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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Set Up?

   Yesterday, as I combed through some of my blog posts, and I came across a statement that appeared to have been plugged into my 2012 writings - a statement which I do not think I wrote. I erased it, but am now wondering if it was part of another set up. The phrase said something about people having to continue being hurt until the targeting is exposed. And it was phrased in a way that would make it look like I have been intending for this harm to be taking place.
    This, along with a few other things, is making me wonder if this is part of a set up to make it look like I am the one who is intending for people to get hurt by the criminals who target us. This is VERY likely, because other pieces to this sort of ugly puzzle are starting to click into place. And I should not be surprised, because of the crazy array of other things they have tried to set me up for, but I am, because I can not see how they can succeed with blaming one of their own victims for their crimes. However, I guess more bazaar things have been done. These criminals could get an A for intellect, but an F for heart.

    Like I have stated before, It sometimes feels like full time job to try to anticipate the next set up and chain of manipulations. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Here are a few of the things I am realizing, along with my statements.

   Last year I walked into a police department angrily saying , "People are going to continue being hurt until the targeting is exposed." I remember how odd it felt when the receptionist just stood there smiling with a type of expression that reeked of satisfaction. I remember feeling baffled by this and saw it as her heartlessness. But I  am now wondering if those who target me (and their puppets) are wanting to twist my concern for people into the opposite - into trying to make my statements look like a threat - an intention to cause harm,  instead of what it was - a plea for them to help expose and stop the targeting.
   People ARE continuing to be hurt due to the targeting not being exposed and stopped. And I would THINK that this would spur officials into helping to stop the crimes, because this is where I was coming from. But perhaps the criminals who target us are wanting to twist it into the opposite and. like the rest of the targeting, have been doing their little set ups for so long that I may be realizing it too late to stop it from actually happening. FYI: My statement to that police department was NOT about my work and WAS about the targeting of myself and other people who ARE continuing to be harmed until the targeting is acknowledged and stopped by law enforcement.
    There are a few other times when I've wondered about this sort of possible set up, and wondered how on earth anyone could blame me (a victim) for what  the criminals who target us are doing. And then I forget it - just suddenly forget it... in ways that make it appear to be part of the mind control stuff.
    This happened to me as I put out the Heart Bud publication in the Spring of 2013. I had exposed possible targeting on the web and truly thought that this exposure would stop it. I was also testing, because, in my mind I was going back and forth and wondering if perhaps the mishaps of my advertisers were "just coincidence" like every one else seemed to be thinking. Then my step mother suddenly died.

   In the summer of 2013 I aimed for another printing with advertisers. I had angrily done this because I had been told that I needed more to substantiate the targeting. To me this meant that I had to continue and start documenting more of it, in order to have more proof before law enforcement would take me seriously...etc. (I now realize that it may have been one of the criminals who told me this, while pretending to be law enforcement.) As soon as my only possible supporter's shop was suddenly robbed, I stopped, because my conscience would not allow me to get any more advertisers. This was the final confirmation, for me, that it was NOT coincidence and that my advertisers/supporters were indeed being targeted.
   I later put out two more issues (without advertisers) and am in debt for it, because of people who covertly urged me to continue with my writings and lead me to believe that they would help with the cost. I now believe that this was not real help and that it was the criminals who target me aiming to set me up to be blamed for the harm THEY would do to people if I continued my work. (It also set me up for a debt, which makes another printing too difficult, at this point.)

    My aims to continue with my writings have honestly been to help ALL of humanity, and especially those of us who are being heavily targeted. My life was under more threat than anyone else's and I was willing to take that risk, because the content of my publications had the potential of helping a lot more people than the criminals who target me could hurt. This is the Truth.

   There have been times when I have felt like a soldier fighting for our Freedom on a battle field. . . where the front lines run the risk of being harmed, in order to save the rest of humanity.And I was putting myself in that front line. There have been times when I felt like I have to stand up and fight to expose these crimes, in my publications, no matter how much it hurts me, or anyone else, until our own media and government take over the job of doing it. I am one of those people who is continuing to be hurt until these crimes are exposed and stopped and my writings are helping to expose them.

   There have been times when I have felt confused and trapped and do not know what to do. Its a horrible "catch 22" situation! There have been times when I have blamed myself for the harm that THEY do to my advertisers and loved ones. There have been times, like since Dan's shop being broken into, when I feel frozen and trapped and unable to do my work in the ways that I should be allowed to do it in a free country. I cried for him. I can not bear to see anyone else get hurt and I can not bear to be restrained from being able to do my work. It ALL hurts! The targeting is hurting ALL of us. And lately I feel like I can not bear for ANY of us to continue being covertly and cruelly targeted.

More statements may be added later

   As I think of this possible set up, I also realize that the only way I can be blamed, for what the criminals are doing, is for the crimes to be fully realized and exposed. This means that they could also be stopped. . .ultimately for all of humanity. And given the choice of running from this sort of set up or taking the blow. . .I'd rather take the blow. So if this is the way it has to go, so be it - if this is the only way to get these crimes acknowledged and stopped then it will be worth it. . .because it IS TRUE - people (all over the world) are going to continue to be harmed by the criminals who target us, until these crimes are exposed and stopped. And, just to make myself more clear. . . this means that we NEED the crimes to be exposed and stopped, because too many people are being hurt by them. . .and this means that we need to NOT be hurt anymore.

Again, I am one of those people who is continuing to be hurt until these crimes are exposed and stopped and my writings had been helping to expose them.