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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Needed Recovery Ends With License Plate Being Ripped off my Car

My fever finally broke shortly after my last post. My lungs are clearing up. And I'm working on regaining my strength. I had headed into the woods (for a week) to try to recover and was almost constantly blasted with heavy doses of radio waves being shot into my brain. My retreat abruptly ended with a police officer showing up to inform me that someone had snuck in, during the short period of time I'd not been with my car, to rip my license plate off my car, last Sunday morning. The officer told me that I'd have to go pick my plate up from another police officer in a nearby town. I insisted on pressing charges. Neither officer would give me the perpetrator's name and so far this event took place in two different towns, possibly a third - the usual jurisdiction confusion that seems to intentionally surround these sorts of perpetration.