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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blindness - More Than Just a Threat!

My eyes are being lasered or microwaved, in an unusual way, lately. I get a lot of burning sensations in my eyes, and a dull aching behind them, when I am being microwaved. My temp often drops to around 97 when this happens. And my eye sight is suddenly worsening, in the past week. I believe that those who target me are in the process of making me blind. I had a few dreams forewarning of this. And a few of the puppets recently tried to appear blind. This is happening along with what appears to be a threat to put me in a wheel chair - to disable me. This is more than just a threat. This is in the process of happening right now! So, if I go blind or end up in a wheel chair you will know why. But I pray that this post prevents it. In one of my prophetic dreams they make me go blind while I am driving and I end up in an accident.

P.S. The lasering of my eyes backed off after I posted this and then vamped back up a couple days later. Its going back and forth. It creates intense pain across my forehead and behind my eyes as well as blurred vision and stinging in my eyes.

P.S.S This type of lasering stopped after about a week of using it to terrorize me. Such is the case with other types of rounds of terrorizing.