My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brain Malfunction

   Yesterday morning I was hit so hard with microwaves shot into my brain that it literally malfunctioned. It appeared that this was intentionally done at a time when someone had asked to see my license and became a witness to my fumbling to accomplish the simple task of pulling it out. It appears that the push to have me shoved into a hospital or institution or jail is still scheming. I am being hit harder at night lately. There is too much happening to log it all here. Please help restore our freedom.


P.S.  I have erased most of what I wrote in the past few days, because my brain was being so heavily bombarded with microwaves that I need time to process things. I am also getting multiple messages, from puppets, about someone dieing or being in an accident. Its probably just terrorizing tactics, but I am concerned. 
  I recently heard someone say that this targeting is heading toward a holocaust and I completely disagree. I believe that it ALREADY IS a holocaust and that the mind control and eugenics based microwavings are in desperate need of exposure and investigation.