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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Research on the Russian SURA and Mind Control Applications

Yesterday, I was trying to do some research on mind control connected to the Russian Sura project. Two surprising things happened. 1. I was amazed by how much material is out on the HAARP project - blaming it for disasters all around the world, as well as mind control. (I had fallen into that trap in the initial stages of my trying to find out how the mind control was being done, and by whom...etc.) Yet, there is very little published about the Russian SURA project, and even less about its mind control capabilities. Sura is of comparable size to HAARP and is said to have been commissioned nearly a decade BEFORE the construction of HAARP had even begun.

2. I had saved a web page onto my computer - a wikipedia information page on SURA. I later rebooted my computer and was about to click on this page when it vanished before my eyes. A few minutes later it suddenly re-appeared and, when I clicked on it, it no longer contained information on SURA , but was the page on HAARP. (A little example of the types of games perpetrators play in an infiltrated computer.) Why do you suppose this happened?

More may be added later