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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Upper Chest is Being Heavily Microwaved

It feels like my upper chest is again being heavily microwaved, this morning! It also appears that my car is being hit in ways that are causing me to get electric shocks from the door handles. As I delivered the Heart Bud the door handle on the driver side of my car suddenly broke, all by itself! I was shot with some sort of laser weapon two times yesterday, which caused severe pain in the right side of my head and neck. (Unfortunately, these are not unusual experiences for me.) Since around November 2013, I've also often been lasered in my vaginal area. . .to the point of causing burns and bleeding sores. It stopped for a while after I first exposed it, but then started back up again. The same was being done to my chest for a period of time last year.

Just an example of what too many of my days are like. My heart cries for us even when my eyes don't. I am still baffled by how this could be happening and continuing in a "free" country. But it is. And its an indescribable hell.

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