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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weather Modification

It appears that weather modification technologies have been used by military and governments through many decades now. Although most civilians are not aware of their existence, they are fully operational and can be used to redirect storms, stall storms, create storms, diminish storms, part clouds, create clouds...etc.

The Discovery of Global Warming

 Weather modification was addressed by the "United Nations General Assembly Resolution  Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques." The Convention was signed in Geneva on May 18, 1977.”

UN Document
US Department of state

International concerns in the 1970s proves that these technologies do indeed exist. And common sense says that they were invented to be used.

   A variety of scientists, who are/were monitoring this situation have reported these technologies probably being the true cause of global warming as well as being used to create or redirect storms. The effects can be good or bad, depending on the intentions of the users.
   It appears that the leaders of the eugenics movement, and the criminals who perform mind control on humanity, have access to such technologies. It is even said that the technologies that perform mind control are the same ones that can also do weather modification. Its all done with computerized manipulation of microwaves - radio waves.

I’m no expert on this subject, but I believe those who are, and my insights have shown me that the Alstead, NH flood was instigated by weather modification technologies stalling a storm above an area where a culvert is said to have been plugged. And my insights are also telling me that these technologies may also be used to create other disasters as distractions in areas where a lot of people start becoming aware of the micorowave mind control and eugenics holocaust. (Possibly in the North Eastern USA) HOWEVER, I believe that these disasters, like the global mind control and eugenics based targetings, can be stopped through enough public exposure of these crimes, because the criminal pattern is to back off when too much awareness or proof is about to surface. So spread the word quickly, please.

I have felt that we need a HUGE SUDDEN OUTCRY that includes media and government officials, in order to stop the worst of these crimes. What a horrible shame if not enough people find the Heart and the courage to stand up and expose this quickly enough. Thousands will die and the rest of us will experience something worse, if humanity does not stand up and save itself from this Technological Holocaust. Do it. For God's sake do it!