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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Calling All Hearts (URGENT!)

Please Print and Pass Out This Paper

Dear God and Global Governments, PLEASE do all that you can to bring an immediate end to ALL sorts of technological targeting of humanity.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Pledge Allegiance

    Lately my weary mind often drifts into the past. . .remembering parts of the targeting that I had SOMEHOW completely forgotten. I also keep finding a memory; which echoes through 45 years - a memory of me, as a munchkin in grade school, who stood with my right hand over my little heart, facing the corner where our flag silently hung, and reciting these words. . .

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all."

The words "Liberty" and "Justice" were not capitalized in the original pledge. I added the caps because, aside from the "God", they feel FAR more important than the other capitalized words. Without "Liberty and Justice for all" America is not a "Nation under God" and is not the America, which I pledged allegiance to in the 1960s. How bold of me to alter a sacred pledge, ha? Well. . .I'd like to even take it a few steps further - I'd like to start a new pledge;

I pledge allegiance to "Liberty and Justice for all" with the hope that America, (all of its citizens and governments) find the Heart to "Unite" into a peaceful stand that restores our Freedom from covert control. . .especially from technological mind control and ALL that aids or supports its success and continuation.

America seems like a Targeted Individual, who is crumbling in a lethal covert silence, and needs protection from further harm. 

 P.S. It appears that we are expected to ignore the mind control parts of the targeting, and I can not do this, because I believe that it is the most dangerous part of the targeting and the most dangerous thing that humanity has ever had to face. If it is not faced and stopped how can any of the other problems, which loom beneath it, ever be resolved? If it is not faced and stopped how can any human being even hope to regain or retain Freedom? If it is not faced and stopped how will our souls retain their natural process of personal and spiritual growth?

    As for me; The targeting is still coming in rounds. It gets really intense and then suddenly backs off until the next round. Recent threats are to physically cripple me. This started a couple weeks ago with the first lasering of my neck and has continued with an unusual amount of crippled puppets surrounding me. The last lasering was today around 3 or 4pm, directly after I put the above post on my blog. I felt sudden stabbing pain in my neck at a time when I was not turning or twisting or lifting or doing anything that could cause an injury. This may be like the time when they threatened to make me blind and then did not fully follow through, but either way it is a terrorizing tactic and it is terrifying, especially for someone in my lone destitute position. I am also still concerned about brain damage from the painful laser beams of radio waves that are being shot into my head.

Please Print and Pass Out This Paper

Monday, August 25, 2014

Once Upon a Time

   The End of the Infiltration
Revised March 2016 - global version

A Fictitious Vision of Hope

   Once upon a time there were great nations, which stood for Freedom, Liberty and opportunities for people to follow their hearts into making their dreams come true. They were also a safe refuges for those who fled from communism and other sorts of aims for control over citizens. But their open doors left them vulnerable to covert infiltrations, which slyly aimed to destroy them.

   By the 1970s, the infiltration was greatly aided by technologies which could remotely shoot brainwashing radio waves into the minds of individuals as well as whole communities, government agencies, military barracks and other organizations. Even the weather was being used as a weapon with the help of weather modification technologies.
     Radio wave detectors were slyly being made with filters designed to prevent detection of the low frequencies that were being used for mind control and some those who became aware were offered "protection" that was really a sly enslavement. With no defense against technological briainwashings people were being effected in ways that were altering the natural course of their lives and preventing personal and spiritual growth. People's Hearts were being blocked. They often unwittingly followed the brainwashings while thinking that they were their own thoughts and instincts. Confusion and discord spread rapidly, because the programming of peoples minds included severe levels of arrogance, greed, selfishness and immorality.
   Before anyone realized the scope of what was happening the nations had begun to crumble. Small businesses were forced into bankruptcy so that large organizations, which were owned by the infiltration, or by those whom they could control, could monopolize the markets. Gas prices soared to aid this process. The military was being taken over. Disasters were wiping out whole communities. The media was being controlled and threatened into not broadcasting anything about it. Families were being torn apart by sadistic covert targeting. Citizens, including government employees, were being roped into covert operations that were secretly run by the infiltrators. Citizens were being pitted against the government and the government was being pitted against citizens. Places where citizens should be able to go for help were being taken over. Eugenics based targetings grew rampant. Many people were being made ill or murdered, with microwave and laser weapons, in ways that looked like natural illnesses and deaths. Mysterious illnesses like lupus, fibromialgia and morgellons spread. Some were murdered with heart attacks, copd, cancer, leukemia and other sorts of lethal illnesses that were being inflicted with microwave weapons. The suffering grew. An uncountable number of lives were being covertly destroyed.
   Many people grew scared, because they could sense that something horrible was happening, but they didn’t understand what because they had no knowledge of the technologies that were being used on them. Most people’s Hearts became blocked and their brains numbed by the combination of psychiatric drugs, which were being pushed onto individuals and even placed in public drinking water, as well as the radio waves (microwaves) that were flooding their communities, homes and minds.

    Some people, especially those who became aware of what was happening, were being threatened, stalked and shot and tortured with laser weapons that were built into satellites, but nobody believed them. Some were being diagnosed as "mentally ill" and institutionalized, although nothing was wrong with them. Some were framed for crimes and incarcerated. Many became homeless (their work and homes sabotaged or destroyed). They suffered indescribably, while their loved ones were manipulated into joining the dark forces against them, mostly in the ways of refusing to help them. The targetings grew into a deadly holocaust. 
   Terror reined and fear gripped those who did not know how to combat it. The whole situation was looking too hopeless and tears fell from those who knew and cared and wanted to do more than they could to stop the holocaust and end the suffering.
       Some uncontrolled Government officials began realizing the scope of what was happening and knew that more needed to be done but were scared to openly stand up against the crimes, after watching lethal targetings of those who had already tried. In order to save humanity  Government officials and media were going to have to publically unite into the grandest, peaceful, stand for Freedom that humanity has ever had to perform. And though it seemed impossible, the time came when a Light shone for them to find the Heart and the courage to take that step. And all the world stood still during the first news broadcasts. Their voices echoed through city streets, homes and businesses around the globe,

   "We are experiencing the most difficult crisis that humanity has ever had to face and I must let you know that we are being targeted in ways that are extremely unusual. . . The Freedom of our nations is in serious danger, as is the Freedom of citizens and government officials. Many have already lost their freedom. I want to make you aware of the pharmaceutical and technological targeting, that has been happening through the past few decades, so that you have the opportunity to resist it until these crimes can be completely stopped.
   It is important that ALL citizens who are members of covert operations immediately stop contact with your leaders, because that organization is the enemy of Freedom. This crisis poses a great need for us to pull together, remain calm and listen to our Hearts above all else. Together, we can restore our Freedom.
   We have a few suggestions and hope that you will have some as well; We suggest that neighborhoods form support groups for people to freely express and deal with their concerns and feelings. I hope that targeted families pull together and be witnesses, as well as sources of help, for each other. . .especially for those who have been heavily targeted. Please mail in any suggestions or ideas that you may have on how we can better handle this situation.   
   Our agencies are probably not going to be able to handle all the phone calls that you may place. But updates will be broadcasted every evening at 7pm and websites have been set up to inform and advise those of you who are experiencing heavy levels of targeting. You will get the protection you need. We are so sorry that this is happening to you. In the event of interference with the broadcasts and websites, news papers will be distributed to trustworthy town and/or state officials who can call meetings for local citizens.
   This is a time, like no other, that we are being called to let our Hearts be here for each other in ways that we never have before, because this is not going to be easy. But we can do it - TOGETHER we can do it. Things can only get better from this point on. We must be sources of help and comfort to each other. Reach out to your fellow human beings with compassion. And stand with me in the trust that WE WILL WIN this battle - WE WILL REGAIN OUR FREEDOM and then we'll help other nations do the same. And we'll do it through letting Love work through our Hearts and spread into our relationships with each other."

   When the broadcast ended, people cried and hugged each other. Relief spread across the nations, because most people had sensed that something was horribly wrong, but not understanding it had filled them with confusion and fear. Their confusion and fear were now being replaced with understanding and hope. People were resisting the technological mind control as much as possible. Hearts were opening to help those who were in need. Everywhere you looked you there were people helping people.

   Within a few months, radio wave blockers and unfiltered radio wave detection devices were legalized and passed out or sold at reasonable prices. Strict regulations were placed on all technologies which emit radio waves and those that could not be regulated were shut down or destroyed. Citizens were no longer being used in the covert operation. The lethal targetings stopped. The suffering was over. The nations and their citizens were finally free and on the road to recovery. Peace and Love quickly spread and spilled into other nations until the whole world became a peaceful heaven on Earth.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes see -
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where Love fills the void of hate
And freedom is delivered by hands of fate.
A world where everyone picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair. 

Please Print and Pass Out This Paper

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Update on My Situation

[VIP Update 2016; This, like many of my posts, are a desperate (literally) fight for our lives. . .that did not have time for contemplation of what is or is not politically correct. Please understand and excuse my mistakes. There may be things that were not clear to me during the time when I wrote them. I will fix any misperceptions when total clarity and freedom arrives. Until then please excuse my mistakes, which often rise from my pain and concern for us all.]
   In my heart I feel that there is a lot of good in our government, that their struggle with the infiltration must be immense, and that they will be here for us when they can be. But I sometimes lose sight of this, especially when I am being heavily hit with technological attacks to my brain and other body parts as well as covert threats. . .and have no safe place to run to...where there could be acknowledgment of the technological and covert targeting and protection from further harm.]

    My situation remains extremely difficult. Those who target me have been sabotaging my work and life. I have been doing the best I can to keep up some of my writings. However, my computers appear to be infiltrated. I do not even know if my books are remaining as I wrote them - I recently found an important statement missing from my "Targeted in America" book. I can not comb through my books, or ad to them, without the concern of changes being made by perpetration. I’ve been being so heavily hit, with microwave, laser and psychotronic weapons, each time I aim to do a batch of serious writing, that my work is forced into rushed unfinished projects that are also filled with too many of my own mistakes and important statements suddenly forgotten and not included...etc. My files and pictures for the Heart Bud appear to have been being tampered with - some files "corrupted" and no longer even openable.

  My Heart Bud advertisers still appear to be being targeted in various ways. And I was so severely swarmed and harassed, during the last two Heart Bud distributions, that I do not know how many papers were able to reach people who could help bring public awareness to this crisis.

   I’ve been trying to compensate by putting more on the web, but have found web links to the Heart Bud pdf downloads changed or sometimes not being allowed to open properly and I do not know if they remain as I write them. My sites, including facebook, have been periodically hacked into. I do not know if anyone, who is not perpetration, is being allowed to view my websites and blogs, because manipulations on the web seem so immense. They even seem to be able to control the amounts of hits that I get on my blog. They recently started calling out numbers and then I realized that the numbers ended up being the exact amount of hits that later registered on my blog statistics.
      My web hosting company has now discontinued, the statistic reports on my web sites, which prevents me from knowing if pages are being allowed to open. The last time I was able to check, they appeared to be being blocked about 50% of the time.

   There appears to be corruption in rescue missions for Targeted Individuals and I fear that some have been being roped into "help" that is slyly infiltrated with (if not fully lead by) perpetration. And there remains no help or validation for those who are not aware of being targeted, which appears to be MOST Targeted Individuals. This is perhaps the saddest part of this hell we are going through - there is no TRULY safe place to turn to, and no officials acknowledging the targeting. . . until this covert holocaust is pulled out of the lethal silence, which seems to enable its success and growth.

   Those who target me are still relentlessly trying to either shove me into the type of job that exposes me to worse levels of harassment and physical danger, or coerce me into going with them - like the satanic ritual of brainwashing a victim into thinking that what they provide is a safe "home." They have often tortured me and then zoomed in, pretending to be good help. They seem to be expecting me to take that leap just to end the pain and suffering and destitution that they have forced me into.

   There appears to have been a set up, which started with help coming from THEIR OWN puppets, in order to get me to a point of being dependent on them before suddenly cutting it off while telling me that I will get money if I "go home" with them. They also appear to be threatening to have me put in jail if I do not comply. ("caged" is the word they used.) Thank God, they also hold to the rule that it has to be my choice. And I am holding strong on this account - I know that their "home" is not mine and I do not ever want it to be. The psychological cruelty, that has been inflicted under the guise of "help," is the most difficult thing I’ve had to endure in the past year. Over and over again my hopes have been built up just to be shattered. And I’m realizing that my crying and begging for help is what brought on this level of the targeting - like vultures they swooped in when I was desperately groping for help. The scenarios I went through with this could fill a whole book.

Yesterday, a puppet walked by my car and yelled out, "Her car is going to break down" and my car suddenly would not start - they had me stranded in a parking lot again! It appears that they can drain a battery with microwave weapons and appeared to even be periodically draining it during the first process of someone trying to jump start it. This is the sort of thing I went through absolute hell with last year. as well as previous years. They’d just disable my car, when ever they wanted to, irregardless of my needs or plans and sometimes left me stranded for days without adequate water, food or bathroom facilities, while surrounded by puppets who were harassing me or trying to force me into going with them and then sometimes blasting me with microwaves and angry degrading messages (sent through their puppets or my radio) when I didn’t.

   I no longer listen to the radio in my car, but I can not shut them out in stores or parking lots (I do not get the types of V2K that other targeted Individuals get - with me the messages come through other people, through technologies they can manipulate, and through dreams inflicted by psychotronic weapons.) Music - an important part of my life, feels like it has once again been torn from me. The radios in my vehicles used to suddenly break or malfunction and now they use them as a way to harass me. My dreams have always been like a sacred place for communication with God, and this has now been invaded also!

   Yesterday I also got a reminder of past episodes of puppets quickly speeding up their vehicles, as if trying to run me over, as I walk to or from my vehicle in parking lots. This revving puppet was a young lady who looked right at me, smiled, stepped on the gas and then suddenly braked and laughed...etc. It was a VERY obvious intent to get a reaction out of me - to make me think she was going to intentionally run me over. In the past this had not bothered me, because I knew they were not going to actually hit me. Sometimes I slowed down my walk, because I knew they wanted me to run or jump out of the way - I knew they wanted to terrorize me and I refused to let them. But I was shaken this time. I have been going through too much for too long. My nerves are starting to feel shot since last week when a police officer hit me with spotlights, as I tried to sleep in the back seat of my car, and then questioned me from such a distance that I felt scared and did not know if he had a gun drawn or if he would shoot me if I made the wrong move. Most of the time they approach me by just walking up to my car, but for some reason this one didn’t and it scared me, especially since it was followed by someone suggesting that I was "up to no good" as I worked on my computer in a  parking lot.

   Lately, I’m feeling more physically ill and the microwave radiation appears to be making my hair fall out a bit worse than it has in the past. My health is still fading and there seems nothing I can do to prevent it. I am also still being periodically hit with various types of parasites and chemicals. I am in deep need of taking time to take better care of myself, but my situation is preventing it and I sometimes stop even trying, because it can not be fully done while being targeted and held in destitution.

   I can not feel sure of getting honest medical help, because my GOOD doctor died and the next one lost my files and it appears that new false reports have been being written up each time microwave attacks or chemical attacks or some other manipulation has forced me into emergency rooms. I am now avoiding medical facilities, because I’ve experienced enough corruption in them to know that they are not safe places for Targeted Individuals. I know there are also decent people there, but the sad truth is that there is a greater chance of being lethally targeted in these types of environments. Even if hospitals were not so infiltrated, I prefer herbal medicines, but am not able to do the ones I need right now. . .and even if I could purchase and brew them I’d need ALL levels of the radiation - microwave targeting to stop, in order for them to be effective. I am also concerned about my psychological health. Lately, each time I barely start regaining some sense of balance, within myself, they hit me with another round of hell. Through the past two decades, I have not been allowed enough private time to grieve my losses and other pains that they continue inflicting upon me and/or my loved ones, and this is taking its toll on me. I have been smoking and, though this does not help me either, I am in a state of mind where I feel like I can not quit, while being targeted, without risking a nervous break down, which is obviously something they want to have happen. I need safety and a calm, private supportive environment, in order to take that leap into fully quitting smoking again.
   At this point the psychological warfare feels like the most lethal part of the targeting. Psychological death is far worse than a physical death and this appears to be what they prefer. I am hitting points where I feel like I can not handle anymore and I desperately need private quiet time, in order to process my experiences and do some inner healing work. I’d need the psychological harassment, microwaving, lasering, electromagnetic mind control and satellite watching parts of the targeting to completely end, in order to even start healing from the trauma I’ve been put through. I feel like I’m trapped and am slowly dieing (on every level) in a torturous covert prison, while surrounded by people who continue to pretend that none of this is really happening to me or anyone else. I feel more scared and hurt then I ever have, because I know that I can not continue surviving this for much longer and I can not expose and stop it all by myself. I am in desperate need of fellow human beings (who are NOT perpetration puppets) to help me in the ways that I need it. . .yet, those who have (or would have) helped me, with GENUINE Heart, appear to have also gotten targeted in various ways. There appears to be no way to get enough financial or law enforcement help under the restraints of the covert control around my situation. I have begged for Government help, in every way I know how, and in every place that I know of, and have hit wall after wall after wall. . .until I reached this point where I feel tired of asking and feel deeply hurt that help and protection has not yet arrived. Even the kind FBI agent, whom called me awhile back, is "no longer working in this office."
   I have experienced and sensed infiltrations in our local and state law enforcement agencies, which can easily interfere even on those rare occasions when concrete proof arises. I have also experienced a lot of good in our law enforcement  but the ones that wanted to help appear to have been targeted and/or have left the departments. (I feel that many of them are victims too).
   I keep praying and waiting for the miracle that can fully expose and stop the targeting, and am often visualizing placing it in God’s hands. However, I also know that God works through people and these miracles can only be performed when enough media and government personnel find the heart and the courage to publicly stand up against these crimes. . .for the sake of future generations of their own loved ones if not for those of us who are being destroyed. . .and the rest of humanity.
   When I step out of my own pain and look at the bigger picture I feel and sense that there are some decent people, in our governments, who want to do more than they can, or more than they are being allowed to, and my heart aches for them as well. It must be excruciating to know of this suffering and not be able to stop it.

 I sometimes wonder if perhaps the key parts of our governments have good reasons for not publicly exposing this and that perhaps they are not yet fully aware of the depths of our suffering. I know many people who are being harmed and are scared and suffering in ways that no human being should ever have to suffer. And I am one of them. We desperately need ALL levels of this lethal covert and technological targeting to be exposed and stopped and I do believe that this will eventually happen. But will it happen in time for those of us who are now already being destroyed? (Its already too late for some.) And will it happen in time for me? These are the questions that now cry from the depths of my aching soul, because I don’t know and my days of waiting are feeling way too long.
   My heart also aches for other people, whom I know are being covertly targeted/tortured and do not even realize what is happening to them. I recently went to see one of them - an old friend/acquaintance who is partly aware, and the pain and fear and despair, that I saw in his eyes, still rips into my heart. (I understand that level of suffering too well.) I also know of a woman who was psychologically tortured and then shoved into an institution. And the fear in the voice of another old friend, when I talked to her in 2006, still haunts me to this day. There are many of us who are suffering in ways that no human being should have to continue suffering.
   We desperately need other people and Government agencies to stand up for us and protect us from further harm. And we can not fully be here for each other, because (like someone once told me) "Targeted Individuals, trying help each other, is like a person with no arms trying to help a person with no legs." Its true. The mountains of manipulations and remotely inflicted technological tortures, which keep heavily targeted individuals from being witnesses for each other, are immense.
   Our lives are being slowly, cruelly destroyed and we are surrounded by walls, which are
built with microwave mind control manipulations as well as other intrusive inflictions that can even include lethal distractions like sudden inconspicuous murders of those who are close to the ones whom we talk to about the targeting. And they are getting away with it, because of the severe lack of public awareness. After a few rounds of noticing this it becomes difficult to talk to anyone or get close to anyone, or even want to do anything but crawl into the safe cave, that does not exist, even though the silence would merely enable free continuation of the targeting on others. I sometimes talk to people and sometimes don’t and it seems like no matter what I do or don’t do the pain and suffering continues to surround and engulf me as well as others.

   Though I used to be good at expressing my feelings, this has me stuck in depths of despair and frustration that are truly indescribable. I feel like a caged animal that is being tortured, on busy city street, where people are allowed to throw me little scraps of food but are not allowed to protect me or talk to me or comfort me or set me free.

   I often feel too numb to even function properly, due to the microwaves and the psychotronic weapons that are almost always attached to my brain. Sometimes I feel like screaming but am afraid that if I started to I’d not be able to stop. Sometimes I feel all choked up and tied in knots. Sometimes hints of my pain sneak out in short batches of silent tears, with the hope that it is not noticed by the criminals who remotely watch me (like through satellites), so that I’ll not get microwaved for crying. "Don’t cry" they recently yelled out, through a puppet that walked by me, just before a new type of microwaving started hitting me when I cry or pray or have any sort of deep feelings.

   I desperately need safety and protection and someone to show me that all will be OK and just the thought of this brings tears to my eyes. I desperately need ALL levels of the targeting to be immediately exposed and stopped, (for ALL our sakes) although this seems impossible at this point. I am praying for the strength to endure this for as long as I have to. But my strength fades in each new round of vamped up targeting. I regain strength when the targeting backs off. But, lately it feels like I am losing more than I am gaining.

[Update; At this time I was, and still am, concerned about what direction things are heading in. Are they getting better or worse? They have been getting worse in my situation. Many of the witnesses and other TIs that I had known personally appear to be gone, one died in Feb 2015 and one was in a severe "accident" in June of 2015. I pray for answers and assurance that things are getting better in the rest of the world than they still appear around me.]

New Back up site;

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Holocaustal Slaughter

 How on earth did a 
Farmer's simple daughter
Get shoved into this 
Holocaustal slaughter?

Lately, every day consists of an inner struggle for me to retain some sense of sanity while surrounded by confusing chaos and suffering the effects of various types of microwave and laser weapon attacks...etc.

Calling All Hearts 

Please Print and Pass Out This Paper

This is a call for you to let your heart care about things that you may not yet realize are happening to people here in the USA as well as globally. Many are suffering in ways that no human being should ever have to suffer and this is in desperate need of public awareness.

The Military Connection

    In December 2010 two young men, who said they were in the Navy, rented rooms, directly after I did, in a home where I was later hit with what appeared to be anthrax. Because the couple, whom I rented from, also appeared to be involved, it was difficult to point fingers, although only one of the Navy guys was there when I was hit with the anthrax type symptoms.
    In 2012 I had been asking for answers as to why I am being targeted and, within a couple days, a truck with a veteran license plate pulled up near me. As I hand him the "Public Notice" paper, he said, "All military men are brainwashed." This appeared to be a quoting of what I had said, in the late 1980s, to a neighbor who's little brother was aiming for the military. (My statement was just one of those spontaneous intuitions that surfaced out of concern for her brother. I had no knowledge of how deeply true it now appears to have been.) Since I was being targeted before the 1980s, this was not the full answer to my question, but it was probably the reason for the vamp up, which separated me from friends and family and took my Loudon, NH home...etc.
    These experiences, along with the amount of veteran license plates on vehicles that stalk me, definitely point to military involvement with targeting me. But I still do not believe that my own government (as a whole) would do this to me.
    I believe that those who have been targeting me are part of a communistic/sadistic force that is also taking over the USA and probably already has at least some of our military controlled through the secret use of microwave mind control technologies. (I believe that many members of our military are victims also.)
    The questions now are, how much of the take-over has already been accomplished and, can it be reversed in time to restore our freedom, and how many more of us will be destroyed before the lethal technological targeting is exposed and stopped?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Revised "Public Notice" Paper

This little paper was printed on April 24, 2012 but has undergone some needed revisions, which include making it a bit more international.

Please download, print and share this paper

I have not shared much of my experiences lately, because I am a bit too overwhelmed. And how many times can I say, "I am being shot with microwave and laser weapons" and "I am experiencing harmful levels of psychological warfare" and "I need help and protection"...etc., without sounding like a broken record? That's what I feel like right now - a broken record.

Please read the following pages


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Remotely Inflicted Lobotomy?

Posted on Targeted in America on July 24, 2014; I remember reading an article, back in the 1980s, about a new technology that could perform laser surgery on a person, in their own home, through satellites. Then it appears that this was hushed and no more was written about it. Why? Probably because it is being criminally used.
     It appears that some victims of technological targeting are being damaged by remotely inflicted brain surgery destroying the part of their brain that deals with emotions, which is also the creative and spiritual part. I know a few people that this appears to have happened to. Medical tests could prove this. (This is just a small part of what is happening!) Can you imagine the ramifications of allowing these crimes to remain hidden and growing? Can you care? If not, you may be a victim. Either way, PLEASE stand up and help expose these crimes before its too late to stop them from damaging increasing numbers of people.

     Yesterday I had a bit of an emotional melt down - I cried and yelled for those who target me to leave me alone...etc. And I woke this morning with severe piercing pain around and behind my right eye again. I used to think that I was just being tortured for having feelings or for being defiant. But am I being damaged, a little bit at a time, because I refuse to be controlled and refuse to go with those who target us? It appears so. And I pray for this to be stopped in time for me also. PLEASE HELP EXPOSE AND STOP THE TARGETING.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Heart Bud

Targeted in America Book

The Targeted in America book is now available. I was so heavily targeted as I aimed to complete it that I hope to do a second volume if the targeting ever stops. This book is a personal testimony and is dedicated to Freedom with the hope for it to be restored to targeted citizens around the globe. I feel hurt and scared - not just for myself, but for all who are being targeted with technologies that are damaging our brains and bodies as well as preventing our natural process of personal and spiritual growth. Look for it on Amazon.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Its a Covert Puzzle

Order Targeted in America Book

Web pages of beginning stages

Download a pdf of Targeted in America only if you honestly can not afford to buy it
This pdf is sometimes not opening to the first page. I have noticed that this a pattern with the technological part of the targeting. Please do not let it deter you.

P.S. The new book cover picture, which I had created for the Heart Bud book is missing from ALL the files on my usb devises and computer! This is the second times that pictures with my Heart Bud Logo have been wiped out! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I'm not being allowed to upload pages onto my websites this morning. So I have added to the previous post until I can resolve this issue.

It appears that I have fully recovered from being shot in the head with some sort of laser weapon, the night before last.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cry for Help from International Government and Human Rights Organizations

Cry From Targeted Individual Sharon Rose Poet

I am an unheard victim lost beneath the lies.
I am a tortured one - put on a list to die.
I am a rising wounded - begging for your aide,
Becoming a speck of dust in an evil charade.

But I hope this changes soon

(Updated 8/5/2014)

The  last time I got shot with a laser weapon, which appeared to be aiming to harm or kill me, was last night on July 31, 2014 at around 7pm. This was not the first time but the next time could be the last. There are many other people, whom I know, who are also being targeted, tortured and forced to live in fear through the past few decades. I beg International Human rights organizations and governments (including the USA) to step up, expose and stop the technological targeting, to protect us from further harm and to insure the future safety of the rest of humanity.


     I am a victim of covert targeting, which utilizes satellite surveillance, laser weapons, microwave weapons, psychotronic weapons and chemical warfare, as well as local stalking and harassment programs, since at least the mid 1970s. I am also a witness to the effects of technological targeting on many other people.
     I've been fighting to survive various levels of the targeting for nearly four decades. I've been begging for help since 2006. And I've been fighting to publicly expose these crimes since 2010, under conditions that are indescribably inhumane.
    Since 2001 I've experienced terrifying levels of covert targeting in Canada, Peru, Mexico and the USA. I was born and raised in the USA and have experienced heavy targeting in over a dozen states, including Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, California, Nebraska, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York.
The fact that I continue to experience relentless, sadistic, high tech Hitler-style targeting in a free country is disturbing to say the least. I fear that if global media and governments (including the USA) do not quickly expose and stand up against these crimes - stand up for Freedom and Liberty. . .all of humanity will suffer indescribably. 
   The remote technological mind control part of the targeting seems to be the most difficult for people to believe and will surely be the most difficult for our global governments to admit. But I pray this happens soon, because this is actually the most lethal part of the targeting process and appears to be happening to more than just those of us who are being heavily targeted and those whom we are/were closest to. 
   I feel deeply hurt and scared - not just for myself, my loved ones and citizens of the USA, but also for citizens throughout the globe who are being targeted with technologies that are damaging our brains and bodies, and are preventing our natural process of personal and spiritual growth, in ways that can be irreparable.

Please protect us from further harm and do all that you can to expose and stop all forms of technological and covert targeting.

More of my personal experiences can be found here;