My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

“No problem ever got solved by pretending that it isn’t happening.”

In honor of our loss of Freedom
My flag being at half mast is NOT out of disrespect for America. On the contrary - I feel that our country - the Freedom and Liberty that our constitution stands for, is in serious jeopardy and that pretending its not happening is enabling further destruction. My half mast flag waves in honor of Targeted Individuals - in honor of our loss of Freedom. I will proudly raise my flag when the crimes against us are exposed and we are able to start gaining the hope of our Freedom, and basic human rights, being restored.

   I was born and raised in the USA and I, like many others, have taken for granted the Liberty, Freedom and human rights, which our constitution declared for us. But, as I realized that we are losing them, I started becoming more patriotic than I ever had been.
   I am glad to have been born in the USA, although I have no personal Freedom here, because the fact that I am a citizen of the USA gives me hope for that Freedom to be restored.
   Though many blame only the USA government for criminal use of radio wave technologies, my insights tell me that the core of these covert crimes, which are destroying our Freedom, extend beyond the USA and into communistic secret societies, which appear to have hidden roots in some sort of satanic occult.
   But, in my heart I see a Light shining in the USA - a Light which seems like the only hope we have. I pray that God helps the best of this country make a stand, which exposes these crimes and restores our Freedom.
   Prior to realizing that I have been being targeted, I would have never even imagined that this could happen, in the USA. It is from this shocked realization, that my web site and book title came from. (Targeted in America).
   I AM being targeted in America, in ways that most people wouldn’t even want to believe could happen in a free country. And I am not the only one. The plight of Targeted Individuals is a serious crisis that does not appear to be being addressed, while distractions flare and our lives continue being destroyed. I am still being hit with various types of microwave and laser weapons almost every day. And I feel the pain of this, along with other levels of the targeting, in ways that only a tortured TI could possibly understand.
   If I (or any other Targeted Individual) is going to continue being abandoned by our own government and finish being psychologically destroyed by our fellow citizens, for exposing the targeting and trying to get help and expressing what we feel and standing up for what is right... then it merely proves my point. How on earth can our flags wave at full mast with this happening to decent people? I cry as I write this. Can you feel my pain? Can you even begin to realize how important Freedom is? Can you care? Can you see that Freedom in the USA is worth standing up for even if you think we aren’t?

My mother used to say, “No problem ever got solved by pretending that it isn’t happening.” She was right. The USA is worth saving. . .and so are we.

P.S. This also applies to other countries. Judging by the reports I've read, there are decent citizens all over the world who are being tortured and destroyed, as I am, in the most inhumane way.

P.S.S. I have felt ashamed of, and appalled by, puppets who race around with our American flag raised, while following a covert sadistic program that is destroying their fellow citizens and the Freedom and Liberty we value in the USA. If they keep destroying America's dignity, it will end up hurting them as much. I cry, in my heart, "Why don't they see?" And I hope they find their hearts soon enough.

  I am being hit hard with microwave and laser weapons and psycho games from covert harassment group members. This summer seems to be starting the same type of cruel patterns they used last summer. It feels like my heart is being lasered again - more heart attack symptoms again. My elimination system is being controlled in ways that interfere with my life. My vehicle has recently been disabled and then magically started on its own AFTER I had to have it towed. I am still being surrounded by threats to have me framed -  incarcerated or institutionalized by perpetration puppets.