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Friday, August 1, 2014

Cry for Help from International Government and Human Rights Organizations

Cry From Targeted Individual Sharon Rose Poet

I am an unheard victim lost beneath the lies.
I am a tortured one - put on a list to die.
I am a rising wounded - begging for your aide,
Becoming a speck of dust in an evil charade.

But I hope this changes soon

(Updated 8/5/2014)

The  last time I got shot with a laser weapon, which appeared to be aiming to harm or kill me, was last night on July 31, 2014 at around 7pm. This was not the first time but the next time could be the last. There are many other people, whom I know, who are also being targeted, tortured and forced to live in fear through the past few decades. I beg International Human rights organizations and governments (including the USA) to step up, expose and stop the technological targeting, to protect us from further harm and to insure the future safety of the rest of humanity.


     I am a victim of covert targeting, which utilizes satellite surveillance, laser weapons, microwave weapons, psychotronic weapons and chemical warfare, as well as local stalking and harassment programs, since at least the mid 1970s. I am also a witness to the effects of technological targeting on many other people.
     I've been fighting to survive various levels of the targeting for nearly four decades. I've been begging for help since 2006. And I've been fighting to publicly expose these crimes since 2010, under conditions that are indescribably inhumane.
    Since 2001 I've experienced terrifying levels of covert targeting in Canada, Peru, Mexico and the USA. I was born and raised in the USA and have experienced heavy targeting in over a dozen states, including Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, California, Nebraska, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York.
The fact that I continue to experience relentless, sadistic, high tech Hitler-style targeting in a free country is disturbing to say the least. I fear that if global media and governments (including the USA) do not quickly expose and stand up against these crimes - stand up for Freedom and Liberty. . .all of humanity will suffer indescribably. 
   The remote technological mind control part of the targeting seems to be the most difficult for people to believe and will surely be the most difficult for our global governments to admit. But I pray this happens soon, because this is actually the most lethal part of the targeting process and appears to be happening to more than just those of us who are being heavily targeted and those whom we are/were closest to. 
   I feel deeply hurt and scared - not just for myself, my loved ones and citizens of the USA, but also for citizens throughout the globe who are being targeted with technologies that are damaging our brains and bodies, and are preventing our natural process of personal and spiritual growth, in ways that can be irreparable.

Please protect us from further harm and do all that you can to expose and stop all forms of technological and covert targeting.

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