to watch from a silent distance while I die.
I need you here beside me as I pray to God and cry.


P.S. I still stand completely alone in my fight to survive and expose the crimes that are being committed against us. There seems no hope for my family to come around due to the fact that they are long term victims of mind control and some even appear to have been pushed into the program that targets us. I hope other TIs have more success than I have and I hope this info helps to fill their needs. God is here for me, but I hope that someday. . .some human angels are sent my way. I count too. I do!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Above All Else

Listening to only our Hearts is very difficult for long term heavily Targeted Individuals, (especially those who are medicated) but the rest of you can do it and we are depending on you to also find the courage to stand up for us and help save the rest of humanity from continued criminal use of mind control technologies...etc.

Please listen to your Hearts above all else.
And then let Faith find Courage.


P.S. I have taken down most of the posts on this blog until I can edit them. I do not know if this will ever be able to happen, because I do not have much hope left of the targeting stopping for me. I am still not being allowed to do my work, and am being periodically shot with laser and microwave weapons and almost constant radio waves being shot into my brain. . .and there is no GENUINE help in sight!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Bit Uptight

I'm feeling a bit uptight in the past few days. . . and am praying for safety for all of us.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Can Be Set Right

When they turn to bring it ALL out into the Light,
Hurts, wrongs and broken songs can be set right.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wish for Positive Use of Weather Modification Technologies

    I have felt that the Alstead, NH flood was caused by the intentional stalling of a storm above that area. I pray that positive use of weather modification technologies can prevent similar or worse situations. . .especially during times like this when there is a natural set up for stalled storms in the North Eastern USA. Please help criminal use of weather modification to be exposed and stopped. . .and for them to be used to  prevent disasters, instead of instigating or enhancing them.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Recruiting Processes (VERY IMPORTANT!)

      I've been fighting to survive while being targeted and while a covert war has been raging around me. I am deeply concerned that innocent people are being harmed by all sides. There is a desperate need for realization of the criminal recruiting process into the communistic/sadistic program that is taking over the USA. As I am targeted and remotely tortured with various types of technologies, there have been aims to recruit me in several different ways. And I have no doubt that this has been happening to an uncountable number of other people.

If the whole public were aware of the recruiting processes most of them would not participate and would at least have the opportunity to follow their hearts instead of the program. . .and the program would stop growing.

    I have been crying and expressing this to those who watch and target me, and in my "the pitting" posting, but I feel a need to bring more of it into a public forum. . .come what may. I hope it helps instead of hurts. Please become aware of the following techniques that are being used on us. And PLEASE help spread the word, especially to government officials.

* Some citizens are being brainwashed, Possibly with the help of mind control technologies,. . .and then coerced into the covert program under the guise of it being a good thing. I have experienced these sorts of attempts to recruit me. Victims of this ARE NOT the enemy. Those who deceive them are the enemy.

* Heavily targeted victims are physically and psychologically tortured and then "rescued" (by perpetration) or abducted, in some other way, during a staged “death" (if we do not become "missing") after forced isolation from loved ones. This "rescue" is really a form of abduction. I now believe that my mother was rescued/abducted from a hospital after being physically and psychologically tortured and that her "death" was staged. I have experienced repeated attempts to rescue me directly after experiencing rounds of electronic and psychological torture. And I strongly felt that the "rescue" was perpetration. There also appear to have been a few attempts to abduct me. Apparently, once the rescue takes place we become a slave to the rescuers or those whom they control. Victims of this ARE NOT the enemy. Those who torture, abduct, brainwash and enslave us are the enemy.

* It appears that when we can not be deceived, coerced or tortured into the program, we are more heavily targeted and become "Targeted Individuals" who are lured into groups where we are brainwashed into blaming only the USA government and are offered opportunities to seek vengeance on "those who target us", which I believe is a sly way of recruiting us into a program that is really lead by those who target us and would use us to target other innocent people. Victims of these recruitings ARE NOT the enemy. If they were aware of the deceptions they would resist it.

* It appears that some of us are drugged and staged for photographs or framed for a crime. . .and then pushed to "escape" with them. I have experienced them telling me about bad pictures on the web around times when they were trying  to "rescue" me. I never checked for pictures, but know that if there are any, they are fabricated by them. They have also told me that I have already been framed. The goal, with both of these things, seems to be to make me feel that  my life is ruined and that it would be best for me to start a new one with them.  My guess is that if we do not go with them, and do not  remain silent, they will slander us.

* On the lower levels, it appears that some join "the occult" and participate in the stalking part as if it is a cool game. If they were aware of what they are following most of them would not be recruited.

* I hear that some get recruited through prisons where they are trained and then do stalking as a job when they are released. This sounds like a dangerous type of reform that needs some reforming!

    The bottom line really is that. . .until huge levels of public awareness are gained, victims are being hurt by, and recruited by, those who are destroying our freedom and our country. In the lower stages of this war, it appears that victims are being targeted by victims who are fighting to regain our freedom from the infiltration. And the REAL criminals freely continue with their rapidly growing operation, which thrives on the secrecy that we are being ordered to sustain.
    I feel scared for those, whom I know to be decent people, who have been literally tortured and brainwashed into something that they do not even realize is criminal. . .and for victims who are frantically fighting for freedom in ways that are helping to destroy it.



    If you are in a covert program, STOP - Just PLEASE STOP and help save yourself, your fellow citizens, our country and ultimately all of humanity from further destruction. Please follow your heart instead of them. 

 Please Print and Pass Out This Paper

   Please help humanity regain its freedom from the program that is forcefully recruiting people with mind control technologies...etc

 Please help the USA to regain Freedom...etc., for all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

For Your Heart

In Honor of Veterans

I have just removed a few posts, that were about patriotism and veterans who engage in stalking and harassing us, because my heart now cries for those who have been brainwashed and literally forced, or deceptively coerced, into the program that is targeting us. I feel that many fall prey to a variety of recruiting processes. And I pray that the rest of the public becomes aware enough to refrain from joining such programs. I believe that our veterans are victims of the mind control part as much, if not more so, than common citizens. God help us all.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Please turn toward the Light
Please stop the plots and schemes and games.
Let THEM be the ones that Truth puts to shame.

Please help us! 

P.S.  An important notebook, which I had recorded data in around April and May of this year has been stolen from my car. This notebook contained information about the search for my mother who is reported to still be alive, but ill. The microwaves and new weapons used on my brain continue to be a challenge. Almost every day I find tears welling up for those of us who are being harmed and/or tortured. Every day I pray with my heart for it to be exposed and stopped. And some days feel WAY too long.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Still Cries

When tears no longer drip from my eyes
My heart still hurts - my soul still cries.


Please help us! 

New Poems

To See
Swaying blades of golden green
Surround pools of seagull screams
Where peace yearns to be set free
And Angels drop to bended knees
To pray for God to help us See.

To and Fro
Soft blankets of calm grey
Float above a churning sea
Where hope is tossed to and fro
With dreams for Love to set us free.

Please turn toward the Light
Please stop the plots and schemes and games.
Let THEM be the ones that Truth puts to shame.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Beautiful Sunrise

I really need this beauty and hope right now, because I just got shot with the same sort of laser weapon that I was hit with last June. It creates a weird fast vibration type of feeling and makes my heart hurt - like having a heart attack. This one was a lot milder than last years attack, but still a bit worrisome.

Let the Light Shine

Please let the Light shine
Beyond foolish mistakes
Until crimes are stopped
And Hearts are awake.