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Monday, March 31, 2014

Whats Happening to the bees?

 The poor things probably don't resonate to the radio waves (microwaves) we are being targeted with.

Alergies or Radio Waves?

I read a news cast, which stated that this is to be one of the worst years for allergies. Since allergy-type symptoms are also caused by microwaves I wonder if this means that there will be a vamp up in the microwave mind control targeting of humanity.

Heart Bud Special Distribution

On this first day of deliveries of the newly printed Heart Bud Special, I was swarmed by the evil type of stalkers, and then possibly drugged and surely microwaved, while in a restaurant bathroom. Aside from the typical head and neck pain of the microwaving, symptoms were slow onset of dry mouth, cold feeling in chest and left hand, blurred vision and light headedness. It all dissipated within a couple hours. Please help humanity - copy and share this special edition of the Heart Bud;

I am still in deep need of financial help for both myself and my work.
Please let your heart send what it can. Thank you.

Poetic Publications
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Being Hit Really Hard!

I'm getting severe weapon attacks to my head lately! I am in fear of permanent brain damage. I am also getting what appears to be threats against my family, particularly my uncle JR and my father. My uncle was admitted into the hospital as these threats came in. Please help and pray and do all you can to expose this for all of humanity. Please. 

Again, please share this special edition of the Heart Bud 

This is a shortened issue that can be printed for less and reach more people. Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal use of radio wave technologies. Please help with the printing and distribution through doing it yourself or sending donations to. . .

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.


P.S. How I feel about the threats; Though my heart cries for all of us, I have had to pull my chin up, over and over again, and realize that this is a war - a lethal covert war and we are fighting for freedom for all of humanity.
   Becoming silent and letting the criminal targeting continue is just not a healthy option. I feel, to the core of my being, that ALL of humanity is in grave danger if we do not find the heart and the courage to stand up against these lethal crimes, no matter how many of us get harmed in the process. This is the way with wars - we fight for our freedom even though we may lose those who stand in the front lines. But I believe that the front line has already gone down, much has already been exposed, and we now have a chance to win this battle, if we peacefully stand up and listen to our hearts above all else.
I am in the most difficult situation and feel that I have no choice. I am already being slowly destroyed with psychotronic and microwave weapons. What I am being put through is indescribable. I may also die if I continue with my writings, but I feel that I have to do it anyway, because there is no hope for the future of humanity, if more people don’t start standing up. PLEASE find the courage to stand up also - PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR HEART ABOVE ALL ELSE.

P.S.S. I had decided to refrain from personal posts on the web, but I have changed my mind, because last year when I did this is when the new batches of hell, with the disabling of my car began. It appears that this is happening again! Exposing what is being done to me seems my only protection right now. I'll keep you posted. Recent threats are to destroy my car and make me ill or "take me out." I pray for all to find the heart and courage to stand up against these crimes.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Psychotronic Suction – worse than a physical death

This sounds a bit crazy, even to me, but I feel a need to share it anyway.

 Far worse than a physical death. . .is the process of
destroying the creative/spiritual part of our brains.

(Resulting brain damage is the inability to do creative visualization.)

Some are victims of the world's worst 'mad scientists' - and if the rest of humanity does not quickly find the HEART, and the COURAGE, to face this devastating reality, and stand up to help expose it and bring it to an end, the results could eventually be unthinkable, literally, for ALL of humanity.

I know that this will be the hardest thing for people to believe, but I have had prophetic dreams, which show technologies that can actually suck the life force energy out of us. . .and that this is being done to people, possibly primarily those who are gifted in certain ways - either spiritually or intellectually. 
   What do they do with our essence/energy? I do not know the full story. But, according to my insights, they are storing it in large glass tubes at some sort of science facility.
   How do we convince enough people that psychotronic weapons not only exist, but can also do far more dangerous things than mind control? How do we get people to realize that built into at least some satellites are the most dangerous things that humanity will ever have to face and be protected from? And FACE IT we MUST, because allowing this to continue is worse than allowing mass murders or any other form of physical torture. This silent and relentless destruction of the very essence of our being is so horrible that words seem ineffective in the process of trying to describe it.
   Last summer I'd hit a point of realizing the FULL scope of this part of psychotronic weapon attacks. . .and then was targeted so heavily that I forgot until last night, when I was again forced to face this devastating reality. (I know a woman whom this happened to.)

I beg you to do everything you can to help prevent
these crimes from continuing, RIGHT NOW!

   In the past couple years I have talked to other Targeted Individuals who seemed so mechanical and so void of feelings that I assumed they were perpetrators. I was partially wrong. It appears that part of their brains have already been removed/destroyed and that they were victims first. And only God knows how many unaware people this has happened to. Probably far more than those who have become aware. (I remember my oldest sister stating that she was not able to visualize anything. . .and this is one of the symptoms of this sort of brain damage. It literally removes the creative/spiritual part of our brain.)
   I have never had any problem with visualizations, in fact I've been extremely creative, all my life. This has been my salvation through this targeting - I close my eyes and See God's Light shining down on me. But lately it feels like that part of me is fading away, especially at times like yesterday when I was hit hard with psychotronic weapon attacks. This and other forms of warnings are revealing the gravity of this situation.
    I have never felt so scared and so trapped and so hurt in my life! I know of no one who'd believe me or be able to help me in the ways I need it. There seems no way out of, and no protection from, this destruction process, where those who target us are also the ones who zoom in to "help."
    Last year I repeatedly leaped into what appeared to be avenues of covert help, but all of them lead to dead ends, which added to the harassment, through filling me with disappointment and confusion, and sent angry messages that seemed to come from jealousy and competitiveness instead of True help, over and over again. . .until I had to let go of the whole process, in order to preserve my own sanity. (Lately they told me that the person who was trying to help me gave up on me, but I think this is also probably just to make me feel as abandoned as the rest of the whole perpetrating "help" process had already accomplished.)

   My situation is no longer a process of me only trying to help humanity to see and care and do something to help ALL of us. Its become a fight for my own life that I have no tools or defense for and this is more frustrating than words can even begin to express. (I'm thinking that perhaps meditation will help, but doing this while being targeted is a challenge to say the least.)
   I am in need protection from ALL aspects of the targeting, including the harassment and confusion and anger inducing program that is performed by localized covert harassment groups, because they heavily aid this destruction process.
   While my heart and soul cries, this morning, my mind is asking questions; How do we get help when people assume that we are "just mentally ill" or that its all just "drama" or fabricated or "science fiction" or too 'out there' to believe? This is the common Targeted Individual dilemma. Even if these technologies were realized, who can believe those of us who have already been so heavily terrorized that an intentional "cry wolf" scenario has been created, in order to prevent help while they continue destroying us?
   Are there any people, aside from primary Targeted Individuals and perpetrators, who can FULLY understand the scope of what is happening to us, and that it is FAR WORSE than just psychological harassment, attempts at mind control or physical death? How many more of us will be inconspicuously destroyed before our media and governments realize what is happening and stand up for us? How long? I had a dream, which said, "A door will open for you AFTER they finish removing something from you." This scares me. I do not want to end up brain damaged!

P.S. This morning I realized that last year, when I shared this dream with those who target me, was when I got hit hard with extremely angry and jealous messages as well as vamped up targeting that got so severe that I forgot it all.
   Some of those messages were, "I am doing my thing first," as I was blocked from the internet. And "I want credit," and accusations of my "looking for fame" or recognition...etc. It appears that one of the perpetrators was the one who REALLY wanted to steal credit. How sad that this heartless competition exists at such a time. . .and that it is just hurting us more.
   I am getting a lot of threats lately. Among the most recent, "She's going to die in a room" and "They want to rename my street coffin street." And the sad Truth is that its already been happening - the worse kind of death - the theft/destruction of the most important part of my brain and it may soon be too late to save me from it. I feel so hurt that it soars beyond words.
   I feel like I have only two choices - to go into the woods (eliminating the localized harassment part of the targeting) and see if I can combat this on a spiritual level. . . or keep going in circles waiting for the monetary miracle that would help me to bypass the sabotaging of my work, so that I can take off with the Heart Bud and help inform the rest of humanity until enough of us find the Heart and the Courage to openly STAND UP and stop these crimes. I have decided that I must do the best I can to continue with the Heart Bud, although it appears completely impossible at this point. Would you please help me to help humanity? Below is a shortened eight page "special edition" of the Heart Bud that can be printed for less. . .

Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal use of radio wave technologies. Please help with the printing and distribution through doing it yourself or sending donations to

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you. 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

For Citizens of the World

Again, please share this special edition of the Heart Bud 

This is a shortened issue that can be printed for less and reach more people. Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal use of radio wave technologies. Please help with the printing and distribution through doing it yourself or sending donations to


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blocked from public view on the web!

   Those who are targeting me, are now preventing the public from viewing my websites by allowing only the "gang stalking" page of www.targetedinamerica.com to show up on web searches. They have done the same thing to this blog. Web searches only bring up one page. Updates on my web pages are also being hidden from public view - the refresh button has to be pressed in order to see the current pages. These sudden web changes took place on or before March 14, 2014. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened at strategic times. Consequently this fight for our freedom needs your help more than ever.

 Please print and share this special edition of the Heart Bud
This is a shortened issue that can be printed for less and reach more people. Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal use of radio wave technologies. Please help with the printing and distribution through doing it yourself or sending donations to

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Special Edition for Citizens of the World

Please print and share this special edition of the Heart Bud
This is a shortened issue that can be printed for less and reach more people. Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal use of radio wave technologies. Please help with the printing and distribution through doing it yourself or sending donations to. . .

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you. 


The Perpetrator Delays

The new used computer I bought is being infiltrated (from the start it seems) and I am not being allowed to access my blog through it. This seems to be part of an effort to delay postings of my writings and ideas, because delays are also happening when I post on my websites - the updates are not shown unless the page is refreshed for a period of time.
   According to this and a dream I had, a man, who is targeting me, is plagiarizing my ideas, insights and writings, in order to steal credit for himself. I pray that he finds his heart and learns to connect to his own wisdom so that he can refrain from stealing that of others.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What is most important

The microwave and psychotronic weapons that are being used on us is hurting us in EVERY way. Perhaps the worst is the way in which it is preventing personal and spiritual growth, as I have stated before. This crisis needs to be exposed and stopped before any sort of recovery can begin taking place. This applies to EVERY person who is being targeted, myself included. We need your help. We need your Hearts to stand up and bring an end to this holocaust.

My Spiritual Belief

There appears to be some controversy and a lot of judgments surrounding me, WHILE I am still being targeted - tortured with microwave and psychotronic weapons! So I will make this statement just so that where I stand is clear to those who are judging me at such a time.

Through all these decades of my mind and life being severely interfered with, especially when I was unaware of being targeted and may have been being drugged, my mind had felt confused about a lot of things, especially religion. This is reflected in my writings and in my spiritual searching throughout my life. But my Heart has held strong in this Wisdom that comes directly from God. . .

I believe in forming a strong DIRECT relationship with Love/God/Light through our own HEARTS. I believe in working at healing/opening our HEARTS, in order to deepen our connection with God. I do not believe in strictly following ANY other human being - I believe in casting aside other people's perceptions and judgments and following ONLY that ONE highest source of Love/Wisdom, which comes through our HEARTS directly from God. I stand strong as stone on this even if you judge me and keep torturing me and kill me. Period. 

God is LOVE

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Burden of Proof:

    Thus far the burden of providing proof, and of exposing the crimes of technological targeting and covert harassment, has fallen upon the weary tortured shoulders of Primary Targeted Individuals, as if we do not already have too much to deal with.

    I feel that, in order for this critical situation to begin being remedied for ALL of humanity, the rest of humanity is going to have to find the HEART to take on more of that burden.

    Every Primary Targeted Individual is surrounded by witnesses - we are all surrounded by friends and family members who have witnessed unusual chains of odd events like brake failures on vehicles, tire blow outs, belongings moved in homes, unexplainable medical problems, unusual chains of deaths, unusual emotional swings, constant chaos at strategic times, detectable microchips planted in our bodies...etc. The problem right now is that too many of them are unaware mind control victims. Some have even been recruited into the targeting program.
    These witnesses are being called to find the HEART and the courage to stand up and prove these crimes to the rest of humanity. I believe that more of them will stand with us as soon as the main stream media starts exposing the technologies that are being criminally used on ALL of us. So I beg the media to find the REAL Truths and stand in the Light for us and all of humanity.

We should NEVER have to prove that we are not "just being paranoid!"

   Over and over again we (Targeted Individuals) are being placed into situations where we are forced to prove our sanity/innocence instead of being believed and protected. There is something horribly wrong with this picture!
   We should NEVER have to prove that we are not just being paranoid, because the covert nature of the crimes makes it nearly impossible to prove under today's judicial standards! And most of us have been sabotaged into financial destruction that can not afford the technologies needed for proof. It should be assumed that we are telling the Truth unless SOLID evidence proves otherwise - we should be allowed to be innocent unless proven guilty. Hard core criminals have this right. Why are victims of covert crimes not allowed the same objectiveness? Do we not already suffer enough?

Inspired by yet another email calling for Targeted Individuals to prove their cases.

A New Message in an Old Story

Inspired by the state of our Hearts

Monday, March 10, 2014

Examiner Acknowledges Need of Help from Media

On the Examiner Lolita Nikolova Acknowledges Targeted Individual's need of media help with exposing the targeting, http://www.examiner.com/article/sharon-rose-poet-calls-for-media-interest-targeted-individuals

I was glad to see this statement on the post; "The world needs more attention on the targeted individuals since absence of response makes the aggressive perpetrators confident that they will remain invisible for the legal system." This is so true. Over and over again I have been shocked by how the perpetrators relentlessly continue torturing us and seem to think that they will never be caught. They  know that the silence in our media supports them in the process of destroying us. The silence sometimes hurts more than the crimes. I pray for the mainstream media to start focusing on exposing the devastating reality of these crimes, so that hope for them to stop can grow.

A Dedication to the HEART of Humanity

The Seven Original Personal Journals in one book

Around the year 2005 I published seven issues of the Personal Journal under the name of Namatari. The mission of the Personal Journal was so heavily targeted that they were discontinued and parts of them brought into different formats that seemed less susceptible to the targeting. This book contains all seven of the original Personal Journals.

Freely Download this Book

(The Heart Bud grew from the Personal Journals)

The most dangerous part of the microwave targeting of humanity is the ways that it is blocking and/or preventing the natural process of personal and spiritual growth. It is imperative that we not only expose and stop these crimes, but also aim to preserve our hearts so that we can grow into all that we were meant to be.

The Heart Bud Blog

Visit this new page on Targeted in America

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shot by Satellites!

Shot by Satellite
   This is a hell of a winter to be living in a car! (pun intended) But I'm still alive. It appears that my statements about the microwave targeting coming from satellites is triggering anger in those who target us. My computer was destroyed as I tried to add this to the Heart Bud, a while ago. And now that I have added it to the one page paper I pass out, things are getting a bit heated again.
   I'm getting angry outbursts from gang stalkers, 5 dead animals on the road I traveled this morning, heavy microwaves through the past three nights, and steady painful torture levels of microwaves aimed into my head through this morning!
   How do I know that some of the electronic harassment is indeed coming directly from satellites? The answers are many, but three are; 1.) the melted circles on the rear window of my car when I am being hit at night (while sleeping in the back seat) Beyond my body and the point where the microwaves are entering my vehicle is nothing but wide open sky. 2.) When I first started figuring this part of it out, a few years ago, was when a military man pulled into a parking lot next to me and proceeded to yell out, "You keep testing! You know what is going to happen if you don't stand down!" 
   3.) I have also had dreams, which date back to the early 1990s, and reveal attacks (like light beams) from satellites. And my nephew had approached me in 2002 with a dream that showed a "silver box in the sky aiming beams of something" at his twin sister who'd been in the Coast Guard. I had no idea what it meant then, but surely do now. The Truth is the Truth and it needs to be known, because too many are being hurt by criminal use of these technologies.  Our lives matter too! Its just all too wrong.
   Yes, targeting also takes place from more localized types of microwave weapons. But I think that a lot of it comes from satellites and is performed at strategic times, just to make the target THINK that it is coming from someone, or something, else. I have tested this to the max and am 200% sure of being shot by laser weapons and microwaved from the sky. 
Please print and pass out these two papers;

Please also let your Heart send financial help for the Heart Bud and I. . .

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

P.S.(June 4, 2014) Oddly, I had forgotten about technologies like SURA and HAARP, which can also shoot radio waves  from space. It may be that these are being used in conjunction with satellites. Either way, the radio waves - lasers - psychotronics...etc., ARE INDEED coming from the sky and can maneuver - coming at me from different angles and directions, in the same ways that satellite systems do. I know of no other technology that can do this. People say its "not satellites" but then what else  can do what I have honestly and Truly experienced?