My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Sunrise

   I feel much better today. Yesterday I experienced extreme levels of fatigue following the last severe weapon attack. It was all a bit too intense and painful! But this round is over, thank God. . .literally.
   I pray for the day when none of us will be experiencing any sort of technological targeting, especially not the torture levels that I am inflicted with. Its just all too horribly wrong!
   Though my situation often feels hopeless, my heart keeps remembering the phrase I wrote into the Personal Journals. . .

The sun will rise on all of humanity
As we embrace our Hearts
And set Love free.

My vision, of the manifestation of this, now begins with enough of humanity finding the Heart to face the reality of these crimes and then finding the Courage to stand up, expose them and stop them. Please do it. Stand up. Not just for me - for yourself and your own future. Let your Heart stand up and help restore our freedom and the safety that YOUR future needs. Those who are not effected now surely will be if this is allowed to continue.

  Please print and share this Heart Bud

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