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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Proof of Microwave Targeting Through Satellites and/or SURA or HAARP Types of Technologies

   I had stated my concern, in letters I sent in early 2012, that some of our own government employees, military, spiritual leaders...etc., may also be unaware victims of the types of remote mind control that can be performed through satellite surveillance systems in conjunction with technologies like SURA and HAARP. A person does not have to be near a cell tower, cell phone or any other type of technology, for the most advanced levels of mind control or microwaving to be in effect. I know that many would (or will) argue my stand on this, in order to hide this, but it has been proven to me. Here are two examples of this;

1. In 2011 I was being hit REALLY hard, with radio waves being drilled into my head. (This was while they were convincing my daughters that I am just "mentally ill.") I took a large piece of lead chimney flashing and wrapped it around my head, like a hat. It completely blocked the microwaves, for several seconds - until it seemed like they suddenly came in from a different angle - into my face, which was the only exposed part of my head. I shifted the hat to cover my face and the lasering stopped again. . .until I was hit in the back of my head...etc. This was happening so fast that there is ABSOLUTELY no way that a person or vehicle was circling around the house and hitting me from different directions and angles. I was in a country home, on top of the tallest hill on the area, where there were no cell towers and no real cell phone reception. The lasering was being done from the sky with technologies that could quickly circle around me and come at me from different angles. This is the absolute TRUTH.
   FYI; I got more relief when I covered my whole head, (face included) until the lasering was vamped up into levels that penetrated the lead and nearly knocked me out of consciousness when I took it off my head. After taking it off I went through an episode where I could not speak properly and was experiencing neurological malfunctions until it let up a bit. (I am also being hit hard on the back of my head as I write this. Am in a lot of pain)

2. I was sleeping in the back seat of my car, in the winter, and was being lasered in the early hours of the morning. The rear view window on my car was all iced up, except for a circle, about the size of a softball, where the microwaves were coming in at me. beyond my body and that circle, in the direction the laser was obviously coming from, was absolutely nothing but wide open sky - no buildings or cell towers or anything even near the area - literally NOTHING but wide open sky. I took a picture of that melted circle, which was later removed from my phone.
   This is not the only time this happened. Sometimes the lasering has melted lines or whole sections of the top corners of my car window. How large the melt mark is seems to depend on how much of my body is being microwaved.
   Perhaps this is one of the advantages of being targeted into living in a vehicle - I have learned that the targeting happens VERY remotely, and that it does not matter where I go. I've been microwaved in the middle of deserts, deep in the woods and on mountains - in places where there are no vehicles, houses, cell towers...etc., - places where it is more than clear that the microwaves are coming from the sky.
One of the times, when I was testing this out, (in the early spring of 2012) a military guy parked next to me and yelled out (pretending to be talking to his wife - classic puppet style) "You keep testing! You know what is going to happen if you don't STAND DOWN!" If I were not in the process of realizing an important TRUTH that threat would have never been delivered to me. Think about it.
   NOBODY will ever convince me that the microwave targeting is only being done through "cell phones" or other localized technologies, and not also through satellites and technologies like SURA and HAARP, which bounce radio waves off the ionosphere, in order to direct them at targets on earth - coming at us from outer space.
   The dangers in concealing these TRUTHS about how remotely we can be targeted merely keeps ALL of humanity (including those who try to hide it) in danger of these crimes never TRULY being stopped. Our only hope is for the REAL TRUTHS to come out and for the strictest of regulations to prevent criminal use of these technologies. If they can not be regulated - if criminal use of them can not be stopped, they should be disabled - completely disabled, BEFORE the criminals create Armageddon or mutilate even more of us.

P.S. While working in a library, I was being hit with a heavy psychotronic weapon attack. I had pain in my head, steady loud ring in my ears, diminished eye site and nausea. (this was at torture levels) When I got up and walked past the service desk, the lights above it began flickering. "The bulbs must need replacing," one of the librarians said as she stared at the lights with a confused look on her face. I feel that it was caused by the radio waves that were being drilled into my head. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Again, this shows me the direction from which the attack was coming from. . .and that it was indeed coming from the sky.