My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, June 27, 2014

Road to Freedom

The crazy covert targeting is still delivering negative messages and intense rounds of microwaves that often leave me in fear of permanent brain damage.

   This morning I let my tears succumbed to my old habit of "driving out the pain" even though I could not afford to spare the gas money. I drove and cried and drove and cried until my exhaustion pulled into a rest stop, yanked my pillow from the back seat, curled it against my driver side door and buried my head in its softness - a welcomed contrast to the hard world I am in. Within minutes my need for a few moments of peace was invaded by the usual door slamming and horn blaring puppets who followed me into the parking lot. I drove to the next turn off and again!  Then I resign to accepting the (already known) fact that the most peace I ever get, during heavy swarms, is while driving on the road. So, I drove and all they did was repeatedly swerve into me from the opposite direction - a bit of a break from the rest. I need a lot more of a break than that, but I'll take what I can get.
   After veering off the main drag, winding through White Mountain roads and heading south on highway 16, I saw it - a little sign pointing left toward "Freedom." As I drove by, my first verbalized thought was, "If I went there I wonder if I'd find it."It was a dry joke, of course. But by the time I got about a mile down the road I'd formulated a fantasy story about driving to Freedom, so I swung around with the intent to make it true.
    But guess what sat at the exit. Yup, a puppet with hypocritical directionals pointed toward Freedom. (This sort of thing happens often and seems like their way of trying to establish dominance - pretending that THEY are telling me to go where they KNEW I was already going.)
I tried not to let it bother me and rushed on, but other cars were suddenly slowing down in front of me. Yup! Probably more puppets. I passed one of them on a double yellow line, in order to give law enforcement a better reason to judge and look down on me. None APPEARED to be around. Lucky me. By this time my pain had turned to anger, because there is now just too much of it to drive out while being swarmed and deprived of any amount of privacy.
I rushed on and was blocked by more slow moving traffic. "Why on earth are they going so slow?" I exclaimed, "Don't they know that Freedom is just up the road?" But they obviously did not yet know that they had lost it. Were they another batch of freedom destroying puppets? Probably. How appropriate. I kept heading toward Freedom anyway, and was more than half way there when I felt a sudden intense urge for a pit stop.
    After racing into the parking lot and weaving through the store I finally found it hidden behind a coffee stand - right where the store keeper puppet said it would be before I started listening. I sat on the toilet and pushed and pushed and pushed and. . .nothing! This is typical. It probably wasn't microwave induced, (this time) but it resembled it, because as soon as I gave up I suddenly had to go again. . .and as soon as success was in the process of being achieved there was a knock on the door. I called out, "I'll be a few minutes. Maybe an hour," and then loudly added, as an afterthought, "TWO HOURS IF YOU ARE A PUPPET."  And then a few minutes later, another knock on the door. I took my time and did what I needed to do, instead of letting them rush me as I had been doing for over a decade.
   Back on the road and then there it was - another sign saying "Freedom" two miles to the left. I couldn't wait to get there - I SOOOOOO needed Freedom. But as I rounded the corner, there it was again, another Freedom destroying puppet pulled over with hypocritical directionals pointing toward Freedom. I drove by it blaring my horn - a little role reversal. "This is MY trek not yours," I said out loud, knowing they'd hear me. By this time my pain had turned to anger. I was a LOT better off when I did not realize that they could hear my every word, but that’s another story. Back to this one.
   After passing a few lying signs, I finally reached the little center of Freedom, NH. I pulled over at a country store just in time to see a door slamming puppet rushing into it. I decided not let her put me off, because I had a fantasy of walking into that store and saying, "I'm looking for Freedom," and so I did, while handing the puppet my special edition of the Heart Bud. She and her confused friend rudely looked at me, and then at each other, as if I were a crazy person. So I said it again and then sarcastically thanked them for their kindness as I walked out the door. This WAS a bit crazy, but I'm not admitting to it - it was ALL THEIR FAULT that they did not understand. Perhaps they will if they are allowed to read the paper.
    Back behind the wheel. Shortly after rounding a sharp corner on village road, I couldn't stop myself from pulling over to take a picture of a small building that had giant lettering on its front, which read, "FREEDOM PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT." Oh yes! That is exactly what we need! I handed the Heart Bud to a man who opened the door after I banged on it and snapped out, "So is the public SAFE here?" I'm sure his confused expression had nothing to do with my attitude and odd question and had everything to do with his ignorance - he didn't know either - he didn't know how unsafe our world is right now. But perhaps he will if he is allowed to read the paper without microwaves being drilled into his brain.
   With my little rampage game finished, I drove away feeling a bit disappointed, because I spent $40 dollars just to find out that Freedom was not free.

Are you getting it? Perhaps only a Targeted Individual would see the reality and humor in this.