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Monday, June 16, 2014

Its not about proclaiming it - its about doing it

Its not about proclaiming it - its about doing it. And if the few who are doing it, continue to be destroyed, it will not get done. 

Please find the HEART and the COURAGE to stand with us - to stand in God's Light for ALL who are being harmed and/or destroyed by criminal use of radio wave technologies and other forms of covert harassment

    This post was inspired by the behaviors of those who call themselves Christians and help to target/destroy me while judging me and projecting their perceptions of their versions of the bible onto me. The mind control part of the targeting of humanity appears to have had a heavy focus on global spiritual leaders and teachers and the results are becoming more devastating every day. How on earth can people who allow or join the lethal targeting of humanity call themselves "Christians"? It is beyond my rhelm of comprehension and seems like a CLEAR demonstration of how dark things have turned. I hope they find their HEARTS, because God is LOVE and LOVE stands against the dark, not with it.

Who was it who first said, "Anyone who does not stand against it stands with it." 


Recent puppet messages insinuate something being put in my sandwich - something that will slowly kill me. A little time will tell if it is true or not. My car was illegally accessed the night before last and my writings and passwords possibly stolen/copied from a pouch that appears to have been accessed. My lungs have still not fully recovered from the last chemical attack. I am still being hit with debilitating levels of psychological harassment and microwaves, through various types of weapons, and my computer is still being infiltrated, so my writings continue to be severely limited and sometimes altered. I am still in desperate need of protection from ALL levels of the targeting. . .and the same goes for an uncountable number of others.