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Friday, May 30, 2014

When You Look With Compassion and Stand With Courage

    Lately I’ve had puppets judging me for feeling “cynical” or “angry”...etc. And it surprises me that people can have such cynical perspectives of a person who is being tortured and harassed - a person whose life is being slowly destroyed through many gruelling decades. Its as if I am expected to just let it happen and have no feelings!

    When you look with compassion you will see that within my anger and “cynicism” lays a pain that is so excruciating that most people can not even imagine it. I am a  victim of a covert war - I am being tortured and harassed and slowly destroyed, in a world that does not even acknowledge the crimes that are being committed against me - a world that stands behind, or with, the criminals instead of standing up to expose and stop these crimes!
   My pain now sometimes wears the involuntary mask of cynicism and anger, because, I have been being hurt for so long and because when I dare to cry, I have sometimes been delivered threats to label me as depressed or mentally ill and to shove me into psych wards, WHILE I AM STILL BEING TORTURED WITH MICROWAVES AND LASERS AND CHEMICALS...etc.! And, even without these threats looming over me, it is impossible to heal from this WHILE STILL BEING TARGETED. The trauma would have to end BEFORE recovery could begin.
   And then there’s the targeting that is happening to those whom I’ve been closest to, as well as the rest of humanity! I feel for them too. Sometimes I feel so deeply hurt, its indescribable! I have publicly cried, over and over and over again, “I am overwhelmed” and “I need help” and “I can’t take anymore!” and “I need protection from the targeting” and “PLEASE help me”...etc. But, thus far, not enough people (if any) are Truly listening and caring. Even those who are aware still stand separate from me and with (or behind) those who are targeting me. I hurt - God, how I hurt! And, by God, I have a right to my feelings. Literally.

When You Look With Compassion You Will See.

  Uncountable numbers of Targeted Individuals feel the same excruciating pains I do. We are being hurt! We are being tortured! We are being destroyed! This holocaust shouldn't be happening. . .and it surely should NOT be allowed to continue, at this point, because enough people in our governments and media are already FULLY aware of it. This situation has reached a critical point. I feel this in every fiber of my being. If my impending psychological and/or physical demise is allowed to continue (as well as that of other Targeted Individuals) it is the responsibility of every person who engages in the covert targeting and also every person who is aware and fails to find the courage to fully stand up against it. Seriously.

I beg Obama, the Media, the FBI and other government personnel, to PLEASE stop allowing this to continue, for your own sakes (and your own future) as well as ours. Please let your Hearts care for us and please let your courage stand up for us. PLEASE don’t keep waiting until its too late for too many! 

When YOU Care to Stand With Courage You Will See.

Please Do So Now. Tomorrow May Become Too Late. What lurks on the horizon is far worse than that which could happen as we find the courage to more completely stand in the Light against these horrible crimes. Last year someone told me that "Fear is perhaps our worst enemy." This appears to be True, in this crisis. Too many are allowing fear to passively allow this holocaust to continue and grow. Please let go of the fear and let your courage grow its wings.


P.S. Lately, when I look at the plight of our world, due to this lethal targeting being allowed to continue for too long, I can not bear it. It hurts to see that, thus far, humanity is failing to find the heart to save itself - that the criminals are even being allowed to remain in charge of “help” efforts - that we will ALL suffer far more then what we now do, if those who can expose and stop this continue to not do so. I am praying hard that they quickly have a change of Heart, because the alternative is unbearable - literally unbearable. Its has NOT been “too late” to stop this. Duncan was wrong. The perpetrators have wanted us to accept defeat and let them win. . .and, sadly, this is what too many have been doing. I just can not believe that this lethal targeting is being allowed to continue for as long as it has. It looks like some are INTENTIONALLY waiting until it genuinely is too late for too many of us. God help us. . .and God help them find their Hearts.

When YOU Look With Compassion and Stand With Courage the Light Will Shine.

P.S.S.  There have been many who have helped me to sustain my plight, living in a tired car, and I have deeply appreciated them. Without their help I'd not even still be surviving, I'm sure. However, the bottom line is that I need to be doing better than just surviving. I need the targeting to end - I need the lasering of my brain to stop; I need the psychotronic monitoring of my brain to stop; I need the lasering of my body to stop; I need the microwaving of my body to stop; I need the chemical warfare to stop; I need all the covert harassment and confusion to stop; I need the sabotaging of my work, relationships, homes and vehicles to stop; I need my homes back and a chance to recover and rebuild my life, without being forced to leap into even further seclusion with those who target us - I need to feel safe; I need to be able to continue my life's work without being threatened and tortured; (FYI - I was being heavily targeted LONG BEFORE 2011 when I started realizing, and writing about, the mind control parts of the targeting. Its not my writings that instigate the targeting, as some still assume - its the targeting that has inspired my writings about it.) I need a chance to restore my life - my body, mind and spirit. I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK! I NEED TO BE ALLOWED TO PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT OF MY OWN LIFE. I NEED TO BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN BEING, INSTEAD OF A LAB RAT! I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK! DID I SAY THAT. . .I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK? I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK!