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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Wound Remains

 I have witnessed and experienced the parts of technological mind control that effects our memories in efforts to hide the targeting - hide traumatic experiences with being targeting...etc. This morning, as I look at some of this, I feel sad and scared, because the intrusive technological process of effecting our memories is just yet another damaging part of the targeting process.
   Its been well documented, throughout history, that past pains remain unhealed until we face and release them. Those that are forgotten are often the ones that continue hurting us the most. Our souls, our spirits, our hearts, and even the cells in our bodies, remember traumatic experiences even when our minds forget them. . .and they continue hurting us until we are able to process and release them. Microwaving them out of our minds merely hurts us more, because it prevents the healing process. EVERY aspect of microwave mind control is damaging and I pray that those who do this to us grow to realize and care and stop.