My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, April 25, 2014

What Can I Say?

If I said, "I've been surveilled and microwaved since 1974, would you assume I am lying or care to hear more? If I told you the Truth would you believe or stand with criminals who lie and deceive?

If I said, "I am hurting more than words can say," would you care or turn the other way?

If I said, "I can not take anymore of the pain - anymore of the microwaves shot into my brain,"
would you protect me from further trauma or just sit back and call it "drama"?

If I cried and screamed to release my pain, would you hold and comfort me or call me "insane"?

If I cried, "no more!" to the covert harassment - to the constant psychological abuse,
would you push for a refrain or cut more loose?

If you knew what is happening would you do what is right - would your heart stand up in the light
or would you let silence prolong this darkest night?

If I begged for financial help, with a trembling desperate hand, would you assume I'm a "con" or care to help and understand?

Its all True, but I don’t hold the proof. What can I say? I need to know. I'm not OK. I need this to go a better way.