My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, April 4, 2014

If I forget

Around 7pm this evening I began experiencing sharp pains into the top of my head. (worse than ever before) Along with this came a message, which said, "IfI4get."  Are those who target me just trying to terrorize me or are they lasering my brain with an aim for damage that would effect my memory? I don't know enough about anatomy to be sure. But judging by the strange pain in my head, it appears that something is not right and not good. This started out being sharp piercing pains that slowly became stronger, on the middle, top of my head (slightly to the left side) until my whole head aches. A burning sensation in my eyes has now begun. I feel scared! Send your prayers please - prayers for this horrible targeting to be honestly exposed and ended before too much more damage is done. . .for all of us. . .for all of humanity. Please.


P.S. As I posted this the pains began to subside, which has recently become a regular pattern with the targeting. They hit me hard and then back off when I publicize it. Its a hell of a roller coaster ride. (pun intended) I'm still nursing my aching head and praying that the attack does not vamp up again.