My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Please Come Back

They torture and torment us
Until we can not take anymore,
Then aim to force us
Through their dark door.

How many alive are thought to be gone?
How many shoved into that lethal "home"?

They are the angels we now need
To step out and stop the bleed.
Beneath the numbing microwave's pill
Our hearts Truly love them still.

Please come back.


P.S. Over and over again I have experienced my car being disabled and/or being hit with excruciating levels of microwaves and laser weapons just before people zoom in to "help me." It appears that those who target us also zoom in to "rescue" us - lifting us from our lives the way we live them. What would happen next? I am not sure. But a recent dream showed that doorway being dark. 
   In 2010, after I had begged for help from a man who worked in homeland security, he set up a meeting with me and a psychoanalyst, and the night before I was due to meet him I had a dream, which showed that I'd be shoved into a situation where I was given a new identity and living with, and working for, one of their operatives who never lets me earn enough to get back onto my own feet or leave.
   This process of hiding us away appears to be to eliminate witnesses without killing or framing us, because its cleaner for them, although possibly worse for us.
   I believe that this has probably happened to many targeted individuals, and that many have leaped, thinking that there is genuine help, as I tried to do last year. And I wonder if they ever realize that their "help" is just another level of being trapped in a program that surely continues controlling them. 
   I also wonder how many long term victims are helping to target us? And will they find their hearts enough to return and testify for the sake of all of humanity?  I hope so. I pray so. Our salvation is in their hands more than ours. (Those who are already dieing or ill can more safely return. Come back. Please come back.) 

P.S.S. At this point in time I am under what appears to be the choice to be either put in jail or an institution for some drummed up crime or illness. . .or to go with them - disappear. . .possibly to even be presumed dead. And I pray that this turns into a more positive direction, because they are also threatening to kill me, and I am feeling more physically ill again lately. Recent threats were delivered yesterday through stalking group members, who yelled out, "I'm going to die" and "There is no escape." I did report this to the local police, but, as usual, there is nothing they can do.

My computer has been completely infiltrated again. The "restore points" I use have been erased.  And there is interference as I try to pull together a second volume of "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" - it appears that changes are being made to my writings as I format it.