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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I feel scared for all of us

I wonder. . . When will humanity find the heart to let courage stand up and save itself? How many more of us will be destroyed by microwave weapons and the manipulations that cover criminal use of them? How many little children have been damaged, beyond repair, by psychotronic weapons? How many families have been torn apart by sadistic targeting? How many people feel the same excruciating pain I feel? Will the Sunrise come in time for us? How many can even care?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Heart Bud Continues

Sight of the Heart Bud

[ UPDATE: the hearts bud was forced to discontinue due to targeting of its sponsors. :-( ]

My "Targeted in America" book project is not taking the place of my Heart Bud publication, which still needs enough donations to bypass distribution and sponsor targeting. Until then, I am hoping that other people, who are less under the gun, will find the heart to do their own printings and distributions of it. Here are the three latest versions of the Heart bud. 

Full Issue of the Heart Bud

Special Edition for Citizens of the World

Condensed 4 page Special Edition

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

“No problem ever got solved by pretending that it isn’t happening.”

In honor of our loss of Freedom
My flag being at half mast is NOT out of disrespect for America. On the contrary - I feel that our country - the Freedom and Liberty that our constitution stands for, is in serious jeopardy and that pretending its not happening is enabling further destruction. My half mast flag waves in honor of Targeted Individuals - in honor of our loss of Freedom. I will proudly raise my flag when the crimes against us are exposed and we are able to start gaining the hope of our Freedom, and basic human rights, being restored.

   I was born and raised in the USA and I, like many others, have taken for granted the Liberty, Freedom and human rights, which our constitution declared for us. But, as I realized that we are losing them, I started becoming more patriotic than I ever had been.
   I am glad to have been born in the USA, although I have no personal Freedom here, because the fact that I am a citizen of the USA gives me hope for that Freedom to be restored.
   Though many blame only the USA government for criminal use of radio wave technologies, my insights tell me that the core of these covert crimes, which are destroying our Freedom, extend beyond the USA and into communistic secret societies, which appear to have hidden roots in some sort of satanic occult.
   But, in my heart I see a Light shining in the USA - a Light which seems like the only hope we have. I pray that God helps the best of this country make a stand, which exposes these crimes and restores our Freedom.
   Prior to realizing that I have been being targeted, I would have never even imagined that this could happen, in the USA. It is from this shocked realization, that my web site and book title came from. (Targeted in America).
   I AM being targeted in America, in ways that most people wouldn’t even want to believe could happen in a free country. And I am not the only one. The plight of Targeted Individuals is a serious crisis that does not appear to be being addressed, while distractions flare and our lives continue being destroyed. I am still being hit with various types of microwave and laser weapons almost every day. And I feel the pain of this, along with other levels of the targeting, in ways that only a tortured TI could possibly understand.
   If I (or any other Targeted Individual) is going to continue being abandoned by our own government and finish being psychologically destroyed by our fellow citizens, for exposing the targeting and trying to get help and expressing what we feel and standing up for what is right... then it merely proves my point. How on earth can our flags wave at full mast with this happening to decent people? I cry as I write this. Can you feel my pain? Can you even begin to realize how important Freedom is? Can you care? Can you see that Freedom in the USA is worth standing up for even if you think we aren’t?

My mother used to say, “No problem ever got solved by pretending that it isn’t happening.” She was right. The USA is worth saving. . .and so are we.

P.S. This also applies to other countries. Judging by the reports I've read, there are decent citizens all over the world who are being tortured and destroyed, as I am, in the most inhumane way.

P.S.S. I have felt ashamed of, and appalled by, puppets who race around with our American flag raised, while following a covert sadistic program that is destroying their fellow citizens and the Freedom and Liberty we value in the USA. If they keep destroying America's dignity, it will end up hurting them as much. I cry, in my heart, "Why don't they see?" And I hope they find their hearts soon enough.

  I am being hit hard with microwave and laser weapons and psycho games from covert harassment group members. This summer seems to be starting the same type of cruel patterns they used last summer. It feels like my heart is being lasered again - more heart attack symptoms again. My elimination system is being controlled in ways that interfere with my life. My vehicle has recently been disabled and then magically started on its own AFTER I had to have it towed. I am still being surrounded by threats to have me framed -  incarcerated or institutionalized by perpetration puppets.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Public Writing of "Targeted in America" Book

Half mast in honor of TIs
In this book my focus is on (not yet shared) personal experiences with being targeted. I had originally entitled this the "Covert Puzzle" and may return to this title.

   From the end of 2011 to 2014, I’ve been searching for information on web, in order to provide proof that the targeting is happening, and gain hope that enough people would realize what is happening and help bring it to an end.
   This seems to have failed due to my desperation sharing some links to the confusing array of misinformation that has been floating around the web. There have been times when, like a drowning swimmer, I have groped for answers - any answer that could offer hope for the targeting to be exposed and stopped. And I have sometimes found the wrong answers.
   But I have realized that, even if I posted a thousand genuine links to accurate proof that this targeting is happening, it still does not prove that it is happening to me or any of the dozens of victims I know.
   So, I am aiming to share deeper levels of my own personal experiences with being targeted. And this is what this book is about. I hope it helps all of us. Me too.

Surveillance Prison

This is an article that I have had in mind for a long time, but have repeatedly forgotten it. Finally, its here;

Surveillance Prison

I have been working on personalizing my writings - adding more of my personal experiences, in an infiltrated computer and while being microwaved...etc., so I have decided to share them publicly. The "Surveillance Prison" is an article in my book - "Targeted in America." This morning is delivering heavy microwaving!

Below is a post that I recently found was erased and some of its dates of 2012 were changed to 2014.


Friday, July 18, 2014; Public Notice Flyer;
   As I aim to clean up some of my writings, I am noticing some unusual  things around the posting of information about the Technological Holocaust.  I’d printed a little “Public Notice” flyer/paper on April 24, 2012 and some unusual things have happened around it.  My commercial printer (a NH news paper company) made a few delays around taking payment for it and then sent me a receipt that was dated a month later.  After the original files were missing from my computer, (or dates on them changed) I felt that there were some manipulations happening, so I hand wrote the printing date on the papers - “4-24-2012.” (I had not printed a date on it, because my focus was on just genuinely helping to expose this crisis.) Some sort of mind control must have kicked in on me while I did this, because on SOME of the papers, I wrote “5-24-2012” - I wrote a five instead of a four. The address of it on some web postings had been altered.  A USB device, which contained a huge chunk of my writings is recently missing on a day after my vehicle seemed to have been accessed, while it had been disabled for 5 days...etc.

   The Public Notice grew from a paper I wrote in February 2012. Below are links to some of my earlier web writings. Though they are not done very well, and though I have learned a lot since I posted or printed them, they are what they are and I have decided not to alter or erase them.

Close to the Original Public Notice Paper;
www.poeticpublications.com/Public Notice 2.pdf
(Previous postings of this address had been altered.)

Original web pages, which I had posted;

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Poetic Voice of a Targeted Individual

This little book of poetry weaves its way through my pain, my anger, my hope, my despair, my fear and my faith, as I stumble through the hell that being a Targeted Individual entails. I hope it touches your heart and helps you to realize our need for the freedom that is not yet here for us - the freedom that all of humanity is in danger of losing if remote technological targeting and experimentation, with radio wave technologies, is allowed to continue and grow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Technological Holocaust Book

 This little book is a good introduction to things that EVERY citizen, around the globe, should realize. It strives to expose covert harassment programs, the plight of Targeted Individuals,  criminal use of satellite surveillance systems and radio wave technologies - microwave weapons...etc.

   A Targeted Individual’s aim to expose crimes that are sure to effect all of humanity if they are allowed to continue and grow. Please tune into the depths of your own Heart and instincts as you read this, because you may want to think its “just another conspiracy theory,” even though it’s proof can make the Truth shine through the deepest shadows of doubt.  Please take it seriously and share it for the sake of your own future safety and that of your loved ones.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Criminal Violations.

Yesterday a puppet called out, "Lock your back door" - the usual sadistic game of warning me about what they are going to do. I locked myself into my car, the same as usual, because its the best I can do - locking both doors as well as hooking a heavy duty commercial strap between the door handles - holding them tightly together. This morning I woke and noticed the strap was flopping down as if it had been stretched out. I later noticed that my usb storage device, which holds my writings is missing! And my car is still not starting! I feel like a sitting duck for the criminals who are targeting me. It seems like they are doing the things that can hurt me most (disabling my car/home and stealing my writings) and probably want me to completely fall apart so they can shove me into a psych ward. I'm holding it together (denial is helping) but I still feel indescribably hurt and violated.

If there is anyone out there, who has a heart left, and can help me financially, PLEASE do so.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

P.S. (7-9-2014) After 5 days of being stranded, my car suddenly started but has other concerning issues. I have noticed a consistent pattern of sudden drops in hits on this blog every time I post s request for financial help. Whats with that?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014

My flag is at half mast in honor of American citizens who are being hurt by all sorts of covert targeting. God help the USA.

   I was blocked from the web through most of today and just found that there were 0 hits on this blog, which is SO unusual that it makes me wonder if it is being blocked from the public. I am experiencing a steady ring in my ears and pressure in my head all day today. It feels like a psychotronic weapon attached to my brain! This is the same as most days, although it tends to vary in intensity - from mild to torture levels. Today's intensity is between these two extremes. Not comfortable!
  A critical situation;  I am stranded in a parking lot - my car suddenly would not start. I feel that it has probably been intentionally disabled again, by those who target me. I went through hell last year with the repeated disabling of my vehicle/home and I pray that this does not start happening again. If it is permanently disabled, this time, I am up the creek without a paddle, literally. Please help me. Please send financial help to;

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Disappointing Refrain

I have temporarily removed two of my books from the market. The ("Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" and "Technological Holocaust") But I hope to someday edit and re-publish them.

I had thrown these books together VERY quickly, while I was fearing for my life, literally. Consequently, not much attention was given to detail. I have since realized that I had included articles from other people, which were on my web site. And I have also realized that some of the information I share in them needs updating and editing.

As for me personally; I am struggling with the targeting as much as ever. (More in some ways) Sometimes I refrain from writing about the details because its mostly the same as what I have been sharing for years now. Lately I have been trying to edit my web writings, but seem to have almost steady doses of electromagnetic frequencies drilling
into my brain, which makes it difficult to concentrate. I am also feeling the usual fatigue. The temps here in NH do not blend well with microwaves. I had loved the heat in the past, but since being more heavily targeted with microwaves, I find it difficult to deal with while living in a car with no air conditioning.

P.S. The base of my pinkie finger has close to doubled in size in the past couple days. It felt like it was being lasered with pin point beams, before it suddenly swelled and became painful.

Find the new book on;