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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Please Come Back

They torture and torment us
Until we can not take anymore,
Then aim to force us
Through their dark door.

How many alive are thought to be gone?
How many shoved into that lethal "home"?

They are the angels we now need
To step out and stop the bleed.
Beneath the numbing microwave's pill
Our hearts Truly love them still.

Please come back.


P.S. Over and over again I have experienced my car being disabled and/or being hit with excruciating levels of microwaves and laser weapons just before people zoom in to "help me." It appears that those who target us also zoom in to "rescue" us - lifting us from our lives the way we live them. What would happen next? I am not sure. But a recent dream showed that doorway being dark. They cal lit going "home", but I sense it being complete enslavement.
      I believe that this has happened to many targeted individuals, and that many have leaped, thinking that there is genuine help, as I tried to do last year. And I wonder if they ever realize that their "help" is just another level of being trapped in a program that surely continues controlling them. 
   I also wonder how many long term victims are used to help target us or "rescue" us into enslavement? Some are thought to be dead, but aren't! Will they find their hearts enough to return and testify for the sake of all of humanity?  I hope so. I pray so. Our salvation is in their hands more than ours. (Those who are already dieing or ill can more safely return. Come back. Please come back.) 

P.S.S. At this point in time I am under what appears to be the choice to be either put in jail or an institution for some drummed up crime or illness. . .or to go with them - disappear. . .possibly to even be presumed dead. And I pray that this turns into a more positive direction, because they are also threatening to kill me, and I am feeling more physically ill again lately. Recent threats were delivered yesterday through stalking group members, who yelled out, "I'm going to die" and "There is no escape." I did report this to the local police, but, as usual, there is nothing they can do.
   My computer has been completely infiltrated again. The "restore points" I use have been erased.  And there is interference as I try to pull together a second volume of "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" - it appears that changes are being made to my writings as I format it.

Friday, April 25, 2014

What Can I Say?

If I said, "I've been surveilled and microwaved since 1974, would you assume I am lying or care to hear more? If I told you the Truth would you believe or stand with criminals who lie and deceive?

If I said, "I am hurting more than words can say," would you care or turn the other way?

If I said, "I can not take anymore of the pain - anymore of the microwaves shot into my brain,"
would you protect me from further trauma or just sit back and call it "drama"?

If I cried and screamed to release my pain, would you hold and comfort me or call me "insane"?

If I cried, "no more!" to the covert harassment - to the constant psychological abuse,
would you push for a refrain or cut more loose?

If you knew what is happening would you do what is right - would your heart stand up in the light
or would you let silence prolong this darkest night?

If I begged for financial help, with a trembling desperate hand, would you assume I'm a "con" or care to help and understand?

Its all True, but I don’t hold the proof. What can I say? I need to know. I'm not OK. I need this to go a better way.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Newly Revised 4 Page Heart Bud

Yup, I edited it again - a constant thing I do due to the targeting interfering with my writings, even from within myself. I have been brought to a stand still with the printing and distribution of the Heart Bud, which is why I cut it down into a 4 page special edition to cut costs. Please help ALL of us through either printing and distributing it or through sending donations to

 Poetic Publications
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


Sight of the Heart Bud

As for me; Not so well still. Heavy psychotronics all day today, with high pitch ring in ears. Have to focus hard to do anything. Feel like a zombie. God help us.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Bit Overwhelmed

   I have been through so much that I sometimes seem to drift into denial about some things, until
something jolts be back to the ugly reality I am living. I've recently had a few of those jolts. Two ministers who have helped me have recently told me that they just experienced deaths of someone they were close to. Is it just more coincidences? I guess those who'd want to cover for the criminals would leap into saying so. But, inflicting the death of a loved one appears to be a pattern in the sadistic targeting process. Apparently, if they put a person into a state of shock or overwhelm it is easier to successfully mind control them.
Jim Keith explains this process in his book, "Mind Control World Control."

Please print and share this new condensed 4 page special edition of the Heart Bud


How am I? Not so well. I'm hanging in here though. I find that, since last spring I am too overwhelmed to keep up with posting all that happens to me. Sometimes I am blocked from the web also. But today I was microwaved to the point of draining the battery in both my phone and my computer at the same time as inflicting the usual types of microwaved pain in my head. Thus far, this is actually a fairly good day in comparison to many, though. 
  I know that I have asked many times, and hate to have to ask still, but I am in such a desperate need of people finding the Heart to send me levels of financial help that can help me to survive and continue my work. I am still being heavily targeted and my work so sabotaged that it feels like my only hope is to get enough financial help from my fellow human beings. I really do need huge monetary miracles. This is not a scam. It was True when I started asking and it is more true now. Please let your Heart help me as much as you can.

Help can be sent with "Green Dot" refill cards, which are available at Wall-Mart and CVS...etc., and also with money orders, checks, cash or Pay Pal. PLEASE find the heart to help me and trust that I am responsible enough to use it wisely. 

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wisdom 101

   Idea inspired by the attitudes of those who target me and seem to think so highly of holding a college degree. I am surprised that our universities do not teach the basic wisdom that is required, in order for us to function properly in humanity.
   This morning, after a little run in with four perpetrators, I blasted those who hold me under surveillance and try to degrade me. It felt good to vent at a time when I needed to blow off some steam. And I thought I'd also share a bit of what I said here.
   I imagined a college course called "Wisdom 101" which would include basic, and sadly fading, old fashion teachings on the following subjects.

1. Respect for Fellow Human Beings; How to respect other people's right to private, peaceful enjoyment of their own lives. Learning non-intrusive behaviors.

2. Turning Inward; Learning to tune into and follow our own Hearts and Wisdom, instead of dictatorships. Allowing peaceful time to think and process our life experiences so that we can make wise choices.

3. Personal Growth; Learning how to embrace our feelings - our basic human nature, so that we do not become like dysfunctional, mechanical robots.

4. Standing up for What We Believe In; How to find the courage to stand up for what we feel is right, even in the face of opposing forces.

Wouldn't it be nice if universities grow to the point of including a course like this as a prerequisite to ALL degree programs? I think so. Perhaps this technological holocaust would not even exist if more of us were encouraged to honor these basic, common suggestions for ourselves as well as others.
   I know - I know - many may laugh and see this as my being "too idealistic" again, but how can things ever get better if we do not have ideal ideas or goals?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Confusing Mess

   This whole covert targeting mess is more confusing than confusing can get. The more I try to figure it out the more confusing it gets. My brain has such a difficult time with the whole covert language that it seems to make things more difficult for me when I even try. My way of being, and the covert war's way of operating, are complete opposites. Due to my lack of understanding I have no doubt that I've been wrong about some things and that there have been times when I publicly shared either more or less then I should. But its always been honestly how I felt or thought at that time. So I hope that those whom I may have offended or hurt, can forgive me and understand that it has not been intentional.
   I am sure that, in the process of figuring things out, particularly in 2011 and 2012, I had suspected some of the wrong people and trusted some of the wrong people and assumed some of the wrong things. Some of which I am still unsure of. But, I am finding that there is peace in letting some things go and realizing that, like I had stated earlier,

We are all just victims of hell 
Surely me, but them as well

  I know that I have asked many times, and hate to have to ask still, but I am in such a desperate need of people finding the Heart to send me levels of financial help that can help me to survive and continue my work for all of us. I need at least enough for a more livable vehicle. . .and do not want to be sent a vehicle, due to the fact that perpetrators have done this before, which opens doors to new forms of hell, literally. Financial help is the ONLY kind of help I need. I am still being heavily targeted and it feels like my only hope is to get financial help from my fellow human beings. I really do need huge monetary miracles. This is not a scam. It was True when I started asking and it is more true now. Please let your Heart help me as much as you can.

Help can be sent with "Green Dot" refill cards, which are available at Wall-Mart and CVS...etc., and also with money orders, checks, cash or Pay Pal. PLEASE find the heart to help me and trust that I am responsible enough to use it wisely. 

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Prayer Bell

I rang it hard - rang it strong
For all that remains too wrong.
Once for the sake of liberty
And once for us to be set free.
After I'd finished, it rang on its own
A faint and steady wind swept tone.
Liberty heard and adds even more
Until our hearts can be restored.


 Inspired by the Wells Harbor Prayer Bell, which I rang out a prayer on. I hope to share more about this "prayer bell," as soon as I can figure out how to send pictures from by phone to a computer.

Please Let Heart Win

Please print and share this special edition of the Heart Bud

I do ask for help and sponsorship in this paper. So if you are one of those who do not want my writings to support my efforts to help us, as well as my survival (while living in a vehicle) through the process, you can use this paper as a base to create your own. Humanity needs all the help it can get. But I wish you'd learn to listen to your Heart instead.

Monday, April 14, 2014

On the Run

 Has my home state turned against me? Puppet messages today, insinuate that NH police are looking for me and had set up a road block...etc. I do not know why, but I know that there have been repeated attempts to frame me. And I do not know of a police department that would stand with me, instead of going along with the criminals who target us. I do realize that this could be just another terrorizing tactic, but I have left with one dollar in my pocket, in a car that behaves as wounded as I feel. My pain is immense - too immense to fully feel while being microwaved, surveilled and surrounded by members of covert harassment groups (puppets). I had hoped this would go the other way. I had prayed for the miracle that could bring me the help I need and then open doors for the rest of humanity.

P.S. I turned back around, thinking they are just terrorizing. . .and have not been arrested. So I guess they have not framed me for anything and I pray they never will.

Most of you are probably programed to disbelieve me and see me as some sort of con artist, but I am going to again ask, so I can feel that I've done all I could; I am in desperate need of financial help. I will use your help for my own survival and my writings for all of us. Will you please find the heart to help me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Friday, April 11, 2014

How do I Feel?

   I am being bombarded lately! And I feel indescribably scared and trapped and hurt. . .and frustrated that no REAL help is here for us yet. I am surrounded and watched every second of every day in a covert hell that grows and threatens and terrorizes and ridicules and misjudges...etc.
      I am being bombarded lately! And I feel indescribably scared and trapped and hurt. . .and frustrated that no REAL help is here for us yet. I am surrounded and watched every second of every day in a covert hell that grows and threatens and terrorizes and ridicules and misjudges...etc.
   Lately, every day seems to bring a new twist in this nightmare. Aside from the lasering of my eyes and brain in new ways, recent threats are to disable me, kill me, own me, frame me, institutionalize me...etc. "Help" still seems to only want to label us instead of Truly helping us. This is a grim situation!
   My heart still feels that the criminals will not win - that enough of humanity will eventually find the Heart and the Courage to fully stand up and start bringing an end to this holocaust. But will it happen in time for me? Is there hope for me? Can anyone care enough about me? It appears not, at this point. Those who could be helping me have not been allowed to do so in the ways that are needed most. But I feel that those who are aware of what is happening will eventually learn to care enough about themselves and their own loved ones, in order to stand up, expose and end this hell for those who are still alive or functioning at that point in time. And this is my consolation.

Please help humanity - copy and share this special edition of the Heart Bud;

Mind Reading?

   In 2012 I'd read reports, which state that the latest advancements in mind control technologies have mind reading capabilities. I've been reluctant to fully believe that this is possible. It sounds a bit too outrageous. However, it appears that it is indeed happening. I have noticed many times, in the past year, when those who target me seem to be responding to my thoughts.
   In a projected dream, I had last night, an old friend said, "If you so much as THINK about mind control it will start a process." (This is a typical covert message that never fully describes exactly what will happen. . .leaving us to wonder and worry and never fully understand what or why or how...etc.)
   If the intrusive criminals who do this to us foolishly think they can know us through reading their computer's interpretations of our thoughts we are in serious trouble, because they can not know our hearts, and what is in our hearts is often different from random thoughts or ideas.

P.S Added June 7, 2014) This is a VERY interesting article;

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blindness - More Than Just a Threat!

My eyes are being lasered or microwaved, in an unusual way, lately. I get a lot of burning sensations in my eyes, and a dull aching behind them, when I am being microwaved. My temp often drops to around 97 when this happens. And my eye sight is suddenly worsening, in the past week. I believe that those who target me are in the process of making me blind. I had a few dreams forewarning of this. And a few of the puppets recently tried to appear blind. This is happening along with what appears to be a threat to put me in a wheel chair - to disable me. This is more than just a threat. This is in the process of happening right now! So, if I go blind or end up in a wheel chair you will know why. But I pray that this post prevents it. In one of my prophetic dreams they make me go blind while I am driving and I end up in an accident.

P.S. The lasering of my eyes backed off after I posted this and then vamped back up a couple days later. Its going back and forth. It creates intense pain across my forehead and behind my eyes as well as blurred vision and stinging in my eyes.

P.S.S This type of lasering stopped after about a week of using it to terrorize me. Such is the case with other types of rounds of terrorizing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Psychological Labels Sweep Crimes Under Tables

    A strong perpetration push for aware Targeted Individuals has been to label us with some sort of false text book diagnosis, (like "mentally ill" or "PTSD" or "paranoid schizophrenia"). This has not happened to me, but the threat of it has been there since 2005. The set ups for these labels are started early in the targeting process, often through the brainwashing of family members. 
   The labels allow the targeting to remain hidden and freely continuing, which can hurt us in ways that are even worse than the actual technological and harassment parts of the targeting, because it prevents needed acknowledgment and validation of crimes that ARE indeed being committed against us. It can also rob us of trust in ourselves and the hope that this nightmare will ever end for any of humanity. The labels, and the threat of applying them, are a lethal part of  the targeting process.

   Please understand that labeling/crushing us merely enables these crimes to continue hurting increasing numbers of people. There is not much hope for any of us until the rest of humanity finds the Heart and the Courage to face and help expose the FULL Truths around the technological targeting.
   I pray for this, now more than ever, because its the secrecy and the silence around these crimes that make them grow. They need to be exposed and stopped. Please find the Heart to do what is right instead of adding to our pain. Please find the heart to face this devastating reality and then find the courage to stand up and help bring it to an end.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Sunrise

   I feel much better today. Yesterday I experienced extreme levels of fatigue following the last severe weapon attack. It was all a bit too intense and painful! But this round is over, thank God. . .literally.
   I pray for the day when none of us will be experiencing any sort of technological targeting, especially not the torture levels that I am inflicted with. Its just all too horribly wrong!
   Though my situation often feels hopeless, my heart keeps remembering the phrase I wrote into the Personal Journals. . .

The sun will rise on all of humanity
As we embrace our Hearts
And set Love free.

My vision, of the manifestation of this, now begins with enough of humanity finding the Heart to face the reality of these crimes and then finding the Courage to stand up, expose them and stop them. Please do it. Stand up. Not just for me - for yourself and your own future. Let your Heart stand up and help restore our freedom and the safety that YOUR future needs. Those who are not effected now surely will be if this is allowed to continue.

  Please print and share this Heart Bud

Please also send financial help to 

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


Friday, April 4, 2014

If I forget

Around 7pm this evening I began experiencing sharp pains into the top of my head. (worse than ever before) Along with this came a message, which said, "IfI4get."  Are those who target me just trying to terrorize me or are they lasering my brain with an aim for damage that would effect my memory? I don't know enough about anatomy to be sure. But judging by the strange pain in my head, it appears that something is not right and not good. This started out being sharp piercing pains that slowly became stronger, on the middle, top of my head (slightly to the left side) until my whole head aches. A burning sensation in my eyes has now begun. I feel scared! Send your prayers please - prayers for this horrible targeting to be honestly exposed and ended before too much more damage is done. . .for all of us. . .for all of humanity. Please.


P.S. As I posted this the pains began to subside, which has recently become a regular pattern with the targeting. They hit me hard and then back off when I publicize it. Its a hell of a roller coaster ride. (pun intended) I'm still nursing my aching head and praying that the attack does not vamp up again.

My Upper Chest is Being Heavily Microwaved

It feels like my upper chest is again being heavily microwaved, this morning! It also appears that my car is being hit in ways that are causing me to get electric shocks from the door handles. As I delivered the Heart Bud the door handle on the driver side of my car suddenly broke, all by itself! I was shot with some sort of laser weapon two times yesterday, which caused severe pain in the right side of my head and neck. (Unfortunately, these are not unusual experiences for me.) Since around November 2013, I've also often been lasered in my vaginal area. . .to the point of causing burns and bleeding sores. It stopped for a while after I first exposed it, but then started back up again. The same was being done to my chest for a period of time last year.

Just an example of what too many of my days are like. My heart cries for us even when my eyes don't. I am still baffled by how this could be happening and continuing in a "free" country. But it is. And its an indescribable hell.

Please download and share the Heart Bud