My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, September 19, 2014

Plea for Understanding

    I have gone through several rounds of trying to update my writings, but it has been extremely difficult for me to accomplish while being targeted. Lately, I often feel so hurt, so overwhelmed and so desperate for genuine help and protection that its all I can do to just survive.
  In the past few years I have been going through a process of trying to figure out why I am being targeted. . .and how and by who...etc., while trying to inform and convince other people who could help or be helped. And I have realized that effectively accomplishing this is literally impossible while being targeted with microwaves, harassment programs and disinformation from web stalkers...etc. Consequently, I have made a lot of mistakes and have even hit points where I've believed and shared some of that disinformation, especially in the beginning of this process. (My sites have also been sometimes altered by those who target me.)
   Truth dawns each time I pull back, recenter myself, and listen to only my own heart. But I have been being hit so hard, with radio waves shot into my brain and psychological harassment, that my writings can not be perfect and I hope you will understand this.

   We (Targeted Individuals) can often APPEAR "non-credible"...etc., to those who do not understand. This is an unfortunate, and INTENTIONAL, outcome of the targeting process. But the judgments against us will stop as soon as enough people realize the manipulations that are taking place around us, and can care to understand that we can not function perfectly WHILE being heavily targeted.

   Please do not use this statement as an excuse to dismiss the validity of my writings. Please use it as a tool to help you to understand instead of judging - to look past the bloops and blunders and focus on the core issues, which need attention. . .not only in my writings, but also in that of other targeted individuals.


P.S.  I just received a few antagonistic emails from a possible perpetrator, and as I responded - asking her to not contact me again...etc., I pushed "send" and my computer froze up and then the email went through with half of what I wrote erased. I realized this, because I'd also sent a copy to myself. This probably means that my computer is infiltrated again!