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Saturday, May 31, 2014

People NEED to Know

[Update; I lightly edited this post, softening it up a bit, because I had written it at a time when I was feeling too upset.]

   Listening to JFK's speech, which I placed in the previous post, has validated many of the sentiments I've already published, as well as raising new ones. . .

 Though it is understandable that certain things should not be revealed by the media, for the purpose of national security, during times of war. . . there are also things, which the public NEEDS to be aware of, during this covert war, for their own psychological and physical safety.

Informing the public of the mind control technologies, and their aiding pharmaceuticals, could help us to resist and support each other and try to listen to our Hearts above what is being projected into their minds. Without this awareness, people assume that projected thoughts, emotions and dreams are their own instincts, intuitions or feelings. . .and the dangers in this can not be understated.

 People NEED to know.

Exposing the criminal covert harassment (gangstalking) program, that many are being hurt or driven crazy by, would enable victims to protect themselves and realize that they are not going crazy. It would also enable victims to get the types of protection and help that are desperately NEEDED, instead of being shoved into types of "help" that are even more psychologically damaging. Public awareness of these crimes would also make people think twice about joining, or remaining in, a criminal covert operation that is hurting people.

 People NEED to know.

 JFK wisely said, "The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society and we are, as people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions - even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intent to permit..."

  People NEED to know.

What are the reasons why the public is not being informed of the covert targeting of humanity? This is a question that deserves serious contemplation, because continued lack of public awareness, of the lethal crimes that are being committed against common citizens, as well as government officials, is helping to destroy an uncountable number of lives, as well as our hope of regaining our freedom. Who is benefiting from the continued secrecy? The criminals who are targeting us - only the criminals who are targeting us.

People NEED to know.

An argument against our "Need to know" could probably be made -  it could be assumed that people would launch into lawsuits and hysteria...creating new problems on top of what is already overwhelming. (I believe that this is the type of fear that the perpetrators are creating, because their success depends on continued secrecy.) I believe that, if the process of informing the public is handled wisely, the opposite would happen. Perhaps if our media and government put more trust in us, we would also re-gain important levels of trust in them. We could ALL face and end and recover from this crisis together. . .hand in hand and heart to heart. ("United we stand - divided we fall")

 People NEED to know!

My writings have been being interfered with by those who target me. This newly edited (and shortened) edition of the Heart Bud is the best I can produce at this point in time. Please download, print and share it; www.heartbud.com/hbspecial4.pdf


P.S. It appears that my computer is still infiltrated, and my phone is still not recording sent text messages, so please let me know if you see anything 'off color' in my writings. Thank you.

Friday, May 30, 2014

"THE President and the Press"

Full version of the April 27, 1961 Speech by President John F Kennedy
(The best part starts around the 5:20 time period.)


Look With Compassion

Lately someone has been judging me for feeling “cynical” or “angry”...etc. And it surprises me that people can have such perspectives of a person who is being tortured and harassed - a person whose life is being slowly destroyed through many gruelling decades. Its as if I am expected to just let it happen and have no feelings!

When you look with compassion you will see that within my anger and “cynicism” lays a pain that is so excruciating that most people can not even imagine it. I am a victim of a covert war - I am being tortured and harassed and slowly destroyed, in a world that does not even acknowledge the crimes that are being committed against me - a world that stands behind, or with, the criminals instead of standing up to expose and stop these crimes!

My pain now sometimes wears the involuntary mask of cynicism and anger, because, I have been being hurt for so long and because when I dare to cry, I have sometimes been delivered threats to label me as depressed or mentally ill and to shove me into psych wards, WHILE I AM STILL BEING TORTURED WITH MICROWAVES AND LASERS AND CHEMICALS...etc.! And, even without these threats looming over me, it is impossible to heal from this WHILE STILL BEING TARGETED. The trauma would have to end BEFORE recovery could begin.
And then there’s the targeting that is happening to those whom I’ve been closest to, as well as the rest of humanity! I feel for them too. Sometimes I feel so deeply hurt, its indescribable! I have publicly cried, over and over and over again, “I am overwhelmed” and “I need help” and “I can’t take anymore!” and “I need protection from the targeting” and “PLEASE help me”...etc. But, thus far, not enough people (if any) are Truly listening and caring. Even those who are aware still stand separate from me and with (or behind) those who are targeting me. I hurt - God, how I hurt! And, by God, I have a right to my feelings. Literally.

P.S. Lately, when I look at the plight of our world, due to this lethal targeting being allowed to continue for too long, I can not bear it. It hurts to see that, thus far, humanity is failing to find the heart to save itself - that the criminals are even being allowed to remain in charge of “help” efforts - that we will ALL suffer far more then what we now do, if those who can expose and stop this continue to not do so. I am praying hard that they quickly have a change of Heart, because the alternative is unbearable - literally unbearable. Its has NOT been “too late” to stop this. Duncan was wrong. The perpetrators have wanted us to accept defeat and let them win.Lets not let them win.

P.S.S. There have been many who have helped me to sustain my plight, living in a tired car, and I have deeply appreciated them. Without their help I'd not even still be surviving, I'm sure. However, the bottom line is that I need to be doing better than just surviving. I need the targeting to end - I need the lasering of my brain to stop; I need the psychotronic monitoring of my brain to stop; I need the lasering of my body to stop; I need the microwaving of my body to stop; I need the chemical warfare to stop; I need all the covert harassment and confusion to stop; I need the sabotaging of my work, relationships, homes and vehicles to stop; I need my homes back and a chance to recover and rebuild my life, without being forced to leap into even further seclusion with those who target us - I need to feel safe; I need to be able to continue my life's work without being threatened and tortured; (FYI - I was being heavily targeted LONG BEFORE 2011 when I started realizing, and writing about, the mind control parts of the targeting. Its not my writings that instigate the targeting, as some still assume - its the targeting that has inspired my writings about it.) I need a chance to restore my life - my body, mind and spirit. I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK! I NEED TO BE ALLOWED TO PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT OF MY OWN LIFE. I NEED TO BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN BEING, INSTEAD OF A LAB RAT! I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK! DID I SAY THAT. . .I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK? I NEED MY FREEDOM BACK!

Targeted Individuals

I had condensed  my "Targeted Induviduals" article for the special edition of the Heart Bud but have been told that it has not been readily downloadable. So, here it is. Feel free to copy and share it as long as no changes are made to it. (revised on June 3, 2014)

Primary Targeted Individuals (TIs)
by Sharon Rose Poet

We are unheard victims lost beneath the lies.
We are the fading ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

   Most of us are ordinary people whose lives are being destroyed due to someone else's hate, greed, control issues or for criminal technological experimentation. There are many victims who are aware of what is happening. And, sadly, there are far more who do not realize that they are not going crazy or that their illnesses are not natural - that they are being covertly targeted by criminals who use technologies, which most of us are not aware of.
   Those of us who are heavily targeted are remotely watched (like through satellites) while being covertly targeted with various types of chemicals, drugs, microwaves, psychotronic/electromagnetic weapons, laser weapons and community based harassment programs. Our homes, jobs and relationships are sabotaged, so that we have no one to turn to for help and no resources to hire help. Even our own friends and family members are manipulated against us (Hitler style).  Our lives are being slowly, cruelly and inconspicuously destroyed.
   Through the past few decades, due to public lack of awareness, when we try to seek help we are often forced into positions where we have to accomplish the impossible task of proving our sanity, proving that these technologies do indeed exist, and are being criminally used, and then proving that it is really happening to us, WHILE WE CONTINUE BEING TORTURED!
  When we fully realize what is happening we are often either threatened into silence or inflicted with even more psychological and physical pain, labeled as “mentally ill,” inconspicuously murdered, abducted or inflicted with brain damage. The targeting that is happening to cover criminal use of radio wave technologies, and covert harassment programs, is as inhumane as inhumane can possibly get. Even parts of the media and medical professions join in on efforts to publicly discredit/slander us so that the general public will not believe our testimonies. 
        We are suffering indescribably! This is a critical situation that is in desperate need of immediate public awareness and action. All of humanity will suffer, indescribably if this is allowed to continue and grow.

   It appears that until our media finds the courage to rise up and HONESTLY inform the public of this crisis, and enough people rise into a strong peaceful stand against it, increasing numbers of victims will continue to be tortured, psychologically mutilated or inconspicuously murdered. This is a holocaust - a lethal covert war. And most victims remain unaware of what is happening to them. The initial targeting is VERY inconspicuous - victims can think they are just having a lot of bad luck. . .until it vamps into critical levels - usually after all possible sources of income and help have been sabotaged.

   Some of the things we experience can appear crazy to those who are not aware of advanced radio wave technologies and their capabilities of remotely projecting recorded voices, sounds, dreams, thoughts, odors and images as well as inflicting physical injury, pain and illness, mind control. . .and infiltrating computers, phones and cameras - interfering with our writings, emails, phone messages, photos dates on documents...etc.

   Please do not foolishly ass-u-me that Targeted Individuals are just mentally ill, because this adds to our distress at a time when the opposite is needed. Most of us are healthy people who are being tortured and traumatized. Please educate yourselves on the subject and practice empathy. We need you to become aware of what is happening. Please care enough to not ridicule, judge, degrade, label or misdiagnose a TI. We are already hurting too much! Please surround us with compassion and find the courage to stand WITH us and make a stand against further abuse, through being a witness. Please take the time to research this and pass the word around ASAP. The more publicity there is the better the chances are for honest parts of law enforcement and government to begin investigating and putting an end to these horrible crimes against humanity. Please let your Heart help us. A TI who is near the end of the destruction process, is probably left with no home, no family to turn to, physical health problems and not enough resources for protection. Please realize that Targeted Individuals may have difficulty trusting, because of long term harassment and deceptions performed by community bully groups. Although money seems to be the most difficult thing for people to give, this is what is needed most, by those of us who have already had our resources, homes, businesses and trusting family ties destroyed. Please help us and preserve your own future safety.

  I have reached out for help and support in every possible direction and have realized that some of the web forums, which are set up to "help" Targeted Individuals, are infiltrated by perpetrators who pretend to be Targeted Individuals and use these forums to continue stalking, harassing, slandering and preventing us from getting the support and help we need. Fake Targeted Individuals also put on shows to make the public think that ALL Targeted Individuals are just crazy. They set up web sites to intentionally misinform the public, in order to prevent the FULL Truths from being exposed. Please remain aware of this. Read more on my blog, . .


Find more info on this site;


Covert Harassment (gang stalking)

   Covert Harasment is an organized bullying operation that is designed to inconspicuously, psychologically terrorize an individual and destroy every aspect of our lives, through holding us under 24 hour watch while stalking and harassing us, infesting our homes with chemicals or parasites, slandering us, framing us, discrediting us and sabotaging our jobs, homes, vehicles and relationships.
   Victims are usually isolated from all sources of help, and financially ruined, before the targeting vamps into the most destructive levels. Many victims have been framed for uncommitted crimes, labeled with “mental illness,” “PTSD,” “paranoid schizophrenia,” forced into suicide or inconspicuously murdered in other ways. Most of us suffer indescribably.
This form of targeting is so cruel and inhumane that its difficult to believe it exists and freely continues in "free" countries like the USA. But it does. It really does.
   This has been secretly happening for so long that most communities already have an organized bully group under the mask of “community watch” groups, which include law enforcement, veterans, fire fighters, medical personnel and common citizens as well as dark occult members.
   Growing numbers of unaware people are being victimized by, or roped into, these deceptive operations that falsely list us as “possible terrorists” or “pedophiles”...etc., in order to get community groups to covertly harass and terrorize us. My guess is that most victims are like me - innocent witnesses and/or victims of domestic violence that have been put on the hit list by criminals.
Some group members seem to be decent people, who just want to keep our communities safe, and do not realize that they are following the orders of criminals who are Targeting innocent people. Many appear to be mind control victims who do not realize that THEY have become “terrorists” to those whom they target. And some have pure criminal or satanic intentions, which attacks victims with drug, chemical, biological and parasite warfare, death threats and levels of domestic violence that would make most of you cringe.
   Victims of covert targeting have been thought to be only famous or political individuals, but this is not the truth. This sadistic targeting is being done to common citizens, whistle blowers, dissidents, witnesses to crimes, outspoken writers...etc. Victims of this program are usually also being targeted with radio wave technologies (mind control, microwave and laser weapons) and the results are devastating or lethal.
   Aaron Alexis - the navy yard shooter, was obviously a heavily Targeted Individual - an unhelped victim of both covert harassment and microwave targeting.
The results will continue to be lethal for increasing numbers of people, until these crimes are honestly exposed and the rest of humanity finds the heart to face it and the courage to stand up and help bring it to an end.

If you are involved in a bully group, PLEASE STOP, before it is too late for you to escape being charged as an accomplice to the psychological and physical murders that YOU are helping to inflict. You are hurting innocent people and even REAL criminals do not deserve to be tormented and tortured. Seriously. Remember that. . .

Those Who Follow Others Sacrifice Themselves
In Shadows That Don’t Belong To Them.

Don't be a Foolish Puppet.
Please find your hearts!

Weather Modification

I had condensed  my "weather modification" article for the special edition of the Heart Bud, but have been told that it has not been readily downloadable. So, here it is. Feel free to copy and share it as long as no changes are made to it. (revised on June 3, 2014)

Weather Modification
by Sharon Rose Poet
  It appears that weather modification technologies are also being criminally used through the past couple decades. Although most civilians are not aware of their existence, they are fully operational and can be used to redirect storms, stall storms, create storms, diminish storms, part clouds, create clouds...etc. Effects can be good or bad, depending on the intentions of those who operate them. (Two of these technologies are the Russian Sura and the American HAARP.)
   A little bit of common sense, and a glance at the unusual storms and weather patterns we’ve been experiencing, should paint a clear picture for you. Scientists have also reported these technologies being the true cause of global warming.

  I'm no expert on this subject, but I believe those who are, because my own insights have shown me that the Alstead, NH flood was instigated by weather modification technologies stalling a storm above an area where a culvert is said to have been plugged. I also feel that these technologies are being used to create disasters as part of the eugenics movement, and possibly for the acquisition of coastal properties, as well as for distractions from media coverage of their exposure. (I feel that such a disastrous distraction may soon happen in the North Eastern USA if these crimes are not realized and stopped in time.)

I believe that these disasters, like the global mind control and other eugenics based targetings, can be stopped through a sudden huge amount of public exposure, because the criminal pattern is to back off when too much awareness or proof is surfacing. So spread the word quickly and stand up against it.

Find more information on 

Condensed Mind Control Article

Exposing a global crisis that can not remain unnoticed
without lethal consequences for all of humanity

   There are all sorts of foolish “conspiracy theories” bouncing around the world, and the damaging outcome is that they lead us to disbelieve EVERYTHING that can be perceived as a “conspiracy.” But the absolute TRUTH is that organized, covert crime REALLY DOES exist and is perhaps the most dangerous kind.
   The sad TRUTH is that blind disbelief of criminal use of radio wave technologies is enabling lethal crimes against growing numbers of individuals, families, communities and countries. This may already be harming you, or a loved one, more than you realize, so PLEASE give this the attention it needs. This is the most dangerous thing humanity has ever had to face and it is critical that we face it and find the courage to stand up and do all that we can to prevent its continuation as quickly as possible. 

   What are these technologies and how do they work? Criminal radio wave targeting includes the manipulation of various radio wave frequencies and intensities, which appear to utilize satellite viewing and space based laser weapon systems, in conjunction with other types of radio wave transmitters.
   Radio waves can be manipulated in ways that can remotely flood whole communities or target specific individuals, as well as performing weather modifications. The results can range from interference with natural weather patterns - heating of the atmosphere (“global warming”) and intentional interference with the functionality of the human brain and other organs. . .to inconspicuous psychological or physical deaths. . .depending on the intentions of the perpetrator.
   Operators of these technologies can remotely target an individual, family, community or country from the opposite side of the world. Though harmful radio wave targeting can also be done through more localized sources, like cell towers, cell phones and computers...etc., my experiences have proven to me that the targeting is also being done more remotely - through satellites or similar technologies.

Symptoms of Microwave Targeting vary in different people, but common symptoms are unusual allergy or flu type symptoms, sneezing or head aches with sun exposure, faint high pitched ringing in ears, unusual neck tension and head aches, mental numbness and fatigue, digestive problems....etc. The most dangerous long term effects are interference with our process of personal and spiritual growth and the loss of our freedom.
   In general community or organization targeting, remotely directed radio waves can be set at frequencies which interfere with human functionality - set at the same frequency as the human brain and encoded with subliminal messaging. Effects can range from mild brainwashing to debilitating levels of mental numbness. (Targeting can also interfere with the functionality of other technologies.)
   Heavily targeted individuals can also experience symptoms that range from periods of unusual stress, mental confusion, forgetfulness, unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings (including blocked emotions), immune system problems, diminished hearing and eye sight, body bloating, dehydration and physical illness or injury. . .to symptoms that mimic schizophrenia and nervous breakdowns, brain damage, blindness, paralysis, psychological and physical death...etc.
   Long term experiment cases can also have unusual tooth decay, dry scalp, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medical inflictions, unusual discord between family members...etc. (Parts of the targeting are literally sadistic with intentions to inflict suffering. Severe unaware victims can sometimes be completely controlled by the perpetrators and forced into things like lethal shootings at schools or navy yards.)

PLEASE think about this and DO NOT STOP thinking about it until you feel/know the absolute Truth. Too much is at stake for this to be washed away with foolish assumptions or blind disbelief.

   This is a covert war of the deadliest kind! So PLEASE make good use of this information. PLEASE believe me when I say that this crisis can only get worse, until enough people become aware of what is happening and find the heart to care enough to let courage rise into a strong peaceful stand against it. We are in serious trouble if we don’t quickly do this.
   Though many blame ONLY the USA government, it appears that the Russians, Germans and the British were perfecting and successfully utilizing microwave mind control technologies long before parts of the USA government or associated organizations appear to have leapt into the pit. The UN also has a history of wanting control of the world - those who are familiar with Agenda 21’s population control implications have been fighting for freedom from its implementation, which unfortunately is already happening.
   I believe that we are experiencing a covert communistic takeover of the USA, which has been slowly happening through many decades, and that Russia is heavily involved in it.
   It is likely that many of our own media, medical, spiritual, military and government personnel were the first victims of remotely inflicted mind control, after the success of initial experiments, and that it began swinging onto the rest of humanity with the initial brainwashed victims being recruited into the deceptive program. It even appears that the USA’s public water supplies are being contaminated with substances that enhance technological mind control.
  Around the year 2000 my concern shared a prophetic dream, which showed criminal contamination of the Concord, NH public water supply. By May of 2001, most of my pets were dead or missing, my daughters and I were suddenly surrounded by at least 5 unusual deaths, unbelievable levels of chaos and a suspicious fire, which raged through my Andover, (Potter Place) NH home, destroying most of my writings...etc. Pieces to this baffling puzzle later clicked together;
   According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants...etc. (I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In 2008, news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 major public water supplies in the USA
   A secretary at a New Hampshire Environmental Protection Agency recently told me that these drugs are STILL being found in our public water supplies and I do not believe that its from “run off.”
   As the Truths start leaking out, many are claiming that the mind control parts of these technologies are only “on the horizon.” But according to victims and knowledgeable scientists and researchers, “behavior modification” programs have been fully operational, since at least the 1960s. (I can attest to the fact that they have been used to either interfere with or destroy the lives of dozens of individuals since 1974.)

Quote by (the late) Jim Keith - veteran researcher and author; "Brain-computer radio communication has long been considered impossible by the majority of people and has consequently been relegated to science-fiction, but the fact is that the technology had been developed into reality by at least the 1960s, during which time the initial experiments were being performed on unwitting subjects." 

Quote by (the late) Philip Coppens - researcher and author, "In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. . . Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men's minds. "We might call it in its new form brain warfare. . .In the 1970s, some of this "secret war for our mind" was exposed."

In 1976 Time Magazine exposed a small part of the radio wave targeting; "Last month the U.S. confirmed that for some 15 years the Soviet Union has been beaming microwaves at the hulking nine-story U.S. Embassy...”

Gordon Duff - senior editor of Veterans Today, stood up for Targeted Individual’s mind control claims, “At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists. This was until we were able to break through the encoding with some mobile communications devices. . .” and “The concerns go well past simply a few thousand targeted ‘trouble makers’ that the government wants to destroy.” In reference to the general numbing effect of mass mind control, in whole communities, Gordon Duff says, “Tens of millions have been turned into some of those who will. . . read these words and feel and think nothing.”

Quotes by scientist Turan (Tim) Rifat: “Russian and American research has found that pulse modulated microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when modulated with ELF which mimics specific brain patterns, change the behavior of the victim with the flick of a switch.” and “Precisely modulated microwave radiation is used to influence brain function. Human behavior and reactions can be entirely controlled by using pulse modulated microwave EM radiation” There is “a catalogue of every specific brain frequency for each mood, action and thought. . .there is one for anger, suicide, hysteria, trauma, serial killing, paranoia, lust...etc.”

Quote by President John F. Kennedy, in 1961, on the subject of covert war and its secret societies; The time to heed JFK's Wisdom feels long over-due. He said, "Today no war has been declared - and however fierce the struggle may be, it may never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack... we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means." On dealing with this threat he addressed our media and government; "there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. . .I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a danger. . . the dimensions of its threat have loomed large on the horizon for many years. Whatever our hopes may be for the future - for reducing this threat or living with it - there is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security - a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity... This is a time of peace and peril, which knows no precedent in history. It is the unprecedented nature of this challenge that also gives rise to... our obligation to inform and alert the American people - to make certain that they possess all the facts that they need, and understand them as well... I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed."

What will Become of Humankind if not allowed a Free Mind?
This is a question that deserves and needs immediate serious contemplation. Continued criminal use of microwave weapons are harming humanity in many ways, but the mind control part is by far the worst, because it can be found at the roots of most of the other serious problems we face in our troubled world. . .and it has the devastating outcome of preventing us from freely living our own lives - preventing our natural process of personal and spiritual growth - preventing us from evolving into healthy functional human beings. The seriousness of this can not be over stated.

PLEASE take immediate peaceful action - call or write your governor, congressman, president and anyone else you can think of. Express your concern for your safety and that of your loved ones. Beg them to help expose and end these crimes for all our sakes. Copy and share this paper with everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Act NOW! Please let your heart STAND UP and help bring an end to these crimes.

This isn't a "cause" its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it”
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to fight for our freedom.

P.S. I feel that radio wave technologies (microwave weapons) are also being used for eugenics based targeting, which INFLICTS LUPUS and are said to also be capable of inflicting Leukemia, tumorous cancer, heart attacks and almost any other medical problem, through shooting beams of radio waves into particular parts of our bodies and organs. . .effecting their functionality. I’ve had direct experience with the lupus and have witnessed other parts of it.

Names of radio wave technologies keep changing, which seems like a ploy to confuse the public and hide previous writings on the web. Among the labels are; Behavior Modification Technologies, Electromagnetic (EMR) mind control, Bio-communications Technologies, Electroenergetic Stalking, Geophysical weapons, Psychoneurological Weapons, M.I.N.D. - Magnetic Integrated Neuron Duplicator, Psychic Warfare, Radio Wave Mind Control, Microwave Weapons, Microwave Mind Control, Bio-electromagnetic Technologies, Electronic Harassment, Directed Energy Weapons, Remote Neuro Monitoring, Brain Warfare, Bio-energetics, Psychotronic weapons...etc.

WARNING: Accurate writings on the web are sometimes interfered with through being altered, erased or blocked from public view. Also please be aware that writings and experiences of genuine victims may be plagiarized by criminal operatives who aim to have you trust and follow them into avenues that turn into disinformation and satanism. Follow ONLY the heart of your own instincts.

Never, in the history of humanity, has there been a more crucial time for our hearts to rise into a peaceful fight for our freedom

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.
He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Find more on

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Needed Recovery Ends With License Plate Being Ripped off my Car

My fever finally broke shortly after my last post. My lungs are clearing up. And I'm working on regaining my strength. I had headed into the woods (for a week) to try to recover and was almost constantly blasted with heavy doses of radio waves being shot into my brain. My retreat abruptly ended with a police officer showing up to inform me that someone had snuck in, during the short period of time I'd not been with my car, to rip my license plate off my car, last Sunday morning. The officer told me that I'd have to go pick my plate up from another police officer in a nearby town. I insisted on pressing charges. Neither officer would give me the perpetrator's name and so far this event took place in two different towns, possibly a third - the usual jurisdiction confusion that seems to intentionally surround these sorts of perpetration.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My temp is still fluctuating between 99.8 and 103 Degrees

This hit was a bit harder than most. It began about a week ago and was proceeded by the usual coughing by covert harassment group members, as they walked by (as well as a chemical smell). . .and is now proving to be a serious challenge. My appetite is almost non existent. My lungs still hurt and heave. My bowel movements are liquid and bright yellow. The past few days also delivered almost steady torture levels of microwaves shot into my brain. All of these things as well as the persistent fever has weakened me to a point where I am concerned. And as we all know, hospitals are not safe places for targeted individuals, who no longer have an honest primary care doctor to over-see things. I'm praying and doing energy work on myself. Its all I can do at this point.

A Perpetrator Manipulated "Theft"

I had moved forward with two printings of the special editions of the Heart Bud, as people lead me to believe that there would be help with paying for them. The help never arrived. I am now in debt to my printer. . .and am being accused of this being like a "Theft."  My fault for trusting covert "help" which had unclear origins. . .for this I am responsible.

Disclaimer for my Writings

About a week ago, I combed through one of my old books and found a few discrepancies.  It appears that I have been doing my writings on infiltrated computers since around 1999, so please excuse anything that may seem a bit off color - particularly things that would make me look bad, incompetent or mentally unstable...since this has seemed to be the perpetrator aim. I hope to someday regain the freedom to fix my books and other writings.

Phone Interference?

About a week ago, my phone suddenly stopped recording text messages in the "sent" folder. Is this so that alterations can be made without my being able to produce proof of it? VERY possibly.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hit With Chemicals Again

It appears that I was hit with some sort of chemical a couple days ago, around the time when I was giving reports to local police, state police, sheriff and FBI. The first symptom was burning in my lungs and then pain in my lungs and head along with a fever and periodic coughing. (The fever appears to be microwave induced, because it completely stopped when microwaves stopped for a while yesterday morning.) I had no cold or illness before this suddenly hit me. It does not feel like a normal cold.

I am at my wits end here! Every day I pray for this to be over, for us to regain our freedom. 

I guess they didn't succeed with framing me as a murder or a pedofile, so now there appears to be another strong push to have me misdiagnosed with some sort of "mentally illness." Its always something lately! And I pray for it to all end soon. I have honestly taken about all I can stand. I am now doing everything possible to keep myself isolated from the covert harassment part, so that all I have to deal with are the various types of microwaves...etc. These are more than enough.

 Update; (5-17-2014) This chemical hit was a bit harder than most. It was proceeded by the usual coughing by covert harassment group members, as they walked by (as well as a chemical smell). . .and is now proving to be a serious challenge. My appetite is almost non existent. My lungs still hurt and heave. My bowel movements are liquid and bright yellow. The past few days also delivered almost steady torture levels of microwaves shot into my brain. All of these things as well as the persistent fever (between 99.8 and 103) has weakened me to a point where I am concerned. And as we all know, hospitals are not safe places for targeted individuals, who no longer have an honest primary care doctor to over-see things. I'm praying and doing energy work on myself. Its all I can do at this point.

 Please download and print this paper

Financial help for myself is needed and will be greatly appreciated

 Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


Sight of the Heart Bud

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Edges

I've walked to edges of lethal plans
And pried my mind to understand
Cruelties hidden in this darkest night
While souls crumble beneath the fight.
I can't do it - I can't understand
How cold has grown the Heart of man.
Mine cries hard beneath a mask,
In pains too huge to complete the task,
While being held in a prison strong
And surrounded by too much wrong.
Free us, God - please free our souls
So we can let the rest of it go.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Go with them or get framed!

   Around a grueling episode of being convince that my mother is still alive, and my leaping through hoops that brought me to Virginia and Connecticut, it also appears that I am being surrounded by threats to frame me if I do not willingly go with those who target me.
   They still appear to be trying to discredit me through what appears to be attempts to frame me for being sexually inappropriate with a child. For about a year now, they put me through periods of puppets following me around with children. They have had puppets yell out, "What did you do to him," and "Its coming" and have even tried to have puppet parents send their children to climb onto my lap to try to reach my computer. (This happened at a McDonalds a few months ago.)
   Although I have never done such a thing and never would, I am concerned because I do know how powerful the mind control stuff can be on unaware victims. . .and I do know that they can do weird things with directed energy weapons. (I have been sexually assaulted by them myself!)
   I am concerned for myself and who ever they may use to accomplish harming me with this sort of thing. I'd also had a dream, (in 2005) which forewarned of my being framed for a sex crime. (I pray that my exposing this helps it to not happen.)
   Though I feel that I have been able to avoid their set ups, there is still a chance that they could just totally fabricate something, even if I do not allow them to have a child climb into my lap, in order to make it appear possible.
   The heat is on right now! They just tried what appeared to be a framing for something while trying to get me to go to places where they claimed my mother was at - a hospital and a residence. I did not completely fall into their traps - I did not follow their orders to walk into the house..., but I am also in a situation where it is difficult to remain under security cameras or remain on guard- anticipating their next scheme. . .every minute of every day.
   I am in deep need of protection from the targeting, which has vamped up into extremely uncomfortable levels. Today, after I again refused to go with them, they said, "OK" as if it means I am in for more hell.

more may be added later. So much is happening right now that I am too overwhelmed. Its been one blow after another for the past few weeks! They are pelting me with one thing after another. I'm emotionally exhausted.

P.S. (revised 5-7-2014) It also appears that there have been attempts to frame me for murder. They have been accusing me of murder as well. I pray for Light and Truth to win.

   I wrote the previous post as I realized that it REALLY is possible that my mother is still alive, due to the nature of the targeting and the pattern, (which I know too well) of their torturing us and then trying to leap in and rescue us.  Its really a sadistic form of abduction, which they seem to feel that they can excuse by calling our choice. I feel that my mother was a Targeted Individual and that she went through a similar process to what I've been being put through, but she did not have the angels that have been helping to expose this crisis since the 1970s. I have deeply prayed and placed it in God's hands.

This is a hell of a battle! (pun intended) May Light/Love win.