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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Confusing Mess

   This whole covert targeting mess is more confusing than confusing can get. The more I try to figure it out the more confusing it gets. My brain has such a difficult time with the whole covert language that it seems to make things more difficult for me when I even try. My way of being, and the covert war's way of operating, are complete opposites. Due to my lack of understanding I have no doubt that I've been wrong about some things and that there have been times when I publicly shared either more or less then I should. But its always been honestly how I felt or thought at that time. So I hope that those whom I may have offended or hurt, can forgive me and understand that it has not been intentional.
   I am sure that, in the process of figuring things out, particularly in 2011 and 2012, I had suspected some of the wrong people and trusted some of the wrong people and assumed some of the wrong things. Some of which I am still unsure of. But, I am finding that there is peace in letting some things go and realizing that, like I had stated earlier,

We are all just victims of hell 
Surely me, but them as well

  I know that I have asked many times, and hate to have to ask still, but I am in such a desperate need of people finding the Heart to send me levels of financial help that can help me to survive and continue my work for all of us. I need at least enough for a more livable vehicle. . .and do not want to be sent a vehicle, due to the fact that perpetrators have done this before, which opens doors to new forms of hell, literally. Financial help is the ONLY kind of help I need. I am still being heavily targeted and it feels like my only hope is to get financial help from my fellow human beings. I really do need huge monetary miracles. This is not a scam. It was True when I started asking and it is more true now. Please let your Heart help me as much as you can.

Help can be sent with "Green Dot" refill cards, which are available at Wall-Mart and CVS...etc., and also with money orders, checks, cash or Pay Pal. PLEASE find the heart to help me and trust that I am responsible enough to use it wisely. 

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057