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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weather Man Makes A Come Back

   I had posted the first video below and then took it down because it appeared that Scott was targeted and was not able to take off with his work. But this new video (The second one below) is a stand to restart his project. (It reminds me of the re-starts I have struggled to do with my targeted work since 2005.) 
   I like Scott's declaration to aim for Truth and I hope he accomplishes this. The absolute Truth is sometimes too hard to find and retain while surrounded by manipulations and microwave targeting. 
   I hope Scott remains safe and strong and in that "Truth". . .and that he gets the support he needs. Here is the link to support Scott's Project: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-real-weather-show-with-a-global-cloud-tour

Scott Stevens - Weather Wars Intro

Kick Starter - Scott Stevens's Come Back

I REALLY liked the end of this second video, because it is True - there is a darkness engulfing our world (in many ways) and we need more people to let their Hearts stand up and help the Light chase it away. Is your Heart standing up for what is Right and Honest and Good for Humanity? (Did his brain get a little electromagnetic hit, around 4:05, as he started to say this?)